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5 Aug

Photo Shows Just How Tragic Life is for Puppy Mill Dogs

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

This single, emotional photo proves that life in a puppy mill is no kind of life at all. The Humane Society of the United States uploaded a photo on Tuesday showing a dog in a file cabinet drawer — which happens to be the same size as the cages in which many puppy mill dogs spend their lives. And the worst part? What these puppy mills are doing is 100 percent legal.

11811339_960562730630687_4982125752759687108_nFacebook/The Humane Society of the United States - Puppy Mills Campaign

"Imagine condemning a dog to live her entire life in a space the size of a file drawer," HSUS posted along with the photo. "This is the amount of space (6" longer than the dog) in which USDA-licensed breeders can legally confine their animals."

That means that even legal, USDA approved commercial breeders can (and usually are) forcing dogs to live in tiny, cramped cages, often stacked one on top of the other.

Dogs are forced to birth litter after litter of puppies who are then whisked away to be sold at pet stores, while their moms and dads live out their lives in tiny cages, never even going outside.

640x364 (4)Facebook/The Humane Society of the United States - Puppy Mills Campaign

So when you hear a pet store insisting that their puppies come from USDA-licensed breeders, that doesn't mean they don't come from puppy mills, or that there isn't unimaginable cruelty happening behind the scenes.

Luckily, there are ASPCA workers that make it their mission to rescue animals in need. Check out his clip from Animal Cops, where a five chained and underfed dogs are rescued. 

23 Oct

Show Us Your Animal-Themed Pumpkins!

We took a break from watching animal videos last Friday to get together and carve some Animal Planet-themed pumpkins at our Silver Spring, Md., headquarters.

See the results below!

Think you can do better? Share your animal-themed pumpkins with us at!


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22 Oct

Animal Planet's Second Annual Adopt-a-Palooza!


Credit: Beth Howell Caldwell

Here at Animal Planet, we love celebrating animals every day, but there's a special place in our hearts for dogs and cats who are rescued from shelters. As part of our ROAR (Reach Out, Act, Respond) campaign, which aims to inspire people like you to help make the world a better place for animals, Animal Planet, along with our host Downtown Silver Spring, teamed up with D.C.-local animal rescue organizations for an adoption event in downtown Silver Spring, Md., where Animal Planet is headquartered.

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8 Nov

We Found Bigfoot! Have You?


Photo courtesy of Sarah McMurdy

It was an exciting day at the Animal Planet's SIlver Spring, Md., office. Why's that? Bigfoot stopped by in preparation for Sunday's premiere of Finding Bigfoot. Naturally, some of the Animal Planet staff took this rare opportunity to get photographic evidence of the big guy.

Want to see more Bigfoot? Discover evidence, see the best of the previous seasons and learn all about the BFRO and the others that search for him!


Want even more Finding Bigfoot? Tune in for an all new season Sunday, Nov. 11 at 10 PM E/P!

11 Oct

Things are Getting Wild at Animal Planet HQ



Things got a little wild at Animal Planet yesterday when Dave Salmoni showed up at work with a few of his friends in tow. In preparation for his new show, Frontier Earth presented by Walmart (which premieres Nov. 13 at 8PM E/P), Dave brought in a slew of animals to treat Discovery employees. Take a look at some of the fun below!

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14 Sep

Eating Giants: Hippo. Employees React!

This Sunday at 10 e/p, Animal Planet airs Eating Giants: Hippo, a special documenting the days following the death of a three-and-a-half ton hippo along the banks of Zambia's Luangwa River. We see some unpleasant moments in the program, one in particular that Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times says "will leave half of the viewing audience pretty darn uncomfortable." Here's what happened when we showed the film to fellow employees:


Enjoy Eating Giants: Hippo! We would recommend finishing dinner well before the show starts.

10 Sep

Celebrating a Great Summer in Colorful Style

This summer, we noticed a trend among the employees at Animal Planet's New York office: colored pants! Everyone seemed to be wearing them! To celebrate this craze and commemorate our best summer ever, we declared Friday, September 7, to be Colored Pants Day.

Here's proof!


How about you? How do you celebrate successes in the office? Put on a pair of red jeans, purple corduroys or yellow chinos and discuss below in the Comments section!


14 Aug

Field Trips are the Best Trips




One of the great things about working at Animal Planet is that we're all constantly trying to think of fun ways to feature animals and share the adorableness with all of you. And every once in a while, all of that brainstorming and creative thinking allows us to take field trips. You know... for "research."

Yesterday a group of us had the opportunity to travel to the Washington Animal Rescue League to check out their facilities and meet some animals for a project that could potentially launch sometime in the fall. As you might have guessed, we're all animal lovers and took this time to "oooh" and "awww" over the dogs and cats housed in the lovely temporary home WARL provides them.

We collected some of the cell phone shots from Animal Planet staffers and wanted to share them with you.

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7 Aug

Animal Planet's Got Olympic Fever! Do You?


It's usually not a real meeting at Animal Planet until a funny cat video has been played, but for the last week and a half, talk of funny cats has been replaced by conversations abOlympics-video-hub-400x400out amazing Olympians, who won which events and, of course, what we could do to get more animals involved in the Games. Naturally.

While a few of us used our lunchbreaks to stream some of the live event coverage (I'm looking at you social media manager Grace Suriel!), others have taken the opportunity to create fun Olympic-themed videos in order to spotlight great Animal Planet talent.

Our amazing Marketing team put together these two awesome Olympic spots featuring the stars of Gator Boys, Call of the Wildman and Hillbilly Handfishin'.


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11 Jun

Top 10 Reasons Why Working at Animal Planet is Awesome

Everyone loves Animal Planet. We have research* that says so. But, what is it like to work here? In a word, AWESOME. Here are ten reasons (in no particular order) that back me up!

1. You never know when the Turtleman will make an appearance
Just last week I was fortunate enough to accompany a colleague and Ernie Brown Jr. (AKA "Turtleman") to dinner. Ernie was a complete gentleman and even agreed to pose for this fun photo. Now that's LIVE ACTION!

Photo Courtesy Grace Suriel

2. Watching cat videos on YouTube for hours is considered "research"
We take all things cute very seriously around here. Much like a scientist should be well versed in the theories of Einstein and Newton, an Animal Planet employee is required to be up to date on the latest memes and viral videos. See below for a typical example of cute.

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