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1 Aug

Discovery Proves Cats Have Been Devious for Thousands of Years

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

Some things never change — like the passing of the seasons, the rise and fall of the ocean tide, or the wayward wanderings of one particular kind of pet.

An archeologist from the Gloucester City Museum in the U.K. recently discovered indisputable proof that cats' typically devious, casually destructive attitude has been around for millennia. While sorting through artifacts from a 2,000-year-old Ancient Roman construction, the researcher happened upon a roof tile bearing the imprints of a naughty feline's feet.

Lise Noakes, a member of the city council, told the Gloucester News Centre that such a find is very rare: "What a fascinating discovery." 

The careless kitty who created these paw prints is believed to have done so around the year 100 A.D. by strolling over the soft tile as it lay drying in the sun — forever securing her place in history, and reaffirming that even a boring old roof tile can be made infinitely more interesting thanks to the presence of a cat.

Get more devious cat action below, courtesy of My Cat From Hell.

31 Jul

This Cat Really, Really Doesn't Want to be at the Vet

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

We all get a little apprehensive going to the doctor sometimes ... and pets are no exception. This cat somehow ended up at the vet, and he's not exactly jazzed about it.

In fact, he's taken quite drastic measures to try and hide ...

Any cat who is climbing into a garbage can on his own free will DEFINITELY doesn't want to be wherever he is. Have no fear though, cat. You're not alone. There are many, many other cats who also got tricked into going to the vet and aren't too happy about it.

Like this guy, who figures "Out of sight, out of mind," right?


Check out a whole bunch of other pets, and some of our readers' pets, who also really, really don't want to be at the vet.

Do you have a scaredy-cat? Here are some tips on how to calm your kitty.

31 Jul

Cats Smooshing into Bowls

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(Guest post by Emily Watson from

Apparently cats do not have bones.

Check out more hilarious cats here!

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21 Jul

Sweet Dog Comforts Cat Friend During a Thunderstorm

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

It's a sad fact that there are no words that can reassure sensitive pets they are safe and sound when stormy weather rolls through, bringing with it scary bursts of lightening and thunder. But fortunately, the comforting language of love requires no explanation. 

In the midst of a powerful thunderstorm that struck Southern California over the weekend, one frightened cat found an unlikely ally to help ride out the booms and flashes closing in around them.

"Came home to my roommates dog protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightning outside," Reddit user YungDemon wrote.

Despite seeming somewhat scared himself, the dog made sure the cat felt cozy beneath his comforting paw.

It's not uncommon for dogs and cats to feel anxious during violent weather, which is when they need their friends the most. Brush up on ways to keep your pets calm and comfortable during even the scariest storms.

Sometimes dogs and cats aren't always such good friends, like these two from My Cat From Hell.

9 Jul

Cat is SHOCKED to Find He's Being Stalked by a Cucumber

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger of

House cats seem to take no small amount of pride in their graceful demeanor, strutting about like they own the place as little heirs to the "King of Jungle" mantle. But despite their apparent self-perception as unflappable sorts of creatures, sometimes it doesn't take much to make an otherwise cool kitty lose his composure entirely.


In fact, sometimes all it takes is a sneaky cucumber. 

Want more goofy cat videos? Of course you do! Check out when Must Love Cats visited an owner who taught her cats to swim. 

6 Jul

Woofstock: The Road to Puppy Bowl Gets Feet Moving and Tails Wagging

Two weeks ago, our team traveled to Chicago for the first ever Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl! Over 3,000 people attended the all-day festival celebrating pet adoptions and man’s best friend while enjoying live music and perfect weather.

Woofstock 3

Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl was the grand finale for Road to Puppy Bowl, a series of fee-waived adoption events in 17 cities around the country. In just five months, we were able to help find forever homes to more than 2,000 animals! But the June 27th event wasn’t just about celebrating adoptions; it was also about finding families for even more pups. PAWS Chicago brought dogs along and 61 were adopted on-site.

Throughout the day, animal lovers joined our Animal Planet stars on stage to participate in trivia and compete in dog bone stacking and Chicago hot dog eating contests. Face painters gave dog and cat inspired makeovers while other activities were brought by our friends at the ASPCA, PAWS Chicago, DogVacay, and AT&T. Food trucks and a Lagunitas beer garden were also on-site serving up fresh grub and cold drinks. The fun wasn’t just for people, though. With obstacle courses, Puppy Bowl Kiss Cam, photo ops and dog treats, four legged friends had their share of excitement.

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12 Feb

Gato Malo: The Cat That Doesn't Give A Damn (VIDEO)

Paging Jackson Galaxy! We just discovered a cat in dire need of a house call.

While it’s safe to say cats aren’t the most playful or affectionate pets, this feisty feline (who we’re calling Gato Malo after the YouTube video) is just straight up cruel. See for yourself:

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29 May

VIDEO: Cat Plays Jenga, Wins Hearts

95xg7In a truly amazing video captured by YouTube user Alan Palesko, a cat named Moe masters the game of Jenga.

Considering we have a hard enough time getting our fingers to nimbly remove the blocks, Moe's talent is remarkable. Though it looks like he might have more fun batting the block around after removing it.

Watch the video below and see how Moe completes the game.

Want more cats? Tune in as My Cat From Hell returns this Saturday at 8PM E/P!

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24 Apr

Is Cat Shaming the Last Acceptable Form of Prejudice?

They're popping up everywhere—pics of unsuspecting fur balls sitting next to cute little "confessions" broadcasting their sins to the entire world. This relentless vilification of feline exploits has become fair game in pop culture today. As if depravity and bad behavior are a choice cats consciously make. But what if cats live by a different set of rules? Maybe we should try looking at things from their 12-inch high point of view. Either way, we're getting in on the action. Post your cat shaming photos on Instagram and tag them #MyCatFromHell. The baddest of the bad will make it on air LIVE during My Cat From Hell, airing at 8 PM E/P on Saturday nights!

Now, back to the shaming ...



1.  "All squiggly snake-shaped objects must be destroyed and immediately ingested. It’s a safety thing."

[Tune in for an all-new season of My Cat From Hell this Saturday at 8PM E/P!]

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8 Apr

Help Us Spread the Word on Whaling: Vote for Webby-Nominated Whale Wars: Blood and Water


Animal Planet's interactive experience Whale Wars: Blood and Water has been nominated for a Webby Award in the "Web: Television" category. Not familiar with Blood and Water? It follows the life of Paul Watson and his journey to end whaling.

If you're a Whale Wars fan, consider casting a vote in the people's choice award for the Webbys in order to help raise awareness for the program that shined a light on the important issue of whaling.

Cast Your Vote Now >>

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