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11 Apr

Sonic Who? Watch Peanut the Hedgehog Speeding onto APL!VE

Look out, Sonic! There’s a new guy on the scene and he’s aiming to dethrone you as the speediest, spikiest hedgehog of all time! Weighing in at a healthy 375 grams, 2-year old Peanut has his racing paws on and is allowing Animal Planet L!VE to follow his bold quest on Hedgehog Cam. a pint-sized athlete isn’t easy, but Peanut sure doesn’t let it show. By day, he’s like any other nocturnal creature. He spends his days sleeping and burrowing deep into his bed at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab. But once the sun goes down and the lights go off, Peanut is raring to go. His nightly regimen consists of runs on the wheel, bulking up on mealworms, keeping hydrated, and then showing off for the camera!


You can watch Peanut’s training sessions each night thanks to our partners at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab, an approved rescue with the Hedgehog Welfare Society. Tru Chance is dedicated to caring for all hedgehogs that come through their door, placing some in loving new homes, permanently housing those who are not able to be adopted due to medical or temperament issues, and teaching others how to responsibly care for these often misunderstood exotic animals.  They are currently the home to 14 hedgehogs including the dynamic and speedy Peanut!

Meet Peanut the Hedgehog after dark on APL!VE.>>


 Not quite dark yet?  Learn more about Hedgehogs by watching this clip from Pets 101:



5 Apr

Hop On Down the Bunny Trail to the Newest Live Cam

Are you searching for something to put a hop in your step and a smile on your face?  Look no further because Animal Planet L!VE just teamed up with the House Rabbit Society to give life to your newest obsession: Bunny Cam!

Credit: zzcapture/Veer

This spring APL!VE is absolutely bouncing with cuteness with the addition of Bunny Cam to our growing collection of adorable animal cams. Brighten your day by watching sweet bunnies munch, jump, and play around in their very own bunny castle.  With Easter just weeks away, this is a cam that you're going to want to share with friends and family.

It's also an excellent opportunity to get to know one of America’s most popular household pets. To help you understand exactly what welcoming a bunny into the family means, we're hosting weekly chats with our partners at the House Rabbit Society, an international non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits, finding them forever homes, and educating people on the responsibilities of rabbit ownership. Join us on Bunny Cam every Wednesday at 3PM ET for Bunny Chats!

Hippity-hop over to APL!VE where floppy ears and bushy tails await you!>>



Need more bunnies to fill your day?  Check out this playlist of the Hoppiest Bunny Videos!

28 Mar

Nest Watch 2014: Baby Eagles Hatching Their Way onto APL!VE

Photo Credit: Veer Images

A new flock of birds just arrived on Animal Planet L!VE, and the brood is getting even bigger as the minutes go by! Nesting season is here, and thanks to new cams from our partners at WildEarth, you’ve got a front-row seat to some extraordinary hatching action!

In fact, we’ve already seen commotion in the nest on Pittsburgh Bald Eagle Cam today. As reported on the Facebook page of the webcam's installer, PixController, these eagle parents welcomed their first eaglet of the season at 2:36 PM ET.  Originally expected to hatch on March 26, 2014, the late arrival of this newborn has been highly anticipated ever since the first egg was laid on February 19.

With one egg hatched and two more to go, the nest watch is far from over for this cam! We expect more anxious yet heartwarming moments to unfold before us over the next few weeks and months until the eaglets are ready to fledge the nest. You will not want to miss it!

And the hatching action on APL!VE does not stop there! Be sure to visit our other fantastic bird cams from WildEarth including the Peregrine Falcons, White-Rock Bald Eagles, and Bald Eagle Nest cams!

UPDATE, Sunday, March 30: A second egg started to hatch in the Pittsburgh Bald Eagle nest this morning at 7:17 am ET.  Both eaglets and the final egg can be seen on the camera as they are tended to by their proud parents!

Here's our first look at Mom and her newborns:

Pittsburgh Eagle 1
Credit: WildEarth/PixController

18 Mar

Sloth Chat Wednesdays: They'll Nap. We'll Chat.

Tom Brakefield/Getty Images

Last fall, we introduced you to Cocoa, Okra, and Bonnie, the three delightfully lethargic stars of Animal Planet L!VE's Sloth Cam. Since then we've watched them mingle and go about their thrilling daily routines in super slow motion. Now we're excited to help you get to know them even better via our new biweekly Sloth Chats with the experts at Zoo Atlanta.

Want to expand your sloth knowledge? Hope to find out what makes them so slow? How many hours of rest these sleeping beauties need each day to wake up refreshed? Or if it's really true that they only use the bathroom once per week? To get these and all of your other sloth questions answered, join us on APL!VE for Sloth Chats every other Wednesday at 1:30 PM ET, starting March 19.

Live sloth action awaits you on AP L!VE!>>

Still can't get enough of sloths? Watch this clip of sloth flirtations from Meet the Sloths!


11 Mar

Calico Cats Help Scientists Understand the Genetics of Obesity

Credit: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

In scientific research, the greatest inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources. Last month at the Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco, scientists revealed that the secret to understanding the genetics behind obesity and breast cancer may be found in the colorful coats of calico cats.

In female calicos (which nearly all calicos are) one X chromosome has an orange fur gene while the other X chromosome has a black fur gene. In a spectacular genetic feat, the chromosomes are turned off and on at random, resulting in the calico’s distinctive splotchy coat.

The process of a cell preventing the expression of a certain gene is called “gene silencing” and researchers at the University of California, San Francisco think that calico cats may be the key to unlocking the mystery of this phenomenon. According to The Huffington Post, these scientists hope that gene silencing research could someday be used to help understand and control genetic tendencies. Although the research is in its infancy, “silencing” the genes that express obesity and other diseases associated with the X chromosome, like breast cancer, may be a reality in the future.

