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24 Apr

Bullied Barn Owl Prevails Against Hawk Pirate

It's a tough world out there for barn owls. We think of owls and other birds of prey as the ultimate predator of the skies. But many species are not above scavenging or even flat-out stealing the hard-earned prey of other hunters.

This barn owl hunting during the day took a big risk and was indeed attacked by a northern harrier hawk trying to pirate its meal. Watch the video to the end to see what happens.

 Barn owl by Edd's Images via Flickr Creative Commons.

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23 Apr

Dive Bombing Boobies and Pelicans


Ataque impressionante!!O Projeto Coral Vivo conta com o #patrocínioPetrobras por meio do Programa Petrobras Socioambiental.

Posted by Coral Vivo on Monday, January 12, 2015

This huge flock of what appears to be brown boobies and brown or Peruvian pelicans made quite a show for beachgoers as they dive bombed a school of fish in the surf.

Brown booby by Ivy Dawned via Flickr Creative Commons.

Brown boobies fly over the water looking for fish just below the surface, often in areas where larger predator fish drive smaller fish to the surface. When they spot prey, they dive bomb from as high as 50 feet and can plunge below the surface to depths of six feet. They execute their dives by folding their wings next to their body at beginning of dive, then thrust their wings straight out over their backs, touching in the middle, just before breaking the surface. 

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23 Apr

Octopus Stalks Crab

The awesomeness of octopuses has no end. This video captures an octopus hunting a crab in open water in Australia. While it's easy to root for the crab, it's helpful to remember that octopuses need to eat too.

That they are equipped with an incredible intelligence and eight deadly effective grasping limbs isn't a count against them, but something that only adds to their awesomeness. 

Octopus Hunts Crab

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9 Apr

Bobcat Attacks Shark


This is the ultimate case of land vs. sea.

John Bailey was walking on the beach when he saw what he thought was a dog emerging from the water. He was surprised to see it was dragging a shark in its mouth. But that was nothing compared to his surprise when he realized it wasn't a dog. It was a bobcat!

He snapped this photo that has gone viral of the rare predator vs. predator event.

Bobcat Shark

Many people questioned whether the photo was real or fake. I'm not a photoshop expert but as a Naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation, I don't have trouble believing it to be authentic.

Bobcats, though shy and elusive around people, are bold, opportunistic predators that will take advantage of any food source. For a bobcat living in a coastal area, hunting at the water's edge makes perfect sense.

H/T to Huff Post Green.

3 Apr

A Pond Swimming Pool of Which Even the 'Pool Master' Would be Proud

"For me, Mother Nature is the ultimate swimming pool designer," Pool Master Anthony Archer-Wells said in an episode of The Pool Master

And with the premier of the show's new season tonight (at 9/8c!), it just makes sense to reveal a new London pool masterpiece inspired by Mother Nature, one the Pool Master himself would be proud of. 

In the heart of the King's Cross Station redevelopment project is the new KX Pond Club, a natural swimming pond surrounded by wild flowers and grasses that change with the seasons. 

Unlike a traditional swimming pool, this pond is filtered by wetland and submerged water plants, in a “closed-loop” process. That's right, no chemicals, and no chlorine. Before entering, users will be educated to understand just how the self-sustaining ecosystem works, and even restricted access on any given day if the pool reaches a specific capacity, to allow the pond to regenerate. 

The entire project's infrastructure cost about $4.5 billion and was created by Slovenian artist Marjetica Potrč and designed by Ooze Architects, headquartered in the Netherlands. 

“The project is a small-scale enclaved environment; a living laboratory to test balance and to question a self-sustaining system including one nature cycle – water, land and the human body,” says Efa Pfannes, founder of Ooze Architects.

The pool is bordered by the Regents Canal, St. Pancras Grand hotel, and Kings Place, a gallery and concert hall, home to the Guardian and the Observer newspapers, and will be 131 feet long when it's complete.

Archer-Wells and his team designed their own natural pool in Upstate New York, that's a whopping 160 feet across and 145 feet wide, filled with 800,000 gallons of naturally filtered water.

"You know, there's nothing quite like taking a dip in a natural swimming pool. You'll feel at one with nature. Truly, it's a magical experience," Archer-Wells said. 

The King’s Cross natural pool is expected to open this May. 

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30 Mar

'100 Miles From Nowhere' Captured in 10 Photos

100 Miles From Nowhere follows adventurer Matt Galland and his two best buddies, Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson. In each episode, the trio of fun-loving regular guys chooses remote, extreme locations throughout the globe where cameras - let alone people - rarely have gone. Matt, Danny and Blake's mission is straightforward: to get off life's usual humdrum path for a more exciting, daring and off-the-beaten one. In just three or four days, the guys trek approximately 100 miles and burn up to 10,000 calories on foot, raft, skis and even skateboard while they document and shoot their own escapades with absolutely no crew. What is it like?

10 Photos That Capture '100 Miles From Nowhere'











Take a Sneak Peek into '100 Miles From Nowhere'

26 Mar

Wolf and Bear Go Fishing

On the Alaska Peninsula, salmon constitute a significant portion of a wolf’s summer diet. This video, taken at Brooks...

Posted by Katmai National Park & Preserve on Tuesday, March 17, 2015


This video posted to Katmai National Park and Reserve's Facebook page is pretty amazing. Most people are aware that grizzly bears in Alaska gather every year to take advantage of the salmon spawning runs. Most don't know that bears aren't the only mammalian carnivores to get in on the action.

The wolf in the video is quite the expert at catching salmon. Just goes to show you how adaptable wildlife needs to be to survive. 

Photo by Robbin D. Knapp via Flicker Creative Commons.

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25 Mar

Drone Records Dolphin Stampede

You've probably heard of horses stampeding, but what about dolphins?  

This video captures the behavior using a remote control drone. Not only is Dolphin Safari (the California-based ecotourism company who created this video) using this new technology to locate whales and dolphins for whale-watching opportunities, but they are hoping to use it to help located and rescue animals entangled in stray fishing gear. That sounds like a win-win to me.

Dolphin stampede

H/T to  

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19 Mar

Luna the Otter is Ready for March Madness

Luna 5
Luna, Shedd’s rescued sea otter pup is in the March Madness spirit playing with one of her new favorite toys – a basketball! Courtesy: Shedd Aquarium

Now that March Madness has officially kicked off, those 64 basketball teams aren't the only ones hoping for some magic this championship season. The Shedd Aquarium's otter, Luna, has been showing off her own basketball skills with a newly acquired favorite toy: a basketball!

We don't know about you, but we wish we had put Luna in our March madness brackets!

Luna 2
Shedd Aquarium’s rescued sea otter, Luna loves March Madness! Think she’s dreaming about her Final Four picks? Courtesy: Shedd Aquarium

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18 Mar

Squirrel Uses Tiny Fork to Eat Almond Butter (VIDEO)

Wally the squirrel is hungry, and the only solution: almond butter and a tiny fork for his tiny squirrelish hands. 

Choosy squirrels choose JIF.

 Learn more about squirrel eating habits:

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