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27 Jan

Puppy Bowl Takes Over Good Morning America!

Are you ready for some football? Well, Puppy Bowl Sunday (what some others might refer to as "Super Bowl Sunday") is just around the corner. The puppies prepared with a mini-scrimmage on Good Morning America today, and the result was utter cuteness... Even if there wasn't too much football-retrieving going on.

Check out the action below!

World News Videos | ABC World News

Want more? Tune in THIS SUNDAY, FEB 1 at 3/2c, and see adoptable puppies in action!

14 Jan

TODAY Show Welcomes a Pup With a Purpose


This morning, the TODAY Show welcomed another member to their ranks: a puppy with a purpose!

The 10-week-old Yellow Labrador Retreiever, which has yet to be named, is being raised by TODAY anchors, staff and an experienced handler. They've partnered with the nonprofit organization Guiding Eyes for the Blind and will help raise the little guy to become a seeing-eye guide dog.

The show is also holding a contest, which allows viewers to choose what to name the puppy: Wrangler, Waldo, Wes or William. See details for voting in the Tweet below!

Head to to learn more about the pup and his training.

Want to see other guide dogs in training? Check out this super cute clip from Too Cute!

13 Jan

Take the Challenge to Help 85-Pound Beagle 'Kale Chips' Slim Down

When a sweet beagle was surrendered by his elderly owner to the Chicago Animal Care & Control, the staff had never seen a dog as overweight as the fittingly renamed dog, "Kale Chips."

Kale Chips weighed in at 85 pounds — a healthy, average beagle weighs about 22 to 25 pounds.

Photo: Courtesy of One Tail at a Time. Visit the One Tail at a Time Facebook page for more photos >>

The organization One Tail at a Time stepped up to help to pup — but, when a representative came to pick him up, he was so heavy, he could barely walk and had to be wheeled out by wagon.

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13 Jan

Crazy Smart Pup Rides Bus to Dog Park, All By Herself

Eclipse, a black Labrador and Bullmastiff mix in Seattle, Wash., rides the bus ... ALONE. Pretty smart, eh?

That's right -- she's learned how to hop on the bus in front of her apartment and carefully watches for her destination, 3 or 4 stops later, at the dog park.

Photo: KOMO News Video image - Watch the full video report >>

It all started when her owner, Jeff Young, would have a cigarette as they waited for the bus. And one time, when he hadn't finished yet, the bus arrived and she just hopped on. He got on the next bus and caught up with her at the park shortly after.  And, she's been doing her solo ride ever since!

She's totally "urbanized," Young told KOMO News. "She's a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog," he said. "Probably once a week I get a phone call. 'Hi. I have your dog Eclipse here on 3rd and Bell,'" he recounted. "I have to tell them, 'no. She's fine.' She knows what she's doing."

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7 Jan

Brave Puppy Battles to Reclaim Bed from Unimpressed Cat

NO ONE should ever mess with someone's bed. EVER. That's just wrong on so many levels -- and this puppy agrees! Watch this cute French bulldog pup attempt to reclaim his bed from his cat sibling:

Though ... we are grateful to you kitty for providing us with the opportunity for one pretty adorable video.  MEOW!

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5 Jan

Must-See: The Internet's Newest Viral Philanthropy

Photo Doggies for Anthony is the newest viral philanthropy on the internet. 

Anthony is a 16-year-old undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A family friend started a Facebook event as a place for friends and family to post photos of dogs to cheer up Anthony.

The friend shared this post with the hope that others would join in helping lift Anthony's spirits:

"Hi all, my friend Kristen Lyons has her son Anthony at Phoenix Children's hospital. Some days he gets doggy visits and some he does not. They make him smile. I thought if I create this event, you can post a picture of your dog to help make him smile. His mom shows them to him and he smiles."


868,000 people are "attending" the event (at the time this article was published), with hundreds of thousands posting photos and videos of their own playful pups.

Event host, Roberta, posted an update yesterday:

"UPDATE: Jan 4...From Roberta... God Bless you and God Bless the world wide web...we are over 1/2 million photos...Anthony is smiling joyfully because of YOU..This has gotten so viral that it is making local and soon National News....One thing I have to say is, make yourself smile too by looking at these beautiful animals that God gave us. I can't stop crying from tears of happiness...Roberta"

It just goes to show that when a lot of people make a small gesture, a big difference can be made!

Want some of your own puppy happiness? Check out the video below, then tune to Dogs 101 for more!

17 Dec

Derby Gets Prosthetic Legs, New Life

Derby is a dog with malformed front legs. It wasn't until he was adopted that he got the chance to run.

"I kept looking at his photo and hearing his story, and I cried literally every time," caretaker Tara Anderson told 3D Systems. "Finally, I messaged [her] and I was like 'Okay, I'll do it. I'll take care of him!'" 

Tara felt the obligation to help Derby and started by getting him a cart, which helped but still limited his mobility and ability to play with other dogs.


(YouTube/3D Systems)

Unsatisfied with the wheeled options to assist disabled dogs, Tara sought additional help. The result was a set of custom designed, 3D printed prosthetic legs that allow Derby to run, play and LIVE!

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24 Nov

Stray Dog Treks 430-Mile Adventure Race, Makes New Human Friends for Life

When a team of four endurance athletes from Sweden set off on the most grueling journey of their lives, they didn't expect to pick up a fifth — FURRY — teammate along the way.

Photo: Krister Göransson / Peak Performance | Peak Perfomance on Facebook

The Swedish team embarked on a 430-mile trek to compete in the Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador.  As they began the rainforest portion of the race, team member Mikael Lindnord noticed a hungry, stray dog and gave him a meatball ... And, it was LOVE at first bite.

The dog who they soon dubbed "Arthur" continued to follow them the rest of the epic journey, which usually takes a team of four, about 10 days. The rigorous race includes biking, hiking, trekking and kayaking — Arthur kept up every step of the way! 

By the end of the race, they certainly couldn't leave their new friend behind — he's headed back to Sweden to his new forever home with Lindnord. Awwww.  *TEAR*

You can get even more details on the story from our friends at The Dodo >>

Congratulations, Arthur and Team Sweden!

See More Race Photos with Team Sweden & Arthur >>

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11 Nov

Animal Friends Salute Our Vets

Ty, a 13-year-old male California Sea Lion, provides a salute to America’s veterans. A popular resident pinniped of Shedd Aquarium’s Abbott Oceanarium, Ty spent his first four years as a member of the U.S. Navy’s Marine Mammal Program in San Diego, before receiving the equivalent of a medical discharge due to his limited vision. Shedd aquarium adopted him in 2005, where he has been thriving in their care ever since. (©Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez)

We're following Ty's lead and saluting our veterans today. Ty himself is a veteran having served in the U.S. Navy's Marine Mammal Program in San Diego. When he was discharged due to limited vision, he came to live at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium in 2005.

See more animals who have served their country:

10 Nov

Sweet, Compassionate Dog Tries to Save His Fish Friends

When a few poor, unfortunate fish are stuck high and dry, one sweet pup takes action to try and save them! This video is a true testament of the heart of man's best friend:

Good boy — we LOVE you, puppy!! You're a HERO!

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