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8 Nov

Decision 2012: DOGS WIN! America is Canine Nation!


NEW YORK - America has spoken, or more appropriately, barked out, its preference loud and strong:

By quite a large margin, dogs are America’s favorite pet!

Although considered a slight favorite when balloting began earlier this year, canines were thought to be beatable in categories like “athletic” and “cutest” by many of the leading pet pundits.

But that never happened.

Far from vulnerable in this area, dogs actually captured 65 percent of the Most Athletic category. Election analysts point to the speed and spryness of greyhounds, collies and boxers as far surpassing the “always land on their feet” reputation of felines, which even the most ardent catvocates now deny.

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6 Nov

Decision 2012: Cast Your Vote Today ... to Elect America's Favorite Pet!


Today is THE day! Here's your final chance to help elect America's FAVORITE pet. We've been collecting your submissions and weighing the candidates for months now and, it's finally time to make our final choice as a nation.

If you're still undecided, watch some of the candidate submissions below one last time and explore the Primary Results here.  Your choice today will determine the future of our country ... 's pets.

Choose wisely, friend.


Vote Dog Party:

Watch all Dog Party Videos >>

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9 Oct

Decision 2012: The Polls are Open! Vote Now to Elect America's Favorite Pet!

The polls are open! What is America's favorite pet?!

We launched Decision 2012 earlier this year and have received thousands of nominations of your cutest, smartest, most talented, most athletic and funniest pets. But the final question remains to be answered: What is America's favorite?  Dogs? Cats? Bunnies? Sugar Gliders??

Log on to to cast your final vote in the official ballot! You can review the Primary results on the nominees and see how the parties stacked up. Examine the results carefully before you cast your vote - because you can only vote once! 

Be sure also to share your opinion in the Exit Polls and if you want to see all the nominations, visit the complete Archive of submissions.



10 Sep

BREAKING: Dog Pianist Plays Beethoven's 'Für Elise'


OK, maybe not exactly - but I suspect that was his intent - he even added lyrics:


YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Remember to rank and vote for him if you're impressed!

This Fall, we the people of the United States will make possibly the greatest decision of our generation: WHO will be America's favorite pet?! Stay tuned to Decision 2012 for results!


Watch More Nominees:

* Vote Cat Party
* Vote Dog Party
* Vote Independent Party



29 Aug

Decision 2012: Who Will You Vote For ... As America's Favorite Pet?!

decision 2012

This Fall, it's time to make possibly the most important decision of your lifetime. A decision that will forever impact the future of America ... America's pets, that is

It's cats vs. dogs vs. every other pet you can imagine!  Who will win the hearts and minds of the people - of pet owners and lovers everywhere? 

Go to the Polls, nominate your best, cutest and most talented furry friends, and, place your votes!

And, watch videos of the Dogs, Cats and Independents leading in the polls!

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