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15 Jul

Untold Stories of the ER: Snapping Turtle Latches on and Won't Let Go

Our friends over at Discovery Fit & Health shared this crazy video with us from Untold Stories of the ER.

Patient Bo was noodling for catfish (just like our friends on Hillbilly Handfishin'!) when a 25-pound alligator snapping turtle latched onto his neck. Shouldn't be a problem to remove it, right?

Wrong. If the doctor harms or, worse, kills the turtle during removal, the catfishers risk serving jailtime according to the game warden who accompanied the group to the emergency room. Not to mention that pesky little detail of how strong the turtle is and the fact that it can hold its breath for an extended period of time.

Check out the video above, then watch some more awesome turtle videos.

14 Jul

It's World Orca Day! Celebrate with Orca Kisses ... And/Or, a Conservation Message

Happy World Orca Day!  Today, a summit of the leading international researchers, filmmakers and former Sea World trainers have gathered in San Juan Islands, Wash., to celebrate orcas in their natural habitat rather than in captivity.

Spyhopping cropped
Photo: Whale and Dolphin Conservation

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation, a global marine organization, hosts the event, which is in its third year.  Experts in the field have come together to share their conservation efforts and experiences to help the majestic mammals.
Presenters include orca researcher Ken Balcomb and former SeaWorld trainer Dr. John Jett, both of whom were featured in the award-winning documentary, Blackfish.  The film explores the shocking death of Sea World trainer, Dawn Brancheau, who was killed in 2010 when the orca known as Tillikum dragged her under the water in front of horrified spectators at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla.  WDC has long advocated for an end to the captivity of whales and dolphins, but it was last year’s premiere of Blackfish that fully brought the issue to the public’s attention. 

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14 Jul

Together Counts Want You and Your Pets to Have a Healthy Summer

The Together Countstm program helps children and families maintain an active, healthy lifestyle through energy balance: balancing the calories you consume with the calories you burn.  Energy In and Energy Out – It’s as simple as that!

However, it isn’t just people that need to be active and healthy: our pets need to be as well. It’s a classic example of treat others as you would like to be treated! Our pets are our best friends and we need to keep them in the best shape possible. Apl-together-counts-kids-dogs-field-500w

But it isn’t always easy! How much exercise does a dog need? How much exercise does a cat need? Why are there so many different kinds of food? What’s the benefit of dry food vs. wet? All of these questions seem impossible to answer. Well, we are here to help with our many guides about pet health and the best ways to care for your pet while also caring for yourself. Check out some of our guides now to get started on optimizing your pet’s health!

Check our Facebook page every Monday for tips and activities to keep you and your pet healthy. Make sure to tag your pics and progress with #movemondays! We know how hard it is to motivate yourself on Mondays, especially in the summer, but with your workout buddy (or buddies) and a little push from us, both of you will be active and balancing your energy in no time!

Check out the Together Counts website for more information about how you and your family can lead active and healthy lifestyles this summer.

14 Jul

Abandoned Glastonbury Pup Has Been Reunited With Her Owners

Music festivals: the muddy, loud, dirty, yet fun, events that have come to define summer. However, they are definitely not a place for dogs, as was shown last week at the end of the Glastonbury music festival in England. As the clean up crew was clearing the camp site, they found a white lurcher all alone in one of the 5,000 discarded tents.

With no owner in sight, the pup was taken to the Happy Landings animal shelter in Somerset where they discovered she had a nasty ear infection. However, the infection was cared for by the numerous generous donations made to the shelter upon hearing this dog's story.


Photo Credit: Adam Gray/SWNS

She was named Dolly as a tribute to Dolly Parton and her amazing set at the festival. When Mrs. Parton heard the news about the dog’s name, she was thrilled and even offered to adopt the dog if her owners did not come to claim her.

However, this story has a happy ending. Last Thursday, Dolly's owners stepped up to reclaim their lost pup. They were actively searching for her after the festival and finally found her at the shelter. While Parton is sad she won't be able to take the pooch home, she is happy that Dolly is finally reunited with her true owners. 

Congratulations to Dolly the Dog and make sure to think of your pet's safety before taking them to crowded and loud music festivals or events.

For more unique animal rescue stories, check out our Top 10 Weirdest Animal Rescues playlist:


14 Jul

UK Wildlife Park Welcomes Baby Muskox!

On June 2, 2014, the Highland Wildlife Park in the Scotland was very excited to announce the arrival of a new baby muskox calf. The new calf is being closely monitored in hopes that he continues to grow and become stronger. The muskox is a native to the Artic and was hunted almost into extinction for its fur and meat. Thanks to conservation regulation, reintroductions and natural colonization, the species now has much higher populations.


