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11 Jan

Investigators Capture Possible Bigfoot Howls in Michigan

A recently published video by a Michigan member of the BFRO has captured some spooky evidence. This video was taken in 2012 while filming an episode of Finding Bigfoot. A few BRFO members and a cameraman from the show went to a location where several Bigfoot sightings and vocalizations had been reported. According to Crypto Sightings, "The team doesn’t deny the chances of these sounds being hoaxed, but the locations of the sounds and timing make it seem less likely." 

2016 could be the year Bigfoot is discovered, according to an article in the Daily Mail. Could the sounds they captured been from a Bigfoot? 

Matt also captured some spooky vocalizations while on a solo investigation in Maine:

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6 Aug

Lizard Man Spotted in South Carolina

You've heard of Bigfoot, but have you heard of South Carolina's Lizard Man? The creature's full name is the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp and has been a legend since its first sighting in 1988. It was first sighted charging a teenager near the Scape Ore Swamp and has been blamed for car maulings in the area ever since. It sounds like something from an episode of 'The X-Files,' doesn't it? However, he hasn't been spotted until 2011. Until now.

Eyewitnesses recently claimed to have spotted the creature, capturing photo AND video of this South Carolina urban legend. This image was the first piece of "evidence" given to media outlets to prove the existence of Lizard Man.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.07.09 PM
Photo credit: Screen shot from CNN video

We doubt the legitimacy of the image, but anything's possible, right? The photographer completely stands by her photo, too. 

"My hand to God, I am not making this up," she wrote in an email to WCIV. "So excited!"

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11 May

The Minerva Monster (VIDEO)

  Minerva Monster kids

Back in 1978, a series of strange events happened in Minerva, Ohio. They specifically happened to the Caytons, a typical small-town American family, and changed their lives forever. 

As the story goes, the Caytons began to experience some odd activity at night on their property on the outskirts of town, which backed up to woodlands and an old strip mine. It started with strange noises and rocks being thrown, and culminated with the killing of the family dog and a visual encounter of a giant, shadowy figure looking in the window of the house. In other words, it's the perfect monster story!

My pal Seth Breedlove thought so too, and decided to make a film about the incident, which blew up and turned the sleepy town into a circus of media and "Bigfoot hunters" descending on the Caytons' property.

I watched the film, entitled The Minerva Monster, and it has a great "monster movie" vibe similar to the vintage Bigfoot film The Legend of Boggy Creek, but without the hokey narration or horror movie cliches.

I asked Seth why he wanted to make the film, and why he chose to make a movie about a monster that isn't your typical monster movie.  Here's what he had to say:

"While I don't consider myself a "believer" in Bigfoot, I do think there is enough evidence to make looking into the subject worthwhile. This particular story, especially, seems to have no easy answers. This is only further corroborated by law enforcement and media personnel who investigated it. 

I grew up in a family where history was a very important part of our lives (my parents owned a historical bookstore). I saw an opportunity in making this film to help preserve something important. Maybe not immediately obvious in terms of importance but certainly important to the city of Minerva and the state of Ohio in general. All history, good or bad, should be told and retold. The Minerva Monster case is no different."

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20 Jan

SHOW RECAP: Finding Bigfoot in Minnesota

Revisit last night's episode of #FindingBigfoot with Animal Planet's SHOW RECAP! Tune in to the SEASON FINALE Sunday at 10/9c!
Watch Aninal Planet LIVE's Bigfoot Cam for some at-home squatching!

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6 Jan

Did Traffic Cameras Catch Glimpse of a Bigfoot Family?

Highway cameras caught something mysterious along the side of an Arizona highway.


Courtesy: Arizona Department of Transportation Facebook page

The Arizona Department of Transportation posted the photos above on its Facebook page on Jan. 1 with the caption: “We might have spotted a family of sasquatches on SR 260 near Heber this afternoon. What do you think?“

The post has garnered more than 2,000 likes and 3,000 shares on Facebook. 

Finding Bigfoot

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7 Nov

Finding Bigfoot: Searching for Squatch in the Wilds of Alaska

The Finding Bigfoot Team is back Sunday, at 9 PM E/P, for an all-new season of squatching. First up in their travels is Alaska. Its vast terrain has been the home of Bigfoot lore for years. Recent reports from locals range from enormous creatures seen in the distance to up-close-and-personal encounters while camping in the middle of the night.

