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11 Apr

Smartest Dog Ever Steals Hearts, Crushes Squeaky Toy

Meet Jumpy, quite possibly the smartest dog on planet Earth. No, seriously - watch him listen to his owner's every, single, command. I'm pretty sure my Dad couldn't get me to listen this well, ever:

Well done, Jumpy! WELL DONE.

Photo: YouTube image


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11 Apr

Sonic Who? Watch Peanut the Hedgehog Speeding onto APL!VE

Look out, Sonic! There’s a new guy on the scene and he’s aiming to dethrone you as the speediest, spikiest hedgehog of all time! Weighing in at a healthy 375 grams, 2-year old Peanut has his racing paws on and is allowing Animal Planet L!VE to follow his bold quest on Hedgehog Cam. a pint-sized athlete isn’t easy, but Peanut sure doesn’t let it show. By day, he’s like any other nocturnal creature. He spends his days sleeping and burrowing deep into his bed at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab. But once the sun goes down and the lights go off, Peanut is raring to go. His nightly regimen consists of runs on the wheel, bulking up on mealworms, keeping hydrated, and then showing off for the camera!


You can watch Peanut’s training sessions each night thanks to our partners at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab, an approved rescue with the Hedgehog Welfare Society. Tru Chance is dedicated to caring for all hedgehogs that come through their door, placing some in loving new homes, permanently housing those who are not able to be adopted due to medical or temperament issues, and teaching others how to responsibly care for these often misunderstood exotic animals.  They are currently the home to 14 hedgehogs including the dynamic and speedy Peanut!

Meet Peanut the Hedgehog after dark on APL!VE.>>


 Not quite dark yet?  Learn more about Hedgehogs by watching this clip from Pets 101:



10 Apr

Nocturnal Creatures Welcome Stephen Colbert to the 'Late Show'!

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Big news was revealed today after it was announced that Stephen Colbert would be taking over David Letterman's "Late Show" spot in 2015.

As the newest member of network late night shows, we thought that Colbert would like to get to know some of his fellow nocturnal animal friends.

Check out the playlist of other famous nocturnal animals!

Did you know hedgehogs are nocturnal? Check out their nighttime action on our newest APL!ve cam!

10 Apr

Getting to Know Greenland: Meet Finn Siegstad

Contributed by Julie Brothers



Finn Siegstad is the Key Account Manager for the charter division of Air Greenland. Air Greenland has one of the most versatile fleets in the world, considering the size of the country, the terrain and the weather.

These helicopters must cover it all, everything from taking locals to other parts of the country to performing search and rescue missions.

60 of the 72 populated areas of Greenland are connected via helicopter transport – since the 1960’s the presence of these helicopters in Greenland has been vital.

[Tune in for a brand new episode of Ice Cold Gold tonight at 10PM E/P!]

1) How long have you been working for Air Greenland, and where are you originally from?

I am from Ilulissat, Greenland in Diskobay. I have been working for Air Greenland for 6 years now. Before that I worked for a helicopter company named Air Alpha, operating in the Diskobay area and East Greenland. I have been working within the aviation business for over 20 years.

2) How many helicopters are on Air Greenland's fleet? What purposes do they serve?

We have 22 helicopters. 12 AS350’s, 8 Bell 212’s and 2 Sikorsky 61’s.

The AS350 helicopters are mostly used within the mining industry. Bell 212 are scattered around Greenland, their main purpose is to fly the locals between villages and towns, which connects them to the rest of the world. Sikorsky-61’s are stand-by helicopters for Search and Rescue missions and medical use.

These various helicopters help in maintaining the communication systems within Greenland coast as well as aid in small miscellaneous flights for tourist, scientists and other travellers.

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8 Apr

Help Us Spread the Word on Whaling: Vote for Webby-Nominated Whale Wars: Blood and Water


Animal Planet's interactive experience Whale Wars: Blood and Water has been nominated for a Webby Award in the "Web: Television" category. Not familiar with Blood and Water? It follows the life of Paul Watson and his journey to end whaling.

If you're a Whale Wars fan, consider casting a vote in the people's choice award for the Webbys in order to help raise awareness for the program that shined a light on the important issue of whaling.

Cast Your Vote Now >>

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8 Apr

Rescue Dogs Continue Search In Washington After Deadly Mudslide

Search and rescue dogs have worked around the clock since a mudslide ravaged Oso, Washington and left several people missing. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It has been more than two weeks since a major mudslide ravaged Oso, Washington and with reports of missing persons lingering, search and rescue dogs are working around the clock to find any signs of life.

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5 Apr

Hop On Down the Bunny Trail to the Newest Live Cam

Are you searching for something to put a hop in your step and a smile on your face?  Look no further because Animal Planet L!VE just teamed up with the House Rabbit Society to give life to your newest obsession: Bunny Cam!

Credit: zzcapture/Veer

This spring APL!VE is absolutely bouncing with cuteness with the addition of Bunny Cam to our growing collection of adorable animal cams. Brighten your day by watching sweet bunnies munch, jump, and play around in their very own bunny castle.  With Easter just weeks away, this is a cam that you're going to want to share with friends and family.

