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1 Sep

Horse Discovers Just How Snuggly Little Humans Can Be

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

People come in all shapes and sizes, but often it's the smallest among us who have the most love to give.

video making the rounds on Facebook this week captures that fact better than most. The clip, uploaded by Mami Cano, shows the unforgettable moment a kindly brown horse made the acquaintance of a little human child. Bubbly as she may be, the horse shows the utmost patience and an openness to her snuggly affection.

Despite the differences in their species, the pair seem to share an innocent bond of love and trust — the likes of which many of us grown-ups can only hope to achieve.

Meet another amazing horse here!

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26 Aug

Horses With 3-Foot-Long Hooves Freed From Maryland Farm

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Christina M. Russo from
Days End Farm Horse Rescue 

Early last Friday, three horses were found on a private farm by field service officers with the Humane Society of Washington County (HSWC), a nonprofit organization that contracts with Washington County, Maryland to provide animal control services.

The officers were initially responding to a concerned citizen calling about the welfare of pet pigeons. But protocol demands that the officers investigate the conditions for the other animals on the property, as well.

What they found was this: three horses — two stallions and a miniature — confined to individual stalls.

They were emaciated. They had rotten teeth. Their hooves, which had never been properly cared for, were more than 3 feet long.

And they had been living like this for upwards of 15 years.

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18 Aug

This is the Tiniest Horse Ever and He Will Chase You DOWN!

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Ameena Schelling from

This mini horse has barely seen the world — but he already likes what he sees.

A recent video shows the teeniest, tiniest miniature horse — only 3 days old — chasing after one of his carers, whom he's apparently decided is his new best friend. And it might just be the cutest thing in the history of the universe.

Wherever his new friend runs, the tiny horse follows. And when he finally catches him and get some well-deserved pets, he wags his little horse tail just like a puppy.

How could you run from this little guy? 

Of course, his protective mother — who appears to be named Grace — eventually steps in to end the playtime.

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24 Jul

Baby Horse is Basically Just a Giant Lap Dog

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

Some majorly snuggly footage of a pretty sizable baby horse is making the rounds on the internet, adding to growing proof that horses are basically just dogs trapped in larger frames.

A foal approaches a woman seated in a grassy field and sniffs her head.

Then he decides to simply snuggle up with her ...


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21 Jul

Gorgeous Photos Capture the Love of an Unusual Family

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Love doesn't always look the same in every case: families with kids, no kids, rescue pets, one parent, two parents. And even families with two gigantic dogs, some horses, a little boy and a whole lot of love.

Stasha Becker runs a blog called Northwest Mommy: The Good Life, and "the good life" is definitely an understatement. The blog focuses on her wonderful life with her horses, her dogs, her husband and her precious son, Julian. In addition to the website, Stasha also has a popular Instagram account where she posts stunning pictures of her eclectic family.



A photo posted by Stasha (@northwestmommy) on Mar 6, 2015 at 1:58pm PST


It's official: Chicago is pretty (hot) !

A photo posted by Stasha (@northwestmommy) on Jul 20, 2015 at 9:26pm PDT

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20 Jul

Baby Horse has Birthmark Shaped Just Like Him

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

He carries a self-portrait with him everywhere.

A baby horse was born with a uniquely shaped birthmark of himself, right on his flank.

The chestnut foal is named Da Vinci because of this unique artistry

But he goes by the more casual nickname, Vinny, for short.

Watch a video about Vinny (and his Vinny-shaped markings) here:

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6 Jun

American Pharoah's Majestic Run to a Triple Crown Victory

It's been 37 years in the making, but today's performance by American Pharoah was one for the history books. It is amazing to behold the speed and power of these animals.

The jockey, trainer and owner all praise the 3-year-old bay colt first and foremost. CNN reports trainer Bob Baffert saying, "I just feel like I have a very special horse and he's the one that won. It wasn't me."

Congratulations, American Pharoah.

3 Mar

Pint-Sized Pony Gets Help Seeing Over His Stall (VIDEO)

Pedro 1
Pedro may be small, but he has a big personality. (Photo from YouTube/Susan Collins)

Meet Pedro, the cutest Shetland pony you’ll ever see.

While it’s easy to fall in love with Pedro for his short stature, it’s also easy to forget that his size can make things difficult for him. So when the young riders at Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, London noticed Pedro couldn’t see over his stall, they decided to do something about it. Watch:

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18 Feb

Animal Planet and the EQUUS Foundation Shed Light on Horse Welfare Through Special Event


Join Animal Planet in supporting the Equus Foundation by attending the Fete Cheval Etoile this Friday, Feb. 20, in Wellington, Fla. The event will shine light on the importance of horse welfare through the EQUUS Foundation.

A donation of a specific amount or ticket will grant access to cocktails, dinner, and the new Best Performance Team Invitational. Animal Planet and Ariat will be sponsoring one featured team. According to a press release, "Beezie Madden will captain the Ariat/Animal Planet team of Georgina Bloomberg and Nicole Shahanian-Simpson. George Morris and Katie Prudent will judge Madden, Bloomberg and Simpson in the Best Performance Team Invitational, a first of its kind competition where teams of grand prix riders will compete over a 1.35m jumper course judged on style and performance."

Beezie Madden and Simon. Photo courtesy of Noelle Floyd.

Unable to attend in person? You can still show support. For more information, please visit the EQUUS Foundation online.

22 Jun

Rescuing Horses: Just Another Day at Animal Planet


Victoria Lowell, SVP of Marketing at Animal Planet, is passionate about horses and talks about volunteering at a horse rescue on Discover Your Impact Day, a global day of volunteerism for all of Discovery Communications. Over 3,300 employees around the world participated in projects in their communities.

Meet Black Jack ... isn't he adorable?  You would never guess he is blind especially the way he can zero in on a treat!  It's easy to forget he can't see because he is so at ease in his world.   Thanks to the efforts of Horsenet Horse Rescue in Mt. Airy, Md., Black Jack and his other blind pasture buddies have a happy, safe home for life. 

Impact Vicki_6905

Vicki feeds Black Jack and shows him some love.

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