Next time you see a calico cat, think of the amazing genetics that make their unique coat possible!

Want to see some more amazing cats? Check out the AP L!VE Kitten Cam!

14 Jan

Get Ready, Here Comes Sea Otter Cam!

Quick, everyone take a deep breath and brace yourselves for the otterly adorable stars of Animal Planet L!VE’s newest stream!  With our friends at, we’ve just launched Sea Otter Cam featuring California's southern sea otters LIVE from their native coastal habitat. 


As you may soon find out, sea otters are incredibly clever and social animals, and they’re sure to mesmerize you with their daily aquatic antics and undeniable charm. Watch them play, socialize, and swim every day on this cam. In the process, you’ll learn a lot about the exciting lives of these endangered marine mammals.

Thirty-seven years ago on January 14, 1977, California’s southern sea otters were declared as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Today, their existence continues to be challenged by natural predators, illness, food limitations, and anthropogenic (human) disturbances to the ecosystem such as water pollution. As you watch Sea Otter Cam, think about what actions you can take to help efforts to protect and grow their populations. For more information, be sure to check out and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Then tell us what you think of Sea Otter Cam by using #WildforOtters.


So what are you waiting for? You otter get over to Sea Otter Cam!»

11 Jan

It's Pupping Season on Seal Cam!

It’s a brand new year and Animal Planet L!VE is thrilled to bring you all new, live animal experiences. For our first launch of 2014, we are delighted to introduce Seal Cam!

Watch Seal Cam on APL!VE
Photo credit:

Watch the precious first moments of a seal pup’s life on this cam, brought to you by our partners at  You’ll see live births, mothers nursing their young, seals socializing and perhaps even cameos from scavenging Bald Eagles who make meals of the nutrient-rich placenta left over from seal births.

From December until February, gray seals come ashore to Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge in Maine for pupping season. Mothers give birth to one bright white pup per year and spend only three weeks caring for them before returning to the ocean. Once mom's gone, a pup fends for itself, sheds its white fur, and finally ventures to the waters to learn to hunt on its own.

While doing camera tests during the last days of 2013, captured fantastic birth footage on Seal Cam. Check out this video of a seal making its way into the world and the cute mother-pup bonding that results.



We invite you to watch more intimate seal moments like this with us live on Seal Cam! Be sure to also tune in on January 14 at 1PM ET for a live video chat with gray seal expert Stephanie Wood.

Watch it all now on Animal Planet L!VE!

7 Jan

Kohl the Penguin: The Ultimate Saints Fan

The NFL playoffs are officially in full swing and each week the road to the Super Bowl becomes narrower.  Remaining clubs leave it all out on the field for the good of the team and for the pride of their city.  Millions of fans pack pubs and houses making sure not to miss a single second of football greatness.  In recent years, the game has grown so large that it has transcended beyond the boarders of the United States and into other parts of the world.  Who would have thought that America’s most popular sport would transcend even to the Animal Kingdom?

Kohl the Penguin is one feathered football fanatic who has a lot to say about the matter.


Rooting from his hometown at the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans, Kohl not only declared who he thinks will win the whole shebang but also gave us some great Twitter commentary on the January 4th game.

Kohlthepenguin saints fan

Kohl’s signature rally-call for a Saints victory is not easily duplicated by the human species.  He claims it’s the “good-luck chant” that spurred the Saints’ to their most recent victory.  It’s caught on enough that the rest of the colony at the Audubon Aquarium of America’s has decided to join in!

Hear their rally-cry daily on the Animal Planet L!VE’s African Penguins Cam>>

Check out other great cams on APLIVE! >>

19 Dec

Host a Holiday Bash with AP L!VE!

Throwing a holiday party this season?  While you’re serving cookies and chatting with friends about what gifts you’re hoping to find under the tree, put on Animal Planet L!VE and really get your guests talking!

Dash through the Snow to Reindeer Cam!

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen are known for their reindeer games. Why not invite a few antlered pals to your party via Reindeer Cam? During the day, watch reindeer romp through the snow, socialize, and get in top shape to pull Santa’s sleigh. At night, you’ll see holiday lights, hear some merry tunes, and perhaps spot a snoozing reindeer.  For an added bonus, Santa will make one more trip to visit his reindeer before their big flight around the world. He’ll arrive at the Como Park Zoo on December 23 at 1pm ET.


Now Bring us some Figgy Pudding…

  Cockroach christmas 2

Want to go a little out of the ordinary? Try Cockroach Cam where its inhabitants watch a feature flick on Roach-O-Vision and enjoy the festive decor of their kitchen. Don't you wonder what a cockroach would wish to find underneath its Christmas Tree?

Kittens in a Winter Wonderland

  Kitten christmas 5

Neither of those seem fitting for the mood you want to set?  Dazzle your friends with the fantastic felines on Kitten Cam!  Nothing starts up a conversation like playful kittens frolicking through a winter wonderland. With these adorable, adoptable kittens from the Washington Animal Rescue League on the screen, your holiday party will be talked about far into the new year!

But that’s not all! Check out all of our animal cams on APL!VE!»

11 Dec

Santa Visits His Crew!

Santa took time from his busy schedule to feed and check on his flight crew on Reindeer Cam.  Santa, being a perfectionist, made sure they knew the exact routes to take by consulting his flight plan.  Before he left he had a special message for everyone: remain good little boys and girls and to look out for him in the next few weeks!

Santa-Feeds Missed Santa?  Check back on December 18th and 23rd at 1:00 PM ET to catch him!

Until then watch his Reindeer get ready! >>

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