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Man-Eating Super Croc

10 Dec

Baby Elephant Learns Why You Don't Stick Your Whole Trunk in the Water

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Ameena Schelling from

A baby elephant recently had a very close escape from a hungry crocodile.

Zimbabwean farmer Francois Borman, who photographed the incident in October, said the thirsty calf had run up to the water for a drink as the rest of his herd trailed behind him.

"He ran straight in and flopped down into the shallow, muddy water, rolling and splashing about," Borman said. "It didn't have a worry in the world."

Because the calf was so young, he didn't know how to use his trunk yet and thrust his whole face in the water to drink with his mouth — making him the perfect target for a waiting crocodile.

The calf ran up to the water, clumsily trying to drink ...

... and quickly found himself in the mouth of a hungry crocodile.

2 Jul

Meet Lolong, the World’s Largest Croc!


It isn't an easy feat to say, "Hey! We caught the world’s largest crocodile on camera!" But, sure enough, it's been done!

"Lolong," a saltwater crocodile weighing just over one ton, was found in Mindanao (Philippines) last September. This croc, measuring in at 6.17 meters in length, has officially been declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "largest such reptile in captivity."

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21 May

Birthing a Monster - Animal Planet's First Ever Monster Week

Rick-holzman Monster Week is driven by the same creative spark that initially led us to make River Monsters. Monsters have always intrigued us - and have allowed us to tell tense, surprising and suspenseful stories, from shocking creatures of massive size to those that are microscopic (You may recall Monsters Inside Me, a show revealing how a vacation in paradise could suddenly lead to a horrible disease or worms that ate your flesh and brain) and Killer Aliens - about mega-pythons and poisonous lizards in Florida.

Everyone knows that the oceans are full of sharks and that these magnificent alpha predators swim in beautiful bright blue water. There is inherently something creepier and more terrifying about murky water with a bottom that squishes between your toes. As summer nears and we all venture into lakes, ponds and watering holes to cool off on these hot summer days, let’s ask ourselves: What if the places we thought were safe were actually just as scary as the oceans patrolled by sharks?

Monster Week was a simple idea, born in the dark primordial soup of a conference room. But as often happens with monsters, the idea took on a life of its own. It morphed and evolved into what will become be an annual event! What better way to kick off the summer than by celebrating the REAL MONSTERS that live in the great outdoors?

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