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17 May

Giant Squid Washes Up on New Zealand Beach


With 7 1/2-inch eyes, below a 6-foot mantle (head area) and tentacles longer than 16 feet, this is one monster mollusk!

The Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium posted the photo above (used with their permission) and report in Facebook that they collected the giant squid specimen before birds could get to it. They say they have it frozen behind glass for display and research purposes. According to the Marlborough Express, aquarium owner Meghan Lewis says it was a mature female. says the maximum length of a Giant Squid is 43 feet, and they seem to reside primarily near the ocean floor.

See a clip from Man-Eating Super Squid that explores Giant Squid feeding behavior:

And hear this diver's tale of a frightening encounter with a different type of squid:

Humboldt, or Jumbo, Squid are another type of large squid that also can have mantles up to 6 feet long. They're commercially fished and are said to fight back when caught and show aggression towards divers. Watch a full episode of Swimming with Monsters that seeks out the Humboldt squid to see if they live up to their blood-thirsty reputation.

7 May

Concerns Raised After Cancerous Tumor Found on Susquehanna River Fish

Tests Confirm Rare Cancer Findingin Susquehanna River Smallmouth Bass SampleWILKES-BARRE, Pa. (May 4) – The...

Posted by Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission on Monday, May 4, 2015

Questions about the safety of fish in Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River have been a topic of concern after a smallmouth bass caught last November tested positive for a large cancerous tumor. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) claims that the finding is an extremely rare occurrence, according to the Tech Times.

The fish caught in November was the only one found with a tumor like this, however, executive director of the PFBC John Arway believes that the finding is enough to suggest that the river may be impaired and that other fish could be in danger. Apparently, the organization has been concerned about the river's health after other smallmouth bass have been found with various lesions since 2005.

Despite the findings, The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) wants to do more tests before qualifying the river as impaired.

According to the article, the Pennsylvania Department of Health states that while fish with carcinoma have not been found to harm humans, they discourage consumption of fish with any visible masses, lesions or sores.

Watch this video of Jeremy Wade catching another type of bass:

6 May

Fisherman Reels In Piranha In Arkansas Lake

A fisherman got the surprise of his life when he reeled in one very unexpected monster on the end of his line. State officials confirmed his catch to be a piranha, caught in Lake Bentonville, Arkansas.

Roger Headley believed the fish to be a perch on initial inspection. But, after a near miss with its razor sharp teeth, he realized this was another more aggressive little beast.

“When I went to take the hook out, he opened up his mouth and tried to bite me," Headley told KNWA Fox 24. "I about messed my pants."  You can watch the full interview here:

Local authorities believe the fish was most likely dumped by pet owners.  It is illegal in Arkansas to do so with certain exotic fish, including piranhas.

See photos of the captured fish:


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29 Apr

Goliath Grouper Caught off Florida Coast (VIDEO)

A Goliath catch was made off the coast of Sanibel Island, Fla., last week.

A couple fishing on the coast reeled in a 300-pound grouper, then returned the fish back to the ocean, according to WFMY News 2. For more on the story, watch the video above or check out the news article.

Learn how to catch a Goliath tigerfish with Jeremy Wade in the video below:

Want to see more monster catches? Tune into River Monsters, Sundays at 9/8c!

23 Apr

What Are Jeremy Wade's Favorite River Monsters Episodes?

Ever wonder if Jeremy has favorite moments from the series?

Well, find out this Sunday -- tune in for a marathon of his most favorite episodes ever, starting at 1 p.m. ET! And, at 9 p.m., stay tuned for an all-new premiere, Alaska's Cold Water Killer, when he treks far north in search of a beast that's been blamed for vanishing fishermen all along the vast coastline. 

Check the TV Schedule for the full line-up >>


In the meantime, what are YOUR favorite River Monsters moments? Watch our countdown with Jeremy of the top fan favorite videos on




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23 Apr

Dive Bombing Boobies and Pelicans


Ataque impressionante!!O Projeto Coral Vivo conta com o #patrocínioPetrobras por meio do Programa Petrobras Socioambiental.

Posted by Coral Vivo on Monday, January 12, 2015

This huge flock of what appears to be brown boobies and brown or Peruvian pelicans made quite a show for beachgoers as they dive bombed a school of fish in the surf.

