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11 Oct

Things are Getting Freaky on October Fridays!


Monsters-inside-meNothing is more insidiously evil than the killers you can't see. So relax on your couch (if you can) and tune in to to Animal Planet every Friday at 9PM E/P as Monsters Inside Me switches nights for the hallowed month of October.

Prepare yourself by watching some killer clips from previous seasons!

1 Oct

Saltwater bacterium kills nearly 10 in Florida

Beachgoers and water enthusiasts around the Gulf Coast should be on alert for a deadly bacterium that has infected over 25 people in Florida this year, according to ABC News.

A bacterium found in saltwater and brackish waters has folks on alert around the Gulf Coast. (Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

A 59-year-old man died of complications from Vibrio vulnificus, approximately 28 hours after crabbing in a Florida river. The same infection has resulted in nearly 10 deaths in the state alone.

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9 Nov

WATCH: Attack of the Killer... Peas?


When you were little, did you ever fear swallowing watermelon seeds because you were afraid you'd grow a giant watermelon in your tummy? And even though your mom or dad would assure you that this was impossible, you still spit them out as far possible. You know, just to be safe.

Well, tonight's episode of Monsters Inside Me is bringing that fear back to life. How? One of the men featured experienced health issues that were so unusual, it was unclear what was wrong. That is until doctors discovered a pea plant growing in his lung.

That's right. A pea.

Check out this clip below for a sneak peek and tune in tonight at 8PM E/P for the full story!

26 Oct

No, You're Not Hallucinating: Tonight is Going to be Scary


Visions of demons, seeing things that aren't really there - it may seem something like out of a horror story, but for the two women featured in tonight's  Monsters Inside Me and Monsters in My Head, it was their reality.

Tune in tonight, starting at 8PM E/P, to watch as two women battle hallucinations that impact the way they live their lives. But what's the cause? Check out these two clips below to find out more.

Want to watch more scary clips? Check out our Monster Halloween!

5 Oct

All New Season of Parasites and Plagues Returns Tonight!


Let's just dub this gross footage Friday on Animal Planet, shall we?

Tonight an all-new season of Monsters Inside Me premieres on Animal Planet. And it's a doozy. If you thought the bubonic plague was something of an ancient mystery, guess again. Tonight's episode features a couple suffering from the disease. Check out more in this clip below.


Want to see more? Catch the conclusion of the compelling story above, as well as witness a man suffering from the E. coli parasite and a little girl with a disease that causes her to crave cat food - all at 8PM E/P tonight! In the meantime, watch more Monsters Inside Me now!

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