It's also an excellent opportunity to get to know one of America’s most popular household pets. To help you understand exactly what welcoming a bunny into the family means, we're hosting weekly chats with our partners at the House Rabbit Society, an international non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits, finding them forever homes, and educating people on the responsibilities of rabbit ownership. Join us on Bunny Cam every Wednesday at 3PM ET for Bunny Chats!

Hippity-hop over to APL!VE where floppy ears and bushy tails await you!>>



Need more bunnies to fill your day?  Check out this playlist of the Hoppiest Bunny Videos!

2 Apr

Getting to Know Greenland: Meet Grace J. Heindorf Nielsen, Greenland Production Manager, Ice Cold Gold

Contributed by David Casey

Credit: Danny Long

Grace J. Heindorf Nielsen is co-founder of Bmg-Greenland, a travel management company based in Nuuk, Greenland. Grace has worked over ten years in the Greenlandic tourism industry. She has a wealth of experience in planning tours, shore handling for cruise companies, conferences and general office management. Grace has extensive knowledge of the local community, its history, cultural values and people. She usually knows whom to contact to get something done. She is fluent in English, Danish and Swedish and speaks some German.

Grace has worked as the Greenland Production Manager for both seasons of Ice Cold Gold.

[Watch an all-new episode of Ice Cold Gold Thursday at 10PM E/P!]

1.) How did you come to Greenland as a child? Was there something that you fell in love with about Greenland that made you stay?

I was born in Helsinki, Finland. My mother was from the USA and my father from Denmark. We moved here when I was nine years old. My parents wanted to tell people about the Bahá’í Faith. I grew up here and Greenland is my home.  Fresh air, clean water, wide-open spaces, friendly people and it never gets miserably hot.

2.) Tourism is steadily growing in Greenland. How did you get into the industry? 

On a fluke, actually. A friend of mine was running a little tourist office in 1992 and when a cruise ship came to town she needed a guide who could speak English. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but decided if it was a disaster, at least I would never see those folks again. As it turned out, it went really well and I found a new calling.    

3.)Icg-photo What are some of the misconceptions that people have of Greenland and Greenlanders?

I think for many visitors, we are a much different society than they expected. Some are floored by our level of sophistication and modernity. They are shocked we have cars. While others sometimes seem frustrated that not everything can run like clockwork. Most are not prepared for how much the weather impacts on our lives and plans.

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1 Apr

What’s Scarier Than Lions, Tigers and Bears? Life Without Them.

Remember that tourist video of a lion pride and a crocodile playing a deadly game of tug-of-war with a buffalo calf? Just when the lions seemed about to triumph the buffalo herd came charging to the rescue. If you’re like most people you cheered when the baby buffalo got up and staggered back to its herd. For some reason, we humans rarely root for the predator. But if we know what’s good for us, we better start.


A recent study in the journal Science, "Status and Ecological Effects of the World's Largest Carnivores," finds that life without top predators is a scary prospect for the planet—and us. 31 carnivore species weighing over 15 kilograms were analyzed. After reviewing over 100 different surveys the authors conclude that losing predators from ecosystems causes those ecosystems to unravel. The effects range from an increase in pest animals, wildfires and diseases, loss of beneficial species, rivers changing courses, desertification and speeding up of climate change, to name just a few.

Sylvester.RGB.altIn contrast, the environmental and economic benefits these ecosystem engineers provide runs the gamut—from mountain lions who keep mule deer in check allowing plants and trees to grow to sea otters who’s appetite for sea urchins protects kelp beds and the productivity of coastal areas. Even with all our technology we humans cannot duplicate the ecological services these predators provide for FREE 24/7/365 days a year.

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31 Mar

U.N. Court Orders Japan to Stop Whaling in Southern Ocean

Japanese-whaling-ruling-500wThe U.N.'s highest court doesn't buy Japan's claim that its whale hunt in the Southern Ocean around Australia has been carried out for scientific research purposes, and has ordered the practice halted.

The ruling was reached today by the U.N.'s International Court of Justice in a 2010 lawsuit brought by Australia accusing Japan of being in violation of a 1986 moratorium on whaling. The moratorium was issued by the International Whaling Commission, in which Japan is a member country.

The result is that Japan must stop issuing whaling permits and revoke any existing authorizations in this region.

Will this put an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean?

"The Whales Have Won" exults The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on its website. They, along with Sea Shepherd Australia, have been fighting against Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean and elsewhere over the past 10 years, and their adventures chronicled in our series, Whale Wars.


The Sea Shepherds state in their blog post: "With today’s ruling, the ICJ has taken a fair and just stance on the right side of history by protecting the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and the vital marine ecosystem of Antarctica, a decision that impacts the international community and future generations,” said Captain Alex Cornelissen of Sea Shepherd Global.

ABC News reports that Japan's Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Noriyuki Shikata says the country "regrets and is deeply disappointed" by the decision, but the country will abide by the ruling. It's also been previously reported that Japan may consider dropping out of the International Whaling Commission.

Japan has a second whaling effort in the Northern Pacific that is not part of this ruling.

Photo Credit: HO/Reuters/Corbis

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