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1 Jul

Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets: Fireworks, Sunburn and More

With the Fourth of July just a few days away, people across the country are preparing with patriotic decorations, food, and fireworks. However, this can be an especially stressful time for pet owners since the loud explosions from fireworks can cause distress in our furry friends. Couple that with extreme heat, a plethora of thunderstorms, and vacation travel, the ease of summer may not be so easy for our pets.

Sadly, dogs have been known to run away from home after being spooked by fireworks. To avoid this from happening, the best thing to do is be prepared. 

Many owners have tried getting their dogs used to the sounds of fireworks by playing sounds of fireworks in the background every so often, months before the Fourth. If you find yourself in a crunch for time, the best way to prepare is to keep your dog inside, and to have a safe space for them if they get spooked. This includes having a traveling crate nearby that the dog can hide in. Additionally, communicating with your pet is a great way to soothe them. 

You can also try playing white noise in the background the drown out some of the noise of fireworks or diverting your dogs attention through play, cuddling, and being a nearby support.

If you find it necessary, for those dogs whose stress levels are high, vets can prescribe you medication to sedate your dog during this stressful time. This should ultimately be a last-resort effort.

There are also several clothing options for your that will fit your dog tightly to make them feel safe and secure; these include ThunderShirt and Anxiety Wrap.

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5 Jun

Revealed! Why Dogs Smell Bad AFTER a Bath

It's a good day, when you can answer one of life's enduring questions, so we had to share this Aha moment.

While the following American Chemical Society video, called K-9 Chem, contains many interesting scientific facts about dogs and smells -- especially their amazing abilities to sniff out bombs, drugs and disease, what really caught our attention was the part explaining why dogs can actually smell worse AFTER a bath!

Turns out yeast and bacteria on their fur get released by the water (but it's more interesting to hear them say and show it in the clip). 

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And if you want to go a bit more in-depth, check out our Dog Behavior section for articles like whether a dog can know you're pregnant, why they wag their tails, if they can recognize their owners in a picture and even if dogs can sense the supernatural!

Meanwhile, because it's Friday, here's a fun clip showing the bright side of wet dogs: Entertainment!

8 May

Watch: Time Lapse of Rescue Dog from Puppy to Adult (VIDEO)

When filmmaker Dave Meinert rescued a sick, four-week-old Great Dane puppy, he did so because he wanted to be sure someone was looking out for her. The puppy, named Pegasus, was the result on an irresponsible backyard breeder. Other puppies in Pegasus's litter had either passed away or were deformed, and Pegasus herself suffered from a pigment deficiency that can lead to deafness and blindness, Fast Company Create reported.

Meinart wanted to document his work with Pegasus - so he set up a camera in front of the treadmill he used to help her exercise. And from there he captured an adorable collection of her growth and of their warm relationship.

As Meinert states in the video, the months he's had with Pegasus have been great, but because of her illness, he isn't sure how long he has with her. We think that Pegasus is one lucky pup to have someone looking out for her and ensuring that however long her life might be, it's one filled with love.

Learn more about Great Danes:

28 Apr

This Dog Has One Strong Set of Chompers (VIDEO)

This dog can jump! And must have some of the strongest teeth we've ever seen.

A neighbor filmed this dog that lived down the street playing on his very own swingset. Hanging from that swingset is a bit of rope that you can watch the dog attempt to catch after getting a running start. Once he latches on, he hangs on for a good bit of time.

Learn more about proper dental care for dogs here.

Some say Scottish Terriers have the largest teeth for a dog, so learn more about that breed here:

21 Apr

Too Cute Tuesday: Dogs Failing in the Most Hilarious of Ways (VIDEO)

Dogs who fail at being dogs

Posted by Disturb Reality on Sunday, April 5, 2015

We couldn't resist sharing this video compiling a variety of dog fails. You gotta love dogs - they try so hard!

Want to find your perfect dog breed? Visit our dog breed selector!

In the meantime, check out our Doggone It! playlist and some fun Dogs 101 video below!

1 Apr

Tokyo's Pet Rental Service Lets You Pay to Play with Dogs

Photo: Avava/Veer

Dog Heart, the Japanese doggie daycare rental center, gives pet lovers the chance to "rent" pets. 

Full of beagles, toy poodles and one golden retriever (as of now), guests can come in and pay $8 to hang out with them. People can even take the pups for hour walks in the nearby Yoyogi Park starting at around $30, and going up from there for longer walks.

Since Tokyo is crowded and apartment space is limited, it can be hard for most Tokyoites to own pets. Owner Yukiko Tsuchiya, 50, says the Japanese capital needs her shop. 

