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5 Nov

Vancouver Police Dog Needs a Little Reassurance While Learning to Rappel

Vancouver Police Department Facebook

It takes a lot to become a police dog. And it looks like this adorable German Shepherd isn't so sure he's cut out for rappelling in this photo the Vancouver Police Department shared last month. 

According to Hello Giggles, this is K-9 Officer Niko. The rappelling lesson was part of his training to learn how to scale walls and get back down again - all in the name of duty. Niko is strapped to his partner for safety and it appears that the leg hug was just for extra reassurance. We don't blame him!

“Our canine officers are well trained, well selected, and, most importantly, well loved by their handlers," the Vancouver Police Department said on Facebook. "We test dozens (if not hundreds) of prospective police dogs before finding the ones best suited for the VPD. The dogs we select are social and have high drive, and are very valued members of our department… Rappelling is a vital skill for our tactical teams to have, and it tests both handler and dog. In the training scenario in the photo, PSD Niko was introduced slowly to the task, and his handler rewarded him with praise and a game of tug-o-war afterwards (you can see the toy sticking out of the officer’s back pocket).”

Check out another K-9 officer reporting for duty:


3 Oct

Heartthrob Veterans Help Shelter Dogs

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

What could be better than a bunch of heroic hot dudes taking their clothes off for shelter pets? Exactly.

Dallas photographer Ricki Beason got the idea for her "Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs" calendar last year. She already volunteers her time to take photos of shelter dogs — but she wanted to help even more.

"My passion for rescue dogs began six years ago when I got my first rescue of my own, Blue," Beason told The Dodo. "I want to help save as many dog's lives that I can with my photography … Last year I started the Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs Calendar, featuring firemen cuddling adorable dogs, in an effort to reach beyond the borders of Dallas."

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30 Sep

Porcupine Jumps Up on Woman's Leg Just Like a Puppy

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

People usually don't think of porcupines as warm and cuddly (for obvious reasons,) but this adorable video shows that porcupines can be as playful as puppies.

This is Snickers, a porcupine who lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. And he wants to play.

"Hey. Hey. Play with meeeee." 


Snickers is JUST like a puppy. He loooves belly rubs... 


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30 Sep

Bear Saves Little Bird Who Fell into His Pond

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Ameena Schelling from

This bear appears to be performing a remarkable act of kindness.

A video taken in 2014 at Hungary's Budapest Zoo shows a curious brown bear saving a very frightened crow who fell into his pool. When the clip opens the bird is already quite waterlogged, desperately flapping his wings as he tries to escape the water.

The bear seems to be watching him, and lumbers over when the tired bird collapses in a corner of the tank. He dips his paw into the tank and grabs hold of the sopping bird, in what appears to be a gentle-for-a-bear sort of way. Nipping the bird's wing in his teeth, he pulls the stunned animal out and dumps him by the side of the water.

Apparently satisfied, the bear then turns back to eating his carrots.

Unfortunately, it's not clear what happened to the crow, as several commenters noted that his wing could have been broken by the bear's rescue efforts. Other people have also questioned whether the bear was actually trying to save the bird, and the zoo itself said that he was just curious and wanted to get a closer look.

But it wouldn't be the first time an animal has shown interspecies kindness — just this past June, a hippo was spotted saving a little duckling who fell into her pool.

Check out more surprisingly adorable animal friendships here!

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29 Sep

It's National Coffee Day: Get Cat-feinated!

What would the majority of us do without coffee? Without it, this blog post certainly wouldn't have been written, nor would the images we've shared below ever been taken! So, take a minute to sip and slowly drink a nice cup of Joe, all while enjoying the incredible magic of latte cat art!








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28 Sep

Pig Does a Happy Dance When He Sees the Beach

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Ameena Schelling from

This little guy might have been a mer-pig in another life.

Ziggy the pig grew up the U.S. Virgin Islands, so he's no stranger to leisurely strolls along the shoreline. But that doesn't change the fact that going to the beach is still the best thing ever. And his happiness is tangible.

As soon as he starts trotting toward the waves, his little tail begins to wag in excitement. 

Ah, the beach. Time for a satisfied flop, followed by happy kicking.

YouTube/Ziggy the Traveling Piggy

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26 Sep

Dog Tucks in His Baby So He'll Never Be Cold

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

When a new baby arrived in this family, the dog was totally up for the challenge. He swore to protect his new miniature human from any and all harm — including the cold.

Any time this dog's baby is uncovered, he makes sure to cover the baby up with blankets again — quickly. After all, a warm baby is a happy baby. At least that's this dog's motto.

At the end, when the baby is all nice and covered up again, the dog stretches in the middle of the floor as if to say, "Woof, close call. All in a day's work!" Babies and dogs really are the best combination ever.

Nice job, dog. Saving the world, one cold baby at a time.

Dogs may love babies, but cats, not so much. Watch this cat try and comfort/quiet his tiny human friend!

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21 Sep

Rare Dolphin Spotted Smiling While Swimming Backstroke

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

Emma Schmidt was out patrolling waters off the coast of Australia as usual earlier this month, when she was graced by one of the rarest sights of the natural world.

Amid a pod of humpback dolphins, an incredibly rare snubfin dolphin popped out of the water and smiled.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.32.13 PM

Schmidt, a ranger at Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, has only spotted the rare snubfin dolphin twice in the past dozen years. "They are very rare, so this photo was just pure luck," Schmidt told the Townsville Bulletin.

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8 Sep

This Dog Is Just as Afraid of Bugs as You Are

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

I am terrified of bugs. If I find a bug in my house, I am absolutely not going to be the one to deal with it. Clearly, I am not alone.

This dog's human encouraged him to take on the bug, and the dog was TOTALLY up for the challenge — until he realized that the bug was super scary.

Oops. This dog is definitely more of a lover, not a fighter. At least now his owner knows that when it comes to bugs, this dog will NOT be the one to handle it.

It's ok, dog. You are DEFINITELY not alone.

Learn more about this goofy breed here!

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4 Sep

Tap-Dancing Parrot is a Better Dancer Than You'll Ever Be

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Personally, I am a horrible dancer, so it wouldn't take much to be better than me. Still, I would think I could at least hold my own against a bird ... but definitely not this guy.

This little parrot may look unassuming, but he has a secret special skill: tap-dancing.

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