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18 Mar

CUTE ALERT! Doggy in Football Costume = Best Vine EVER

Hear ye! Hear ye! Here is the cutest Vine EVER created: 

Next time you're looking for a pet costume, how about a sports theme?! Is there a March Madness basketball version of this?! ... Thank you, Internet.  



Visit the TOO CUTE show site for more adorable videos >> 



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17 Mar

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wonder What Your Dog's Up to When You Leave the House?

When Mom's away, dog will play! Ever wonder what your pets might be up to when you leave home for the day? Well, one owner set up a camera and caught her BFF breaking all the rules. Not allowed on the bed, this mischievous pup threw caution to the wind as soon as Mom walked out the door - and, it's pretty ADORABLE:

Meanwhile, Cat is NOT IMPRESSED.

Photo: YouTube image

You can't deny the playful spirit of your furry BFFs. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite, cutest playtime moments:

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11 Mar

Canines Cometh, Speaking Ominous 'Blah Blah Blah' Messages from Underworld

Earthquakes, drought, apocalyptic snowfalls - is the beginning of the end? Has Armageddon just begun? Maybe, maybe not ... but we suspect our animal friends may just know a little more than we do. Including these canines in Sweden who clearly come bearing dark messages from the underworld. 

Watch and see if you can decipher the true meaning behind their messages of "blah blah blah" — 

While you may find this funny and cute, Spotify employee shooting this video, you don't even realize the gravity of the warning these beasts bring to us ... Godspeed.

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17 Jan

The CAT PACK Is a Thing!

Need more cats in your life?  As in every day of the week? OF COURSE YOU DO!  Thankfully, Animalist just announced the Cat Pack, a collection of shows from five of the biggest cats on the internets. They include: Lil BUB, Colonel Meow, Hamilton The Hipster Cat, Pudge The Cat and Cole The Black Cat.  


Watch now! Resistance is futile! So says Colonel Meow.

4 Dec

Dancing Dog Gets Down To The 80s

Eat your heart out, Borat. You’re not the most interesting thing to come from Kazakhstan, anymore. Meet the country's newest star—a dancing dog with a love for the 80s.

Watch as this pup gets down to “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul" by Modern Talking. It’s like Flashdance or Footloose—but with canines!

Our thanks to the The Huffington Post for finding this video and posting it!

What other animals have rhythm? You’d be surprised: cockatoos, billy goats, etc…


27 Nov

Lacking on your Turkey Carving Skills? Get a Free Lesson!

Turkey: the staple of a great Thanksgiving.  There isn't a better sight than a perfectly cooked, golden-brown turkey waiting to be enjoyed.  On the big day, people everywhere will be rushing to Instagram and Facebook to tag pictures and compare their turkey experiences.  If you’re asked to cut the turkey, you better not mess up!  The weight of guests’ expectations and endless social media commentary is on your shoulders.


Good thing Animal Planet L!VE is here to help!  Live on Roach-O-Vision in the Cockroach Cam, we are pleased to present Carving Magic, a comprehensive guide of proper carving techniques for Thanksgiving turkeys, pork roasts, steaks, and ribs.

Become a carving master in minutes!  Check out Roach-O-Vision on Cockroach Cam! >>

Make sure to check out our other cams after you're done your feast! >>

26 Nov

Two Aussies Find Snake On Windshield, Hilarity Ensues

Aussie snake
A snake hangs out on a car windshield. Welcome to Australia! (Photo Credit: YouTube/Ben Lehmann)

Let me start this entry with a disclosure: I have never been to Australia. But what I do know about Australia from working at Animal Planet (RIP Steve Irwin) is that it’s a colorful country filled with tons of diverse wildlife. Like snakes!

See what happens when two Aussies find something a little out of the ordinary creeping on their car windshield. Our thanks to YouTube user Ben Lehmann for uploading!

WARNING: These videos are filled with explicit language that is NSFW. If you have headphones, now would be the time to use them.

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28 Oct

Sea Lion Stuns Unsuspecting Fisherman


We CANNOT stop laughing over this poor fisherman whose fish was stolen by a stealthy seal.

Yvan Mucharrz was posing with his catch along with Mike "The Griz" Ritz during filming of a fishing show in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Apparently this seal has been seen frequently around the docks and locals have named him Pancho.

Mucharrz was standing close to the end of the boat posing for photos, when out of nowhere the seal jumped up and snagged the catch by its tail. The rest is history.

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23 Oct

These Sweet Kittens are Ready for Halloween


Halloween is almost here and if you've yet to figure out what to dress your pet up as, get some cute inspiration from these three adorable kittens dressed up as Tootsie Rolls.

It seems appropriate given that these little ones are just too sweet for words.

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6 Sep

ANSWERED: What Does the Fox Say?

Earlier this week the music video “What Does the Fox Say” took the internet by storm racking up more than 2 million views in just three days. Aside from adding the track to our Christmas party playlist, we here at Animal Planet decided that we must answer! 

Depending on the message the fox is trying to convey, he or she will make a variety of calls. According to Popular Science, the most commonly heard fox vocalizations are a quick series of barks, and a scream-like variation of a howl.   

The video below features recordings of several fox calls. 


Click Here to learn more about foxes. 

BONUS: Watch this adorable fox dive headfirst into snow!
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