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Monster Halloween

11 Oct

Things are Getting Freaky on October Fridays!


Monsters-inside-meNothing is more insidiously evil than the killers you can't see. So relax on your couch (if you can) and tune in to to Animal Planet every Friday at 9PM E/P as Monsters Inside Me switches nights for the hallowed month of October.

Prepare yourself by watching some killer clips from previous seasons!

15 Oct

Scary Video Face-Off: Which is More Terrifying?


Help us out - we don't know which clip is scarier!

Footage of two hunters out at night, who become the prey when they anger what appears to be a hairy, man-sized creature.


While scanning for paranormal activity, a paranormal team hears a loud shriek that chills them to the core. Then, the ghost box picks up a voice that says "Maggie."

Watch the clips then let us know which is scarier by voting!



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Want more scary footage? Check out more Lost Tapes, The Haunted and have a Monster Halloween!

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