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15 Jul

Testicle-Biting, 'Ball Cutter' Pacu Fish Caught in Michigan Lake

A Michigan woman caught a 14-inch pacu, a "testicle-biting" native of South America and relative of the piranha, in Lake St. Clair last week. 

Last summer, pacu were caught off the coast of Sweden as well. The fish has been dubbed the "ball-cutter" per its reputation of attacking human testicles.

Our own angler Jeremy Wade caught this "nutcracker fish"  when he investigated reports of two men who died from severe hemmoraging after being castrated by something in the water. His search took him to Papua New Guinea. Watch his report: 

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources confirmed last week's catch by Holley Luft on July 9.  Officials believe the fish may have been dumped in the lake once it became too large for a private aquarium. Pacu can grow to be up to 55 pounds and 3 feet in length in the wild — and could become too aggressive as well for your home tank.

In other words ... maybe NOT get a pacu for the house.

Watch Jeremy Wade's How to Catch a River Monster digital series and learn how he caught the ball-cutter:

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29 Jun

Cutest Attack Ever: Itty Bitty Shark Bites Swimmer, *Grrr*

It's that time of year when shark is on the brain among many summer, ocean lovers. And, though they may often be frightening incidents, here's an encounter from a few months ago that proved to be ... well, ADORABLE:

The swimmer, a man named Carlos, was scuba diving when this tiny shark nipped and grabbed a hold of his swim trunks.  The tenacious little guy was determined and Carlos had to surface and return to their boat to get him to loosen his grasp.

Cutest. Attack. EVER.

Photo: YouTube image

Though, as you can see from the video, Carlos is quite lucky the little thing didn't attach a few inches the other way.

Want to see more sharks? Watch our collection of amazing shark videos

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19 Jun

Father & Son Reel in Giant, Record-Breaking White Sturgeon


When Ron Jarvis and his son Paul traveled from Atlanta, Ga., to British Columbia for a father-son fishing trip, little did they know they were about to make the record books.  On the first day of their three-day excursion along the Fraser River, the duo caught one of the largest white sturgeon ever reeled in.

While it may be common for people to hook one of these giant fish, winning what can be an hour-long battle to reel the monster in is where people often fall short.  Sturgeons are the largest freshwater fish that can be found in North America and are said to live for over 100 years and grow to be over 1,500 lbs. However, after over an hour of work, 19-year-old Paul Jarvis succeeded in reeling in the beast which was over 11 feet long, and approximately 882 lbs.

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6 Jun

What Could Kill a 9-Foot Great White Shark?

Eating-sharks-250For all those thinking the sharks may be the greatest predator in the water, new findings might cause a bit of alarm. There's something out there eating 9-foot great white sharks.

As part of a new shark tracking program, scientists tagged a healthy 9-foot female great white shark off the Australian coast. Then, four months later, the tracking device was discovered by a beach comber about two-and-a-half miles from where the shark was originally tagged.

When the scientists reviewed the recovered device, they found a rapid temperature rise - from the mid-40s to the high-70s - and a 1,900-foot change in depth. Both can be explained by the animal "living" within the stomach of something much larger. To date, this is all the information scientists have.

Is there a giant creature out there feasting on great whites? Watch the video below and decide.

Could it be megalodon?

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21 May

Rare Lancetfish Washes Ashore In North Carolina

Cute, right? (Photo Credit: Allen Shimada, NOAA)

Beachgoers were stunned last week when an extremely rare and unusual looking fish washed ashore in North Carolina.

Marked by its sharp teeth, jagged dorsal fin and long, skinny body, the lancethead fish was found alive near Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, located in the Outer Banks.

Very little is known about the lancetfish, but what we do know is as unusual as its physical appearance. According to NBC News, adolescent lancetfish are hermaphrodites, possessing male and female sexual organs, and the species is nicknamed the “cannibal fish” for eating members of its own species (lancetfish also eat crustaceans, squid and other types of small fish). The lancetfish’s creepy appearance doesn’t deter seals, sharks and larger fish from targeting it as prey.

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20 May

#KillerLampreys: Why You Should ALWAYS Check the Toilet & Drains First

Run for your lives! The monsters are coming! THE MONSTERS ARE COMING!!  Don't believe us?! See for yourself:

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20 May

A Moment in Monster History: The East River Monster

New York City doesn’t invoke visions of exotic creatures or wild animals (unless you count the big rats you find in the subway).

But two years ago, the Big Apple caught the attention of everyone, including scientists, when a bloated animal carcass washed up on the shores of the East River, near the Brooklyn Bridge. The creature, dubbed the East River Monster, was unlike anything anyone had ever seen (outside of the nearby Montauk Monster).

What could the East River Monster be? (Photo Credit: Denise Ginley)

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16 May

Florida Fishermen Catch Pregnant Hammerhead, Deliver 20 Shark Pups

Fishermen in Venice, Fla., reeled in a large Hammerhead shark that turned out to be pregnant. The mama shark had a large bite mark wound on her side through which they could see babies, popping their heads out and trying to wiggle free.

The men continued to pull her to shore and deliver 20 baby shark pups:

What the group clearly may have not known is that the Hammerhead shark is an endangered species and should be cut from the line and released if caught.

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14 May

British Boy Makes Monstrous Catfish Catch


We've seen monstrous catfish catches on Hillbilly Handfishin' and River Monsters, but a British boy caught what many believe is the biggest living freshwater fish in Britain - a 122 pound, 7-foot long catfish.

Fourteen-year-old Will Sutton struggled with the catfish for 45 minutes and eventually was able to bring the fish to shore with the help of his uncle.

They weighed the fish and Sutton got his picture taken with it, then, with the help of his uncle, they released the fish back into the water. A monster catch with a happy ending.

Take a look at a fishing trip that had a not-so-nice of an ending, then tune in for more Monster Week starting THIS SUNDAY at 9PM E/P!


13 May

#KillerLampreys: Horrifying Rash from Lamprey Bite??

We have no idea WHAT is going on here but this video was way too horrifying NOT to share:

That's terrifying. Really, really terrifying. Thanks barry g for the submission.  

Photo: YouTube image 

Is this for REAL? What do you think? Post your thoughts below in the Comments section.

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