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29 Jun

TinDog-- An App For Dogs And Owners Looking For A 'Pawfect' Match


Move out of the way Tinder! There's a new dating app in town. Tindog is an app for single dog owners looking for companionship, either for their dogs or themselves.

We think it might be hard to swipe left with Tindog because you'll just be met with picture after picture of cute, lovable dogs.

The app was created for both Android and iOS by London-based developers Holidog. "Dogs bring so much joy and love, that they really have the power to connect us," Julien Muller, founder and chief executive Holidog, explained in a press release. "That's why we wanted to make it easy for dog lovers to meet new people around them who feel the same way."

The idea behind the app is similar to Tinder, but with dogs. Owners build their profile and select certain criteria and then the app searches for possible matches in the area in order to set up play dates for dogs, and, if sparks fly, could also be a love match. The app also shows users mutual friends, allows them to share photos, and find local dog groups.

After all, dogs are capable of love, too.


26 Jun

If it's Hot Outside, it's Even Hotter in Your Car: Protect Your Pet


There's nothing quite as wonderful as having your dog (or cat!) in the car seat next to you, cruising along with you as you run errands and travel. But before you head out this summer, keep in mind that keeping any pet inside a car on a hot day, even with the windows cracked, could be dangerous for the animal.

Did you know that a car can climb from 85 degrees to 120 degrees in only 30 minutes? The ASPCA provides some great tips above and on their website. A quick trip to the grocery store may not be quick enough on an extremely hot day.

The Partnership for Animal Welfare has some great tips for avoiding a deadly situation for your furry best friend:

  • Leave your dog at home on warm days.
  • On trips with your pet, bring plenty of fresh drinking water and bowl.
  • Don't let dogs ride loose in pick-up truck beds. The hot metal can burn a dog's paws, the sun and flying debris can hurt the dog, the dog can accidentally be thrown out of the truck if the brakes are suddenly applied, and the dog can jump out if scared or upon seeing something interesting to chase. Instead, use a crate to create a safer space for the dog if you can't fit the dog inside the truck cab.
  • Take the dog into the shade, an air conditioned area, or to the vet if you see signs of heat exhaustion, which include restlessness, excessive thirst, heavy panting, lethargy, dark tongue, rapid pulse, fever, vomiting, glazed eyes, dizziness, or lack of coordination. To lower body temperature gradually, give the animal water to drink, place a cold towel or ice pack on the head, neck and chest, and/or immerse the dog in cool (not cold) water. Call your veterinarian.

Consider, too, that even leaving air conditioning running may not always solve the problem. If a car overheats or the AC falters, it could create an even more dangerous situation for your pet.

In most states and local governments, it's against the law to leave a pet in a hot car, so if you see an animal unattended in a warm car on a hot, sunny day, try to locate the owner. If that's not possible, contact your local authorities who will be able to help you.

Watch as an animal control officer rescues a dog overheating in a car:

26 Jun

Don't Dread the Office: It's Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day! And not only that, it's the seventeenth year Pet Sitters International has celebrated dogs as not only loyal, lovable pets, but also as an extension of your family. 

According to the National Pet Owners Survey of the American Pet Products Association, eight percent of current pet owners say that their work places allow pets.

Many argue that bringing your pet to work can relieve major stress and make the work place more enjoyable. However, if you do plan on bringing your pet, there are some dos and don'ts to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.


  • Communicate with nearby co-workers that your furry friend will be accompanying you, as well as what kind of treats and commands they respond to.
  • Many dogs have dietary restrictions, be sure to keep an eye on your dog and make sure they aren't eating anything they shouldn't be.
  • Come prepared with treats and toys that your dog can enjoy while you're working
  • Make sure your pooch plays well with others and they it doesn't get anxiety from a cubicle environment.


  • Don't leave your dog attended! This could cause stress on your dog
  • Don't forget to get up and take your pet for a walk or two! If you catch yourself too busy, have a back up walker so your pet can enjoy some leg stretching.
  • Don't forget to introduce your dog to your co-workers. Some people may be a little afraid of dogs, so introductions and some time to get friendly with each other can go a long way.
  • Don't forget to dog proof your office or cubicle. You don't want your dog chewing up on things they're not supposed to.

Learn more about Take Your Dog To Work Day on Facebook and Twitter.

The team from Pit Bulls and Parolees have dogs in their work place everyday, check out how they manage them all, especially when faced with disasters.



26 Jun

7 Videos to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and you know what that's HOT! What better way to cool off then to take a dip in the pool? Well that's just what these cats and dogs were thinking when they decided to play in the water. These seven videos are sure to cool you down with cuteness. 

1) Labs Learn to Swim

Labs are known for their swimming ability, but everyone starts off as an amateur. 


2) Bath Time Is Lots Of Fun

When you're just too dirty to jump in the pool.


3) Kitty Paddle

These kitty swimming lessons will surely help keep your cat's head out of the water and outshine any swimming dog.


Continue reading >

25 Jun

Dog With Missing Nose Made Her Own 'Home' Because No One Loved Her

Dodo Circular

(Guest Post from Caitlin Jill Anders at

All dogs want a home they can call their own, and when this sweet puppy didn't have one, she tried to make one all by herself.