Brown booby by Ivy Dawned via Flickr Creative Commons.

Brown boobies fly over the water looking for fish just below the surface, often in areas where larger predator fish drive smaller fish to the surface. When they spot prey, they dive bomb from as high as 50 feet and can plunge below the surface to depths of six feet. They execute their dives by folding their wings next to their body at beginning of dive, then thrust their wings straight out over their backs, touching in the middle, just before breaking the surface. 

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7 Apr

River Monsters: And Your Monster Madness Champion Is ...

Congratulations to the BULL SHARK, the first-ever CHAMPION of our MONSTER MADNESS bracket face-off! Your votes don't lie - the bull shark is the fiercest, most monstrous of Jeremy Wade's catches EVER, according to you, the fans.  Here's how the tourney shaped up:


Watch the full line-up of monster catches and see WHY the bull shark came out victorious:



Explore More Monsters of the Deep at the RIVER MONSTERS site >> 



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26 Mar

Wolf and Bear Go Fishing

On the Alaska Peninsula, salmon constitute a significant portion of a wolf’s summer diet. This video, taken at Brooks...

Posted by Katmai National Park & Preserve on Tuesday, March 17, 2015


This video posted to Katmai National Park and Reserve's Facebook page is pretty amazing. Most people are aware that grizzly bears in Alaska gather every year to take advantage of the salmon spawning runs. Most don't know that bears aren't the only mammalian carnivores to get in on the action.

The wolf in the video is quite the expert at catching salmon. Just goes to show you how adaptable wildlife needs to be to survive. 

Photo by Robbin D. Knapp via Flicker Creative Commons.

 Protect wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation.

24 Mar

River Monsters Sneak Peek: Jeremy Wade Is Back, Season 7 Gets Wilder, Wetter & Prehistoric

Prepare yourselves to dive in to the hottest River Monsters adventures yet! Jeremy Wade is BACK for season seven and he's breaking the surface and diving into the lairs of aquatic beasts with six brand-new episodes, premiering Sunday, April 5, at 9 PM E/P.  Here's a sneak peek:

In the season finale, Jeremy will travel back in time to uncover the greatest river monster that ever lived in the ground-breaking special River Monsters: Prehistoric Terror, premiering in late May during Animal Planet’s fourth annual MONSTER WEEK.

Season seven is full of unexplored realms for Jeremy – both emotionally and physically. In the season premiere, “Canadian Horror,” he seeks to find the reason why boaters and fishermen are vanishing into thin air. The accused beast is described as a giant eel-like serpent and a fruitless search for this elusive predator sends Jeremy close to the edge. After nearly 13,000 casts, his determination borders on obsession as he waits for just one fated bite. Multiple setbacks and volatile weather have Jeremy looking to native spirits for a boost in confidence. Do monstrous captures come to those who wait, or is Jeremy hanging up his rod with the mystery unsolved for the first time in River Monsters history?


Later in the season, Jeremy dives into the Okavango Delta in Botswana to face the aggressive tigerfish in its own environment – underwater in the river’s depths, alongside killer crocodiles. In Cambodia, Jeremy finds a deceivingly adorable little fish may be responsible for slicing through a young man’s testicle. Jeremy makes himself shark bait in Alaska’s icy waters to prove that these particular fish won’t attack a human – even if that human is diving right into the middle of a feeding frenzy. There’s trouble in paradise with news stories of an unknown freshwater killer in Fiji. Jeremy has a fish he’s met before in his crosshairs, but his search soon turns to a fierce predator that has never found its way on to his suspect list.

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25 Feb

Massive, 280-Pound Wels Catfish Caught in Italy

Just when you thought we’ve seen all the catfish in the world, this behemoth makes its way out of the water and into the news.

Fisherman Dino Ferrari poses with the wels catfish he caught in Italy's Po Delta region.

While fishing in Italy’s Po Delta, Dino Ferrari caught a massive wels catfish, weighing in at 280 pounds and measuring 8 feet, 8 inches in length.

It is believed that Ferrari’s catch could break the record for biggest catfish ever caught with a humble rod and line, according to the Daily Mail.

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