"In the suburbs, it is easier to get in contact with dogs, but in Tokyo, there is a demand for a places like this... People bring their kids here, couples come for dates, men and women come on their own... and elderly people as well, because they feel too old to have a pet at home," Tsuchiya said.

Before renting dogs for walks you have to sign a waiver and then you're given appropriate supplies: water and poop bags. You can then begin the day with your new pup in Yoyogi Park! 

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25 Mar

D.C. Recruiting Border Collies to Scare Away Geese

Photo: Thinkstock

Like a scarecrow protecting its crops from crows, that's what Washington D.C. has in store for border collies and its Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool.  

The National Park Service is recruiting collies under its goose harassment service, hoping to rid the area of an exceeding amount of goose poop, from our neighboring goose: the Canada goose. 

Photo: Thinkstock

The Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool is especially in danger as the defecation "is leading to the degradation of the pool water... in and on [the] walkway near the pool," said the National Park Service in their note to Implement Environmentally Friendly Canada Goose Control.

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9 Mar

Irish Setter Dies After Dog Show, Feared Poisoned

After competing in a preliminary competition at the Crufts dog show, a 3-year-old Irish Setter became ill and passed away Friday shortly after returning home to Belgium.

Thendara Satisfaction, known as Jagger, placed second in his breed at the famous dog show, NBC News reports, then collapsed upon his return home. A veterinarian who performed a postmortem examination found poison-laced pieces of meat in the dog's stomach, CTV News reports.

"We are led to believe that there's no doubt the dog was maliciously poisoned," the dog's U.K.-based co-owner Dee Milligan-Bott told BBC radio on Monday. "We are all devastated."

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Milligan-Bott wrote, "We can't and we won't think that this was the act of another exhibitor, if we thought this we couldn't go on, and the last 30 years would be a complete waste. So I ask all of you to unite in finding the perpetrator who did this, And let's continue to produce and breed our gorgeous dogs who we are all so proud of."

Crufts' organizers, The Kennel Club, are awaiting the results of a toxicology test on the dog's death, which could take several days. Authorities in England and Belgium are aware of the situation, but have not yet been asked to investigate.

In a statement, The Kennel Club said it was "deeply shocked and saddened," but wouldn't be able to move forward until the results were in from the toxicology report.

Milligan-Bott also wrote on her Facebook page: "The timings from the autopsy make it clear the only place this could have been given to Jagger was while on his bench at Crufts."

She told "Dog World" that she believes another Irish Setter she owns, Thendara Pot Noodle, may have actually been the target of the alleged attack. The dog had just won best in breed at Crufts, while Jagger finished second in a preliminary competition.

Learn more about the Irish Setter breed:

4 Mar

Forget Superstitions: Black Cats (and Other animals) Could be Born Lucky

Photos: Black Dog: m01229/Flickr; Black Cat: TraumTeufel666/Flickr

Toss your superstitions aside. It turns out that being a black cat or dog (or other animals) is actually incredibly lucky since it helps these animals live longer, new research shows.

Discovery News reports that the dark or black coloration in these animals stems from melanism, "or development of the dark-colored pigment melanin in the skin and its appendages (fur, hair, eyelashes, etc.)." However, it's still a mystery as to how or why melanism leads to better health.

"We don't know for certain," Gregory Barsh of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, co-author of the study that appeared in PLOS Genetics told Discovery News. "Factors such as foliage, humidity, temperature, and/or infectious agents are all possibilities, and could affect camouflage, resistance to heat or thermoregulation, or resistance to infections."

The dark-peppered moth is a great example of melanism working to help a species. The moth's coloring helps camouflage it from prey since it can blend in better with its surroundings.

For even more information on this story, we encourage you to visit the full article on Discovery News!

Learn more about black-furred dog and cat breeds in the videos below:

2 Mar

The Top 10 Most Popular U.S. Dog Breeds

America still loves its Labrador retrievers.

Labs have reigned as the nation's top dog last tear for the 24th year after breaking poodles' decades-old record in 2013, according to American Kennel Club rankings set to be released Thursday.

Bulldogs are climbing their way up the leader board to a new high - No. 4 - and their bat-eared cousins, French Bulldogs cracked the top 10 for the first time in nearly a century.

Bulldogs rise can link from their unmistakeable push-faced expressions and generally calm demeanor. The French Bulldog has also surged in popularity from 49th to 9th in a decade. Could appearances in movies, TV shows and advertising be the reason of their recent success?

German shepherds, golden retrievers and beagles are usual repeats, with Dachshunds slitting out of the top 10, to 11th.

The top spot is unmistakable. Labrador retrievers hit the top 10 in the 1970s and haven't left since.

10. Rottweiler


9. French Bulldog


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