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2 Aug

Kittenhood Accident Left Cat With Permanently Adorable Expression

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Just like humans, all animals have their own distinctive looks, and some are even more distinct-looking than others. When he was just a kitten, Ozzy the cat had an accident that left him cross-eyed. He fell off of a window sill, and while he luckily survived, his eyes were never the same. Despite it all, he really couldn't be more adorable.

Ozzy's eyes are permanently crossed, but it doesn't seem to have affected his sweet demeanor. And, as some have pointed out, Ozzy also bears a resemblance to Bagheera, the panther who gets hypnotized in "The Jungle Book."

Due to his accident, Ozzy has impaired eyesight and can essentially see only in tunnel vision. Still, the cat seems like a fairly happy guy, with a loving family who supports him despite his differences. 

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1 Aug

Discovery Proves Cats Have Been Devious for Thousands of Years

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

Some things never change — like the passing of the seasons, the rise and fall of the ocean tide, or the wayward wanderings of one particular kind of pet.

An archeologist from the Gloucester City Museum in the U.K. recently discovered indisputable proof that cats' typically devious, casually destructive attitude has been around for millennia. While sorting through artifacts from a 2,000-year-old Ancient Roman construction, the researcher happened upon a roof tile bearing the imprints of a naughty feline's feet.

Lise Noakes, a member of the city council, told the Gloucester News Centre that such a find is very rare: "What a fascinating discovery." 

The careless kitty who created these paw prints is believed to have done so around the year 100 A.D. by strolling over the soft tile as it lay drying in the sun — forever securing her place in history, and reaffirming that even a boring old roof tile can be made infinitely more interesting thanks to the presence of a cat.

Get more devious cat action below, courtesy of My Cat From Hell.

31 Jul

Cats Smooshing into Bowls

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(Guest post by Emily Watson from

Apparently cats do not have bones.

Check out more hilarious cats here!

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28 Jul

Man Films Himself Throwing Cat at Wall, Gets Arrested

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from

"I hate cats," reads the caption of a video showing a young cat being violently hurled at a wall, according to KWCH of Hutchinson, Kansas.

The video was sent out via social photo-sharing site, Snapchat, by the alleged abuser, a 28-year-old man from Wichita, Kansas, according to a Wichita Police Department (WPD) press conference held on Monday morning.

The short video reveals what must have been the most terrifying few seconds of this poor cat's young life. The video opens by showing the face of the distressed and helpless cat. The abuser seems to be holding the cat with one hand and filming with the other.

Then the cat is held out of frame as the abuser winds up in preparation to throw her, followed by a sudden thud. Immediately, we see the cat return to the video frame as she falls to the ground and scrambles away, meowing in what appears to be pain and torment.

Her hind legs appear to be functionless as she drags herself across the floor using only her front legs.

The video has since been removed from social media. 


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28 Jul

Cat Takes on Alligator in Heart-Pounding Video

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(Guest post By Caitlin Jill Anders from

Cats don't like to take a lot of crap. If you ask them, they're the ones who rule the household, the backyard, the world, etc. Even something super scary and imposing — like say, an alligator — might not phase a cat. Cats are pretty badass.

In fact, we have have found the most badass cat of all in an incredible 2014 video. This guy wanders next to a swampy area where a whole bunch of alligators are just hanging out, and instead of keeping a safe distance ... he walks right up to one of the toothy animals.

People watching and filming immediately start freaking out, yelling things like, "Get the cat away," and "Oh no, the kitty!" Cat was not phased though. After all, everyone doubted Hercules at first, too. 

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22 Jul

This is the Face of a Man Who Just Rescued a Kitten

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Is there anything cuter than a man in uniform going out of his way to rescue a tiny kitten? This police officer in Suwon, South Korea, was all smiles after he coaxed a little homeless kitten out from under a car last week — and now the kitten is safe and on her way to a happy ending.

The Suwon Police Department uploaded these photos to its Facebook page of one of their officers going above and beyond the call of duty to rescue the stray kitten. The animal-loving officer lay down on the ground next to a car until he could get the little gal to come closer to him.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.14.11 AM


Finally the officer got the little critter safely in his arms — and he couldn't stop smiling!


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17 Jul

Mask Saves Precious Kitten

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Luckily for this tiny kitten, the New Orleans firefighters who pulled him from a fire in his home were also specially equipped with a pet oxygen mask.

Crews responding to a house fire in the city this week found the cat lying unconscious in a hallway near where the fire broke out. They scooped him up and carried him out to safety, where he was revived with this special mask, local outlet WVUE reports.

"I guess he has eight more lives," the NOFD's Doug Cardinale told WVUE. It's crucial that fire responders have the tools to save animals along with humans, and thankfully, in this case the men and women of the NOFD were 100 percent prepared.

There were two other cats in the home when the fire started, and they both made it out safely.

Sometimes, cats get stuck in situations that require help from humans. Check out this clip from Treetop Cat Rescue, when Cake the cat was hesitant to accept help from Shaun.

13 Jul

Rare Cat Appears Where No One's Ever Seen Him Before

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from  

rarely-seen endangered species was just spotted in a region where it has never been documented before.

The endangered snow leopard has been photographed for the first time in the Kumaon Himalayas of Northern India. The photograph was captured 4,100 meters above sea level in Bageshwar, reports Hindustan Times.

With the leopard's newly documented presence, the forest department will be able to "prepare [a] better conservation strategy" for this wild cat, according to Vipul Maurya, who studies snow leopards.

Uttarakhand Forest Department

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9 Jul

Cat Totally Baffled When Sassy Chicken Steals His Snack

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(Guest post by By Anna Swartz from

Chickens are totally underrated animals.

They are actually super hilarious — they love blueberries, they purr when you snuggle them and they're also, apparently, sneaky little critters. This YouTube video shows a bold chicken stealing a cat's food ... right from under his nose.

"Oh, let's see what you've got there ... that looks yummy." 


The cat (unsuccessfully) attempts to bat away the encroaching chicken — but his plucky competitor just won't back down.

"You can't stop me!! Chicken power!!" 


This is one determined hen. Eventually, she decides she's had enough arguing over the food and just hops in front of the cat.

"This is my food now thankyouverymuch." 

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9 Jul

Cat is SHOCKED to Find He's Being Stalked by a Cucumber

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger of

House cats seem to take no small amount of pride in their graceful demeanor, strutting about like they own the place as little heirs to the "King of Jungle" mantle. But despite their apparent self-perception as unflappable sorts of creatures, sometimes it doesn't take much to make an otherwise cool kitty lose his composure entirely.


In fact, sometimes all it takes is a sneaky cucumber. 

Want more goofy cat videos? Of course you do! Check out when Must Love Cats visited an owner who taught her cats to swim. 







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