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26 Feb

Two Llamas Lead Arizona Authorities on Epic Chase

Apparently, earlier today two llamas were on the run in the Phoenix suburb of Sun City, Ariz., multiple media outlets have reported.

The hilarity of the news led to a livestream of the "llamas on the lam" (thanks Digg!) and a flurry of posts across social media capturing the excitement. It was unclear where the llamas came from. Eventually, both llamas were caught, but not before becoming Internet stars.

Watch as the Turtleman attempts to bring in another runaway llama:

20 Feb

Tokyo Zoo Stages Animal Escape With a Man in a Snow Leopard Costume (VIDEO)


I don't know what's more terrifying: an actual snow leopard escape or this costume. 

The costume.

An employee at the Tokyo Zoo dressed as a snow leopard last week as part of an annual animal-escape drill, breaking out of an enclosure and wreaking havoc on zoo staff, as captured in this AFP video

He pushes an employee to the ground behind an enclosure. 


And looks back without remorse. 


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19 Feb

2015 is the Year of the Sheep, Some Say That is Ba[aaaaaaa]d


At the start of a new year, we all make assumptions of whether or not the year's going to a happy one in our own lives, but traditional astrology in China may point to the Year of the Sheep (or ram or goat - the "yang" can refer to any member of the caprinae subfamily) as a bad one. 


The Telegraph says that a Chinese superstition held by some natives predicts "nine out of 10 sheep will be unhappy in life." But Yin Hubin, an ethnology researcher with the China Academy of Social Sciences, says "that"s ridiculous.

Some mothers even tried having C-Sections days before February 19th, the start of the new year, so that their babies would be born in the year of the "horse" instead. 

"Yang," which refers to the caprinae subfamily, goats or sheep, is the symbol for 2015, and citizens have mixed feelings about its connotation. 

But Yin Hubin says that "'Yang' is a symbol of... blessing and fortune and represents good things."

Regardless of what you think, let's hope you wool have a great year. 

How could sheep be bad when they're just so dang cute? Check out the lamb in the video below:

18 Feb

Watering Trough GoPro Shows How Different Zoo Animals Drink (VIDEO)

Giraffes, lions, oryx, lemurs, monkeys, tapirs, zebras and rhinoceroses, oh my! 

Zookeeper Elad Herskowitz placed a GoPro inside of the watering troughs of 8 different species at Safari Ramat Gan in Israel to solve the question: "how do animals drink?"

Watch the video above for the underwater view of those thirsty animals.

 And who knew zebras didn't use their tongues? It looks like their holding out a note in a love ballad. 


Want to see some cute Maine Coon kittens learning to drink from their mom's favorite watering hole? Check out the Too Cute video below!

18 Feb

10 Animals Who Just Don't Mind the Snow


10 Animals Who Just Don't Mind the Snow

"I'm always trying to find the cold side of the snow pillow."


"My doctor says I should lay off the sweets."


"Let's play!"


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12 Feb

New Hampshire Police Put Out an Arrest Warrant for Punxsutawney Phil


AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

With the mountains of snow that have hit the East Coast, and likely more to come, residents are trying to lighten the situation. Which explains why Merrimack, N.H. police have put out an arrest warrant for Punxsutawney Phil.

“We have received several complaints from the public that this little varmint is held up in a hole, warm and toasty,” police wrote in a Facebook post. “He told several people that winter would last 6 more weeks, however he failed to disclose that it would consist of mountains of snow!”

Punxsutawney Phil is pulled out every Feb. 2, to predict whether or not we'll get six more weeks of winter. Sadly, for most, it looks like the colder temperatures and snow storms are set to stay for a few more weeks as Phil, once again, saw his shadow.

To see animals that LOVE this weather, check out the Snow-Loving Animals playlist.

12 Feb

Gato Malo: The Cat That Doesn't Give A Damn (VIDEO)

Paging Jackson Galaxy! We just discovered a cat in dire need of a house call.

While it’s safe to say cats aren’t the most playful or affectionate pets, this feisty feline (who we’re calling Gato Malo after the YouTube video) is just straight up cruel. See for yourself:

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12 Feb

Woman Brings Kangaroo To McDonalds In Wisconsin, Gets Kicked Out

Getting your pet kangaroo turned away from a McDonald's isn't a problem most of us have.



For Diana Moyer - owner of a 8-month old kangaroo named Jimmy - her pet goes everywhere. Typical trips to the grocery store, movie theater and church is usually not a problem, as Jimmy is a therapy pet. But after a McDonald's customer complained about the cute kangaroo, police asked Moyer to leave the fast food restaurant. 

"I wish the person in McDonald's would have just come and talked to me instead." Moyer, who is reportedly fighting cancer, told the Daily Citizen. "They are one of the most loving, trustworthy animals that I have ever had."

Learn How Kangaroos Court Their Partner!

Watch More Kangaroo Videos!


6 Jan

Watch a Giant Panda Play in the Snow

We can't help but smile watching Bao Bao, the Smithsonian National Zoo's 16-month-old giant panda, play in the snow during her first ever snow day!

According to the Zoo, the giant panda cub rolled around in the snow, pounced on her mom, Mei Xiang, and climbed some trees. Other animals in the Zoo also enjoyed the two or so inches of snow that fell across the D.C. region.

Want to watch even more adorable animals frolic in the snow? Check out the video below, then watch more in our "Snow-Loving Animals" playlist!


22 Nov

Dolphin Laughs at Cartwheeling Girl

There's no way that there's not some form of interspecies communication going on in this video. A member of FunDipped Productions, an Orlando based circus theatre company, decided to do bit of a routine in front of the viewing window of a dolphin enclosure. She definitely got the dolphins' attention.

What do you think, is the dolphin in the video experiencing joy at her acrobatics?




Dolphin acrobat
An acrobat performs for a dolphin.

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