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14 May

This Dog Will Make You Wanna Dance Too (VIDEO)

This West Highland Terrier named Boy couldn't help but rock out to a concert his owner happened to walk by. What's so cool about this video, however, is that Boy is 17-years-old and deaf, according to BuzzFeed.

Once Boy started feeling the rhythm of the music while on his walk, he just had to dance around. He even pulled his owner, Beril, closer to the stage and got her rocking along as well.

We love Boy and hope he continues to rock out!

Want more dancing dogs? Check out the video below!

13 May

Bobcat and Coyote Face Off in Suburbia (VIDEO)

Bike ride interruptus

Posted by Jon Snow on Monday, May 11, 2015


This is a pretty amazing video! The bobcat and the coyote featured both have wide ranges across the country, living close to humans, sometimes even in our cities, towns and backyards. But both are also extremely elusive. They are usually nocturnal and go out of their way to avoid being seen by humans.

So this video captured by a cyclist at River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas is an extremely rare thing. Not only is it rare to see one of these animals in the daylight, right out in the open, but to see them both together is nothing short of a once in a lifetime wildlife encounter.

Bobcats and coyotes are both medium-sized predators that compete with each other for prey. All cats are strict carnivores, while coyotes have a more varied diet and can consume everything from plant material to insects to the rodents, rabbits and other small animals also fed on by the bobcat.

The video certainly answers the question of who's the "top dog" in this competition between carnivores--and it isn't the coyote!

Photo by Linda Tanner via Flickr Creative Commons.


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13 May

Firefighter's Helmet Camera Captures Amazing Dog Rescue (VIDEO)

A helmet camera captured the perils firefighters face on a daily basis - and also captured the rescue of a dog suffering from complications from smoke and heat, according to AOL.

St. Tammany Fire District No. 3 shared the video from last Wednesday's blaze in Lacombe, Louisiana. Apparently, the dog was rescued, given oxygen, then taken to an emergency vet, but it's condition is not currently known.

Watch this video of another amazing dog rescue by a firefighter:

12 May

German Shepherd Reunited With Humans After Three Years Apart (VIDEO)

It was the reunion three years in the making for one German shepherd and his girls.

Rico was separated from Andrea Arce and her daughters three years ago following a bad break up, according to Fox 5 San Diego. All seemed forgotten until, out of nowhere, she received a call from a shelter employee, telling her that her dog had been found 2,500 miles away in Virginia.

Rico, now 6 years old, was flown to San Diego, where he couldn’t contain his excitement upon seeing Andrea and her daughters for the first time in years. Get your tissues ready and watch:

Just let the tears out. There’s no shame.

8 May

Watch: Time Lapse of Rescue Dog from Puppy to Adult (VIDEO)

When filmmaker Dave Meinert rescued a sick, four-week-old Great Dane puppy, he did so because he wanted to be sure someone was looking out for her. The puppy, named Pegasus, was the result on an irresponsible backyard breeder. Other puppies in Pegasus's litter had either passed away or were deformed, and Pegasus herself suffered from a pigment deficiency that can lead to deafness and blindness, Fast Company Create reported.

Meinart wanted to document his work with Pegasus - so he set up a camera in front of the treadmill he used to help her exercise. And from there he captured an adorable collection of her growth and of their warm relationship.

As Meinert states in the video, the months he's had with Pegasus have been great, but because of her illness, he isn't sure how long he has with her. We think that Pegasus is one lucky pup to have someone looking out for her and ensuring that however long her life might be, it's one filled with love.

Learn more about Great Danes:

7 May

Fearless Puppy Has Hiccups for First Time (VIDEO)

Sometimes, life as a puppy can be scary! But if you're born FEARLESS like this 8-year-old puppy named Buck, you BARK in the face of danger — like dangerous hiccups! Watch Buck get fierce towards this unknown, new threat:

Good boy, Buck!  You may not like them but we'll welcome adorable videos of you having hiccups any day! LOOK how cute you are:

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6 May

SO Not Cool to Prank Your Shiba ... Even If It IS Super Cute (VIDEO)

The internet's favorite dog was recently the victim of a MOST uncool prank. Watch as one precious Shiba inu is mercilessly fooled by his owner. It's so mean — but in the most ADORABLE way:

Come live with us, Shiba cutey! No tricks for you here! ALL treats! XO

Photo: YouTube video image


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28 Apr

Road to Puppy Bowl Rolls Into Chicago as Animal Planet Hosts First Ever Draft on Wednesday

Contributed by Matt Windsor


All right everyone, listen up, this is your ROAD TO PUPPY BOWL Ref and I’ve got one important announcement to make. So, please gather round, grab a knee, sit, stay and perk those ears up because you won’t want to miss this.

Everyone listening? Terriers in the corner, keep it down or I’ll have to send you to the showers! Ok, now that we’re all paying attention, here it goes…

On Wednesday, Animal Planet is teaming up with the NFLPA, PAWS Chicago and the ASPCA for the first-ever ROAD TO PUPPY BOWL DRAFT adoption event!

As you may have seen, I’ve been traveling nationwide with Animal Planet as they’re spreading the good news about adopting shelter animals and helping cover adoption costs so every animal has a chance to find a forever home. It’s been an amazing experience so far, but tomorrow, it’s getting even BIGGER!


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28 Apr

This Dog Has One Strong Set of Chompers (VIDEO)

This dog can jump! And must have some of the strongest teeth we've ever seen.

A neighbor filmed this dog that lived down the street playing on his very own swingset. Hanging from that swingset is a bit of rope that you can watch the dog attempt to catch after getting a running start. Once he latches on, he hangs on for a good bit of time.

Learn more about proper dental care for dogs here.

Some say Scottish Terriers have the largest teeth for a dog, so learn more about that breed here:

21 Apr

Too Cute Tuesday: Dogs Failing in the Most Hilarious of Ways (VIDEO)

Dogs who fail at being dogs

Posted by Disturb Reality on Sunday, April 5, 2015

We couldn't resist sharing this video compiling a variety of dog fails. You gotta love dogs - they try so hard!

Want to find your perfect dog breed? Visit our dog breed selector!

In the meantime, check out our Doggone It! playlist and some fun Dogs 101 video below!

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