Photo Credit: Jan Morse

The calf’s mother, Karin, was born in the Czech Republic in 2002.  The new calf’s birth is a major event because muskox are very difficult to breed due to their extremely high neonatal mortality rates.  The first muskox calf to survive until adulthood was born in the United Kingdom in 1992. 

The Highland Wildlife Park also faces challenges due to the aggressive nature of adults.  Last year, a muskox calf that was born at the park died from an injury caused by one of her parents when she was five months old.  The keepers are doing everything possible to ensure that this new calf does not suffer the same fate. 

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13 Jul

Massive School of Anchovy Swarm Southern California Coast

A massive school of anchovy swarmed the waters of the Pacific Ocean near Scripps Pier at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego in La Jolla, Calif., last week on July 8. The incredible event was witnessed by many marine enthusiasts and beach goers — many of whom took to the waters.

Watch the video below and see the amazing lava-lamp-like ebb and flow of the school of fish as curious swimmers approach and as they ride the current:

Researchers haven't seen an event like this in over 30 years and have no explanation for its occurrence.  The school consisted of millions — possibly even over a billion — of the fish, called the Northern anchovy.

The anchovy returned the next day, Wednesday, and many swimmers, snorkelers and surfers hit the waters to take full advantage of the rare opportunity to swim with the phenomenon.  See the Scripps YouTube playlist for more footage of the amazing event >>

Photo: YouTube image 

The Northern anchovy is harvested off the West coast.  It is mostly used as bait by commercial fishermen.

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11 Jul

These Maine Coon Kittens Wish You a Happy Friday

Happy Friday, everybody! Only a few more hours stand between you and your weekend but those hours seem to drag. So, to make that time go by faster, here's a video of some Maine Coon kittens all moving their heads in unison:

Look at them go! You could watch for hours (but maybe you shouldn't).


Photo Credit: YouTube

For more adorable kittens, check out our Too Cute! Kittens playlist!

To learn more about Maine Coons, check out our Cat Breed Selector and check out the Cats 101 video about Maine Coons below:


11 Jul

Could Sloths Hold the Cure for Cancer?

Just a few days ago, Vice News posted a 20-minute documentary about the rainforests of Panama and how they might hold the cures for diseases such as malaria, Chagas, and even breast cancer. Among the plants and animals highlighted in the documentary, the sloth, everybody’s favorite slow-moving critter, was one of the most important. But how could the laziest creatures of the animal kingdom possibly hold the cures for fatal diseases -- even cancer?


Photo Credit: Thinkstock

The answer lies in their hair, which is especially adapted to carry algae which can only be found on the backs of sloths. Hair is usually smooth, but the hair of a sloth is cracked to accommodate the growth of algae and fungi. On average, a sloth could be carrying up to 85 different kinds of fungi whose compounds could help in fighting diseases. In the documentary, sloths are called, “little pharmacies,” and it isn’t far off from the truth.

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11 Jul

GOOOOALLLL: Animals as World Cup Announcers

Since the World Cup began in June, it’s been a long road of excitement, stress, disappointment, and, most of all, fun. Sadly, it is coming to an end but we’ll never forget our favorite memories of this year’s games, especially the best part of the entire World Cup: screaming GOOOOOOOOALLLLL along with our favorite Word Cup commentators! But, the World Cup excitement isn’t just reserved for people! Check out these animals taking part in the World Cup excitement and practicing their best GOOOOOOOOALLLL shout:

FOOTT.02110 FOOTT.02552 

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10 Jul

Finding Bigfoot: "Creepy Mountain" Turns Up Intriguing Thermal Camera Footage

The Finding Bigfoot team is heading to central Alabama -- where the environment is conducive to housing sasquatch -- to meet with two men who have discovered something very interesting in footage they captured on their thermal camera while camping.   

Adam and Paul had been camping out in an area nicknamed "Creepy Mountain" by the locals when they decided to shoot some footage using their thermal camera. It wasn’t until they reviewed the footage that they saw a mysterious figure, which they believe just may be Bigfoot. Based on the size and shape of the creature, the team is able to rule out a bear or a deer, but it will take some further investigating to find out what really was lurking right outside Adam and Paul’s campsite.


Tune in for Finding Bigfoot Sunday at 10 PM and find out how the team's investigation concludes. And to see just how creepy "Creepy Moutain" is. 

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