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24 Aug

Huggable Pit Bull Waited 696 Days For a Home

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from 

Tubbs, a totally huggable pittie, has been waiting at the shelter so long that his fans there are starting to get worried — and they're doing everything they can to find him a new home.

Tubbs was abandoned on the shelter's doorstep almost two years ago, on September 25, 2013, according to the Santa Barbara County Animal Services' Facebook page.

Now the shelter is desperate to find him a home before the two-year anniversary of his abandonment. "He's super laid-back," Stacy Silva, the shelter's community outreach coordinator, told The Dodo. "Just wants to love."

image from
Santa Barbara County Animal Services

The shelter uploaded a photo of Tubbs to its Facebook page on Saturday, joking that the black and white dog isn't a pit bull … he's an "8-year-old giant Boston terrier."

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23 Aug

Woman Flies Around The World to Find the Dog Who Saved Her Life

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(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

Georgia Bradley, a 25-year-old student vacationing in Greece in July, was all alone on a beach when two men suddenly tried to grab her.

Out of nowhere, a little stray dog ran to her aid, barking at her would-be attackers until they backed off.

"She saved me. She must have noticed something was wrong," Bradley told the U.K.'s Plymouth Herald. "Pepper shot out of nowhere."


The little black stray, whom Bradley decided to call Pepper, followed Bradley and her friends back to the apartment where they were staying. It was clear that she and the dog had a very special connection.

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16 Aug

She Told Her Husband They Were Adopting a 'Small' Puppy

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from

Here's Yogi. He's a Jack Russell terrier who will grow up to be no more than 20 pounds.

Mercury Press/Caters News 

That was the lie that Sue Markham told her husband, Robert, when she first brought Yogi home from an animal shelter. She knew that he was a Great Dane who would probably grow to be at least 30 inches and 170 pounds, but her husband wanted to adopt a dog only if he was small.

She didn't want to give up her dog, and she could get away with her lie at the start. When Yogi first arrived at the Markham's home, he was only a tiny 1-pound, 15-ounce puppy, according to Mercury Press. To her unsuspecting husband, the puppy was a Jack Russell.

But then he started eating $60 of food each week, and it became clear that Yogi was no Jack Russell at all.

Mercury Press/Caters News

He was a full-grown Boston Great Dane, one of the largest dog breeds on Earth.

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12 Aug

Bouncy, Pouncy Kitten is the Goalie Every Soccer Team Dreams Of

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

I'm a terribly uncoordinated person. Sports have simply never been my thing. If a ball comes flying at my head, my first instinct is to duck for cover, NOT try to come in contact with it. Most people seem to be more sporty than me — apparently, even cats.

A family started throwing soccer balls at their cat one day and realized he did more than just playfully bat at them.

As soon as a soccer ball goes hurtling toward the goal, this cat is there to try and stop it — and does so, every time.

Each time a ball comes near the goal, the cat leaps into action and is like "No WAY. Not on MY watch!" I bet even David Beckham would have trouble getting a goal past this cat.

Keep on practicing, cat. One of these days, someone will notice your talent and whisk you away to play with the professionals.

Check out the full video of this fierce soccer playing cat below!

Cats aren't the only athletes in the animal kingdom. Check out this clip from Puppy Bowl!

11 Aug

Homeless Pit Bull Shows Rescuers How Much She Wants to be Saved

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Even when an animal is suffering greatly, sometimes it only takes one little sign or gesture for her to show you she still has hope. Rescue organization Hope For Paws got a call about a homeless, injured pit bull who needed help, and went to go and find her.

The pit bull, later named Penelope, was found in an industrial area in a makeshift home she had fashioned for herself. When rescuers approached Penelope, she was clearly happy to see them, wiggling around, but made no moves to get up. 

Rescuers realized that Penelope had a bad cut on her thigh and likely couldn't stand up. One of the rescuers brought out a leash and began unraveling it. As soon as Penelope saw the leash she got extremely excited ... and even licked the leash. 


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11 Aug

Tiny Kittens Attacked with Acid Recover in Snuggly Sweaters

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Even after a horrific attack, these three little kittens just want to snuggle. The kittens and their mom were left behind after their family moved, and neighbors in their Florida town had been feeding them and keeping an eye on them.

