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25 Feb

River Monsters: All-New Season, in South America and More Challenging Than Ever, Returns April 6

A river this dangerous won’t give up its secrets without a fight ...

Animal Planet’s best-performing series ever for five years is back, and freshwater detective, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade is taking viewers along on the mysterious adventure of a lifetime. Six brand-new episodes of the sixth season of RIVER MONSTERS return on Sunday, April 6, at 9 PM (ET/PT) with a special two-hour premiere called “Amazon Apocalypse.” Re-told by witnesses and passengers who survived the sinking of the Sobra Santos, it’s a horrific and poignant story of one of the Amazon’s largest maritime disasters. That night, as many as 200 passengers lost their lives, and something in the water is being blamed for many of the deaths. Wade is hell bent on finding out what is was ... or is.



River Monsters, Season 6
World Premiere on Sunday, April 6 at 9 PM ET/PT

This season is one of Wade’s most challenging. He travels to locations so remote to solve mysteries so bizarre that he must dedicate an entire year in South America to catch the freshwater culprits thought to be behind human attacks. From the politically charged intersection of Brazil, Colombia and Peru, to the remote and secluded home of a rainforest tribe, Wade is crisscrossing the continent to tackle each incident and reel in each dangerous catch. While freshwater fish are normally on his suspects list, on one hunt, he forgoes rod and reel going deep underwater into a creature’s lair to catch the culprit that is most definitely not a fish!

“I’ve been fishing the world for decades, but it’s the Amazon that keeps calling me back,” notes Wade. “Now, I’m returning to solve the mission of a lifetime to spend an entire year going farther, deeper and more remote than I’ve even been before.”

This season’s thrilling mysteries include the following:

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24 Sep

Party animal: Feral pig downs 18 beers after ransacking campsite

A feral pig, like this one, downed 18 beers in a single sitting. (Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

The term “party animal” took on a literal meaning after a feral pig crashed a campsite and downed 18 beers earlier this month.

It all happened in Port Hedland, Australia. While a group of campers slept, the pig made its way through the campsite and started rummaging trash bags for food. When the campers awoke to see what was happening, they saw the pig gnawing through beer cans. After all was said and done, 18 cans, or 3 six-packs, were opened and consumed.

The pig then made its way underneath a tree, “possibly nursing a hangover,” according to The Guardian.

Hilarious, right?

It is, until you remember Invasion of the Mutant Pigs, our special on the wild pig population in Texas that aired during Monster Week. Not only are feral pigs violent and capable of attacking humans, they also carry brucellosis, which can contaminate local water supplies and cause flu-like symptoms. Making matters worse is that one female pig can give birth to up to 20 piglets a year, so the population grows at a rapid rate.

Check out more feral pig videos and browse through our Best of Monster Week video playlist.

And please drink responsibly.

24 May

WATCH: Five Piranha Feedings in 50 seconds!


Have you been tuning in to our live piranha feedings every night at 9PM E/P? No? No worries - we got you covered. Check out this intense video of five different piranha feedings in 50 seconds.

Want more monster action? Tune in tonight at 8PM E/P for Invasion of the Mutant Pigs!

Jodi Westrick is a Digital Media Producer for Follow her on Twitter @jodilyn and/or Instagram @jodilynw for photos of and posts about her ridiculously cute cats, Otis and Etta.

21 May

WATCH: Longest Burmese Python Gives Us Reason to Never Leave Our House Again


Just in time for Monster Week, a Florida man wrestled with and eventually killed the longest Burmese python ever captured in Florida, measuring in at a whopping almost-19 feet long.

According to an article on, Burmese pythons are an invasive species in the area that tends to destroy the state's natural ecosystem.

Watch more of the story below:

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13 May

River Monsters: When Lampreys Attack ... And, Suck Jeremy's Blood!


river monsters vampires of the deep

On the Canadian-U.S. border lies a vast and brooding lake that hides a dark history. For Native Americans, it’s an ancient and sacred site home to underwater spirits.  But recently, something has risen up from the murky depths to attack swimmers and stories abound of a nightmarish invasion of primordial bloodsuckers.