Some of the most compelling evidence is this video footage that a local from Fairbanks captured while out exploring. It shows giant footprints in the mud of a riverbank that dwarf the local man's metal detector.


Could this evidence prove Bigfoot's existence in the Land of the Midnight Sun? Tune in Sunday at 9 PM for the special two-hour season premiere of Finding Bigfoot to find out.

6 Aug

Black Bear Does Bigfoot Impersonation




 I'm certain that local Bigfoot hunters are going to get lots of calls about this one.

Creepy black bear walking on two legs - Imgur










This animal is of course not a Bigfoot, but an American black bear. Black bears are indeed able to stand on two legs, but they almost never walk around that way. I'm not sure what's up with this particular bear. It's possible that its front paws or legs could have been injured, forcing it to adapt its method of locomotion.

Much more troubling than the bear moving about bipedally is the fact that it's hanging out in suburbia checking out the trash cans for food. A bear that is so habituated to humans, and sees our trash as a food source, is a dangerous one.

Here are some tips to avoiding conflict with black bears in our cities and towns:

  • Never feed a bear. Bears that associate people with food are likely to approach humans, which usually ends up with a dead bear.
  • Don't put your trash cans out until the morning of trash collection to avoid tempting bears.
  • Don't feed pets outside, or store their food outside, which is likely to attract bears to your property.
  • If bears are eating from them, you need to take your bird feeders down. You can put them back up in the late fall when bears go down for hibernation. If you have lots of native plants in your yard, the birds will have plenty to eat in the form of berries, seeds, nuts and insects. 
  • Learn more about predators living in our cities and towns from this article from National Wildlife magazine


10 Jul

Finding Bigfoot: "Creepy Mountain" Turns Up Intriguing Thermal Camera Footage

The Finding Bigfoot team is heading to central Alabama -- where the environment is conducive to housing sasquatch -- to meet with two men who have discovered something very interesting in footage they captured on their thermal camera while camping.   

Adam and Paul had been camping out in an area nicknamed "Creepy Mountain" by the locals when they decided to shoot some footage using their thermal camera. It wasn’t until they reviewed the footage that they saw a mysterious figure, which they believe just may be Bigfoot. Based on the size and shape of the creature, the team is able to rule out a bear or a deer, but it will take some further investigating to find out what really was lurking right outside Adam and Paul’s campsite.


Tune in for Finding Bigfoot Sunday at 10 PM and find out how the team's investigation concludes. And to see just how creepy "Creepy Moutain" is. 

2 Jul

Bigfoot Hairs Ruled Out, but New Mystery Emerges

A cast of an alleged Bigfoot footprint. Image Credit: Cliff Barackman

Research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B claims that hair samples presented as evidence of Bigfoots did not actually come from the mythical creature. However, as the article from Discovery News states, those believed to belong to the Yeti actually uncovered another mystery - an ancient and new species of bear.

Is this difinitive proof that Bigfoot may not exist? No need to fret yet, Bigfoot believers.

Jennifer Viegas of Discovery News writes, "The study solely focused on hair samples, and did not address the footprints, photographs, recorded sounds and other 'evidence' purportedly linked to Bigfoot, the Yeti and similar supposedly human-like creatures."

Out of 57 hair samples provided, only 36 were tested. And as viewers see on Finding Bigfoot - there is a lot more evidence out there to be shared.

Read more about the research, what was found and more on Discovery News >>

So, what do you think? If you're a Bigfoot skeptic, does this confirm your disbelief? If you believe Bigfoot is still out there, does this change your mind in any way? Talk to us below in the comments and be sure to tune in Sunday, July 6 at 10PM E/P for an all-new episode of Finding Bigfoot!

2 Jul

Finding Bigfoot: New Video Evidence from Oklahoma

Some compelling video evidence is bringing the Finding Bigfoot team to the southeast corner of Oklahoma this week. With plenty of mountains and lakes, the area has everything a sasquatch might need to call the place home. The region also has a very high number of reported sightings and even holds their own Bigfoot festival each year. 

This impressive video evidence shows two children instructing how to make s'mores, unaware of what is happening in the background.


Could these children have captured the elusive Bigfoot on camera or is it possible that the whole thing is a set up? Tune in to Finding Bigfoot Sunday at 10 PM to see what the team decides and if one of their most intense night investigations to date produces what they’ve been searching for.

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