But last week when one of the neighbors went to feed them breakfast, she saw something horrific — they had been attacked with some kind of chemical.


"You could literally see on one of them where it was like the fur and the skin was hanging off on the side," Ashley Cleveland, who discovered the kittens after their injuries, told BayNews9. Thankfully, their mom hadn't been burned.

The 3-month-old kittens were rushed to the SPCA of Brevard County for care. "They looked terrible," Angie Friers, the SPCA's executive director, told The Dodo.

Because the kittens had burns down their backs but not on their paws, the veterinarian concluded that there was no way they got into something on their own — they were deliberately attacked. 


The kittens, two boys and a girl, were named Remo, Harding and Matilda. Harding is doing the best out of the three. "He is spunky, crazy man, loves to be held," Friers told The Dodo. "The other two, not so good."

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10 Aug

Slumbering Kitten is Having the Best Dream Ever

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from

A hot summer day. A warm lap to rest in. What could this cute kitty be dreaming of?

A video which topped Reddit's Aww board Sunday shows a kitten slumbering with her striped little belly in the air.

5EntMNH - Imgur

But the question remains — where could her little cat dreams be taking her? Never ending fields of yarn? Starry night skies lit with laser pointer dots? Catnip?

We'll never know, but let's not wake her up to ask her. Let her sleep. Keep dreaming, furry one.

Catch up with other cute kittens here: 

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

10 Aug

Puppy Has the Best Reaction to Seeing Rain for the First Time

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Jack the golden retriever puppy is only a few months old, so there's a lot he still doesn't know about the world. Jack's human captured this video of him seeing rain for the very first time, and his reaction was totally priceless.

"Why is the air wet?? Can I eat it? I want to go outside butttt it's kind of scary ... "

Then Jack tries to get as much of his head as possible outside in the rain, while keeping his entire body inside, where it's dry. Good luck, Jack.

"I can't quite reach this 'rain' stuff."

Jack's human explained on YouTube, "Dog loves the water. Couldn't understand how it was coming from the sky."

One of the awesome things about the animals in our lives is that they remind us that the world is actually a pretty amazing place. You know, when you think about it, rain IS cool. Thanks, dogs!

Watch the whole video here:

Dogs typically love water, but check out this video of an animal who you'd never predict loves getting wet!

8 Aug

Dog Dumped Down Sewer Pipe is Lucky to Have Found a Hero

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

A dog who had been dumped and left to starve to death has been given a fresh shot at life, all thanks to his chance discovery by a young man who refused to leave him behind.

Tyler Price and his cousin were walking near their home in Flint, Michigan, recently when he made a startling and serendipitous find — one which ultimately saved a very sweet dog. While passing by a sign lying on the ground in a vacant lot, Tyler casually lifted it up with his foot, revealing the entrance to a deep drainage pipe and the helpless soul trapped at its bottom. 

"All I could see were his eyes," Tyler told news station WJRT.

There, 7 feet down atop a pile of debris, stood an emaciated pit bull who had no chance of escaping on his own. It's unclear just how long the dog had been down there languishing alone in the dark, but judging on his frail condition without food or water, he wasn't likely to survive much longer.

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5 Aug

Woman Reads to Shelter Dogs

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

It's saddening to think about how scary life can be for the countless dogs and cats languishing in animal shelters across the country — never knowing what will come next as they wait for what feels like forever inside the confines of a kennel. But thankfully there are more than a few kind folks willing to volunteer their time to show these animals that they are not alone.

On Tuesday Reddit user puglife123 shared a touching photograph capturing one lady's simple act of kindness to lift the spirits of dogs at a shelter in Pennsylvania: "This woman comes to my local humane society and sits in front of the dogs cage and reads books to the dogs."


The image, reportedly snapped at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, has quickly taken the internet forum by storm as one of the day's most popular posts — carrying with it the message for others to get involved with helping animals in need.

"They always need volunteers!" writes the user who shared the photo. "You can do anything from dog walking, cat cuddling, to helping with the rabbits! I don't get there as often as I would like because of work, but when I do it makes my day so much happier."

And theirs, too, no doubt.

To learn more about volunteering to help shelter animals, contact your local Humane Society.

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