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Fatal Attractions

6 Aug

Escaped African Rock Python Kills Two Boys


African Rock Python, Python sebae, eating an Impala, Samburu Nature Reserve, Kenya. Credit: Werner Bollman/Getty Images

In a terribly sad story that only reinforces the danger of owning a large snake as a pet, two young boys were killed after an African rock python is believed to have escaped from the pet store beneath what is believed to be their home.

For more details on the story, turn to this Treehugger article.

To see more video, head over to Fatal Attractions.

15 Jan

Get Ready: Fatal Attractions Returns Friday!


Fatal Attractions, which tells the intense, heart-wrenching true stories of people who choose to live with deadly "pets" — wild animals that are capable of catastrophic injury and even death, returns this Friday at 10PM E/P.

The premiere episodes tells the story of Sam Mazzola's Ohio farm where he kept exotic animals, whom he charged people to wrestle with in an effort to gain attention and financial rewards. After the death of a young worker, darker truths about Mazzola's lifestyle are brought to light.

Tune in this Friday at 10PM E/P to see the full episode and uncover another fatal attraction.

See an earlier clip from Fatal Attractions here:

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