Sienna Rose was found wandering around Baltimore on a snowy night this past winter. She was likely a victim of dog fighting — tragically, part of her face appeared to have been bitten off when she was found, Kelcy Kimmerer, of Second Chance Rescue, told The Dodo.

Before and After Pit Bull
Credit: Kelcy Kimmerer

Crystal Baldwin, a social worker at a Baltimore school, saw Sienna through a window in her classroom — the dog was freezing and huddled up next to a telephone pole. Baldwin took about 20 minutes to approach Sienna, and when Sienna was finally comfortable, she began begging for crackers from the bag Baldwin was holding. Sienna was so excited to have found a friend, and soon led Baldwin to where she had been living. 

"Her home was around the corner of a cement wall — the last remaining part of a burnt-down home — underneath a pile of snow-covered drywall that had been propped up against what remained of the building," Baldwin said. "Under the drywall she had hidden what she had been living off of — a few empty chip bags and a bird carcass. She was so excited to show me and it made me so sad for her." 

Sienna Pic
Credit: Kelcy Kimmerer

Even though it was late and snowy, Baldwin was able to get in contact with a shelter in Baltimore, and from there Sienna was sent to Second Chance. She has since undergone some facial reconstruction and is now being fostered — but she'd love more than anything to be able to find her forever home. Sienna spent who knows how long living on her own, injured and trying to make a home for herself. Now, she wants to make a home again — with people who will always love her. 

"From the minute I met her I knew that she was something special, she was unique and she embodies what love is," Baldwin said. "I completely trust that she will have no problem finding someone who deserves her as their forever furry family member!" 

Sienna is doing worlds better, and is now a happy little lady. She would do best in a home where she's the only pet due to her horrible past, but otherwise she's not picky. She just wants to be loved.

Sienna now has her own Facebook page called Sienna's Second Chance, and has nearly 9,000 likes. Now she just needs a family. Who wouldn't want to adopt this playful pup? 

Cutest pibble
Credit: Kelcy Kimmerer

If you'd like to add Sienna to your family, contact Second Chance Rescue. For other furry pets, check out to find your forever friend!

WATCH: Another rescued dog who got a second chance with a little help from kind souls and veterinarians:

25 Jun

South Dakota Man Saves Animals from Apartment Fire, Captures it on Camera (VIDEO)

YouTube user Spencer Butler just happened to be playing around with his GoPro when he and his friend came upon an apartment fire in Rapid City, S.D.

His GoPro was on as they rushed onto the scene, and with the help of a few strangers broke down doors in an attempt to find and save people. What they ended up finding instead were dogs, three of them, which were all saved.


According to the video description, no one was killed in the fire, but the final minutes of the GoPro footage show just how ruthless the fire was and how quickly it spread. It's a good thing these guys were at the right place at the right time to lend a hand and save these dogs.

To see more dogs being saved check out Pit Bulls and Parolee videos online.



24 Jun

After Six Years Away, Dog Finally Reunites With His Family


The Weston family has been reunited with their long lost dog Bam after he turned up in a Fayetteville, N.C., animal shelter a few days ago, ABC 11 WTVD reports. The family says they were heartbroken when Bam just didn't come home one day.

"I didn't really believe it at first, like it was just the same routine every day, and we would just let him out every morning. That morning he just didn't come back," K.C. Weston told the news outlet.

Animal control received the dog when a good Samaritan pick him up from the side of the road, and were able to track the Weston's down through a microchip attached to Bam.

The family first got Bam when they were stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington state, and traveled with him across the country to North Carolina. Since his disappearance, the family adopted a new white boxer dog, Mila, but say they love both dogs the same, and are just happy to have them both close by.

To see more heartwarming reunions, watch the clip below from Pit Bulls and Parolees.


24 Jun

Time Lapse Puppies Will Brighten Up Your Day! (VIDEO)

If there is one thing we know for sure, it's that puppies cure all types of woes. This time lapse video of two Golden Retriever puppies running for dinner over the course of nine months is sure to turn any frown upside and make your day exponentially better.


Check out some more cute puppies online! And if you prefer to see pups in slow motion, play the video below!


23 Jun

Cat Burglary: Mischievous Felines Take Over Dog Beds (VIDEO)

Turns out cats might not be the best sharers. If you have a cat and dog at home, have you noticed how they get along? In this hilarious video, cats take over dogs beds, and dogs are helpless to recover them. They bark and pull their dog beds around trying to throw the cats off, but these cats are just too comfortable and controlling to give it up.


You can't help but laugh as the cats dominate these dogs and their beds, but sharing is always the best policy. Here are some helpful tips to brings your pets together!

Look at more cute cat videos on our website, or check out the video below!


23 Jun

Ever Wonder What Your Pets Do When You're Away? (VIDEO)

Anybody who's ever had a pet has always wondered what their pets do when their away. Some might think they just lay around all day, or stare outside the window and wait for their owner to return. But it will all be revealed to us in Universal Picture's animated movie, "The Secret Life of Pets." Check out the trailer below:


Brought to you by the same director from "Despicable Me," the movie centers around pets in a Manhattan apartment building, as they show the audience what it's like to be a pet at home alone. The main character, a dog named Max, has to get along with a new pet in the house, Duke, and team up when they find out that Snowball, a white bunny, has a plan to gather all the abandoned pets and take revenge on the happy pets and their owners.

Look out for the movie next summer. In the meantime, check out some of America's Cutest Pets!



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