Tune in Sundays @ 9PM e/p for all-new episodes of RIVER MONSTERS.

In a journey that took him to the heart of a thundering waterfall in the Pacific Northwest, Jeremy Wade  embarked on a punishing mission to battle the most ancient river monster he’s ever encountered to reveal the true identity of the Vampires of the Deep.

How did he catch this monster? Watch the How to Catch a River Monster series and see for yourself: 


Lampreys are extremely fast, extremely aggressive ... and, out for blood. Watch as Jeremy tries to rip this bloodsucker off this neck! It's DISGUSTING.


Visit the RIVER MONSTERS site for more photos and videos >>

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8 May

WATCH: Can You Identify This Monster?


Looking like something out of a prehistoric movie, a strange animal washed ashore the Pukehina beach area of New Zealand after some violent storms last week.

According to SunLive, experts believe the remains are that of a decomposed Orca whale, but that hasn't stopped the curious from believing the 9-meter remains were that of a prehistoric creature.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think the "monster" could be:

To see more "monsters," check out our playlist of mermaids and 15 other mythical creatures believed to be real!

Tune in for an action-packed Monster Week starting Monday, May 20 at 8PM E/P!

Jodi Westrick is a Digital Media Producer for Follow her on Twitter @jodilyn and/or Instagram @jodilynw for photos of and posts about her ridiculously cute cats, Otis and Etta.

2 Jul

Meet Lolong, the World’s Largest Croc!


It isn't an easy feat to say, "Hey! We caught the world’s largest crocodile on camera!" But, sure enough, it's been done!

"Lolong," a saltwater crocodile weighing just over one ton, was found in Mindanao (Philippines) last September. This croc, measuring in at 6.17 meters in length, has officially been declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "largest such reptile in captivity."

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1 Jun

Everyone's Asking: Do Mermaids Really Exist? ...Well, Do They?


Charlie Foley, SVP of Development for Animal Planet, is Creator, Writer and Executive Producer of Mermaids: The Body Found. Get his answers to FAQs about the program.


How much of this is real and how much of this is made up?

The science really informs the fiction. The theory of Aquatic Ape mentioned in the program is real and has been studied for decades. Many events in the show have occurred – i.e. the whale beachings, Navy experimental sonar testing, The Bloop ...

We use the transitive property to further explore the possibility of mermaids – i.e. if polar bears evolved from the brown bear, isn’t it possible that a mermaid, which was reported in disparate civilizations for ages, evolved from a human-like creature that retreated into the water?

The scientists are actors who portray an authentic government organization (NOAA) who currently study phenomena like whale beachings and sonar testing. The imagined part of the show is our entry point into a new world of possibility rooted in science.

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21 May

Birthing a Monster - Animal Planet's First Ever Monster Week

Rick-holzman Monster Week is driven by the same creative spark that initially led us to make River Monsters. Monsters have always intrigued us - and have allowed us to tell tense, surprising and suspenseful stories, from shocking creatures of massive size to those that are microscopic (You may recall Monsters Inside Me, a show revealing how a vacation in paradise could suddenly lead to a horrible disease or worms that ate your flesh and brain) and Killer Aliens - about mega-pythons and poisonous lizards in Florida.

Everyone knows that the oceans are full of sharks and that these magnificent alpha predators swim in beautiful bright blue water. There is inherently something creepier and more terrifying about murky water with a bottom that squishes between your toes. As summer nears and we all venture into lakes, ponds and watering holes to cool off on these hot summer days, let’s ask ourselves: What if the places we thought were safe were actually just as scary as the oceans patrolled by sharks?

Monster Week was a simple idea, born in the dark primordial soup of a conference room. But as often happens with monsters, the idea took on a life of its own. It morphed and evolved into what will become be an annual event! What better way to kick off the summer than by celebrating the REAL MONSTERS that live in the great outdoors?

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