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22 Nov

Dolphin Laughs at Cartwheeling Girl

There's no way that there's not some form of interspecies communication going on in this video. A member of FunDipped Productions, an Orlando based circus theatre company, decided to do bit of a routine in front of the viewing window of a dolphin enclosure. She definitely got the dolphins' attention.

What do you think, is the dolphin in the video experiencing joy at her acrobatics?




Dolphin acrobat
An acrobat performs for a dolphin.

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8 Oct

*Kraaazy* Kangaroo Street Fight, Because Australia

Call me naive but I had NO IDEA kangaroos actually, really, for real, REAL-LIFE boxed like THIS:

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19 Sep

When Giant, Mutant, Spider Dog Attacks ... And Is ADORABLE

We're feeling that crisp fall chill in the air and finally accepting that summer is over. And, although it's always sad to see the fun in the sun come to an end each year, there's a whole lot to look forward to come cooler months ... Suuuuuch as?


That's right. Not to jump the gun but Halloween is coming up — and it's NEVER too soon to start thinking about costume ideas. Especially, for your pets. And, ESPECIALLY for extravagant pranks like this incredible effort — meet SPIDER DOG:

What do you think of the prank? Too far?  Or, TOO CUTE? Post your opinion in the Comment Section below.


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6 Sep

Two Deer Ran Across the Golden Gate Bridge

Check out this video of two deer trotting across the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hour traffic yesterday. I mean, sometime you just gotta get places.


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15 Jul

Untold Stories of the ER: Snapping Turtle Latches on and Won't Let Go

Our friends over at Discovery Fit & Health shared this crazy video with us from Untold Stories of the ER.

Patient Bo was noodling for catfish (just like our friends on Hillbilly Handfishin'!) when a 25-pound alligator snapping turtle latched onto his neck. Shouldn't be a problem to remove it, right?

Wrong. If the doctor harms or, worse, kills the turtle during removal, the catfishers risk serving jailtime according to the game warden who accompanied the group to the emergency room. Not to mention that pesky little detail of how strong the turtle is and the fact that it can hold its breath for an extended period of time.

Check out the video above, then watch some more awesome turtle videos.

11 Jul

GOOOOALLLL: Animals as World Cup Announcers

Since the World Cup began in June, it’s been a long road of excitement, stress, disappointment, and, most of all, fun. Sadly, it is coming to an end but we’ll never forget our favorite memories of this year’s games, especially the best part of the entire World Cup: screaming GOOOOOOOOALLLLL along with our favorite Word Cup commentators! But, the World Cup excitement isn’t just reserved for people! Check out these animals taking part in the World Cup excitement and practicing their best GOOOOOOOOALLLL shout:

FOOTT.02110 FOOTT.02552 

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7 Jul

Goats and 'Jurassic Park' Come Together in This Hilarious Video

It's the Monday after a long weekend, so we all need a pick -me-up. And what better way to cheer yourself up than with a 36 second video of goats singing the Jurassic Park theme song? 


Music to our ears! Happy Monday, everybody.

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3 Jul

Roo and Penny: Unlikely Best Friends

Alicia Williams, a client services receptionist at Duluth Animal Hospital in Georgia, has a habit of rescuing animals that are in bad situations. Roo and Penny are two of Alicia's rescues that have developed a very strong bond with one another.

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1 Jul

Top 10 Animal Reactions to the World Cup

The whole world is tuning in to watch the World Cup. With all of the upsets, close games, and shocking moments from the players, fans have had a lot to react to. But what if animals were to watch the World Cup? We imagine they would look pretty funny, actually we imagine they would look kind of like this...

1. When they don't agree with the penalty...


2. When their team doesn't make it on to the next round...



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13 Jun

Male Guinea Pig Has Quite the Father's Day Surprise

Nothing says, “Happy Father’s Day” like a new baby. But what if there were 400 new babies? This is a male guinea pig's, aptly nicknamed Randy, reality. According to iTV, Randy escaped his enclosure at Hatton Country World in Warwickshire County, England, and found his way into the female enclosure. A female enclosure full of 100 female guinea pigs. You know where this is going.


How did they know Randy escaped? Apparently, it seemed like a female guinea pig had lost quite a bit of weight and discovered that this underweight guinea pig was not a female at all. Hatton Country World's manager Richard Craddock said that Randy could have been in the enclosure for several weeks and it is possible he could have impregnated all of the females. The average size of a litter of guinea pigs is four. So the staff is looking at a possibility of 400 baby guinea pigs, or pups, on top of their 300 other guinea pigs. Talk about baby boomers. The staff is even considering expanding their guinea pig farm to accommodate all of these pups.

Craddock said, “[Randy] has now re-joined his male friends, clearly he's got a lot of bragging to do.” He won’t be bragging when he’s up all night with 400 crying pups.

Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there, human and animal alike. Head to our video playlist to learn about more amazing animal dads like Randy


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