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27 Jul

Cats vs. Shoes

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(Guest post by April Son from


An epic battle. Watch below.

Hey, you don't belong in there! Check out more cats in strange places here!

22 Jul

Too Cute: Baby Hedgehogs Sneezing (VIDEO)

Well, bless you, baby hedgehogs! For the sneezing and for being so incredibly cute.

These three hoglets were rescued by Wildlife Aid after they were orphaned after their mother was disturbed while giving birth. The organization has been looking after the trio (two boys and a girl) and they're steadily growing stronger.

Even a serious case of the sneezes won't keep these little guys down!

Watch more hedgehog cuteness:

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20 Jul

Cat Welcomes His Little Human Home in the Cutest Way Possible

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

Cats are often pegged as being standoffish sorts of creatures who, when on the rare occasion are magnanimous enough to dole out the warmth of their affections, only offer it up in drips and drabs. But not all kitties are so withholding.

Meet Dorian, a cat who loves his little human Cadyn so much, he can hardly contain himself. According to this video's description on YouTube, the boy had just gotten back after spending a few days away from home, and Dorian had been eagerly awaiting his return. Even while Cadyn was trying to sleep, the caring cat couldn't keep from showering him with eager rubs of love.

Some have attempted to explain away the scene above by saying that Dorian ismerely rubbing her scent on the boy, as if he considers Cadyn to be his property. But even if that's the case, it would do little to diminish the sweetness of it.

After all, who wouldn't want to be owned by such an affectionate cat?

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20 Jul

Finish Your Monday with Husky Puppies Doing that Adorable Head Tilt Thing

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

What could be cuter than five floppy-eared husky puppies hanging out together in the back of a car? Oh, maybe five floppy-eared husky puppies hanging out together in the back of a car doing that adorable head tilt thing that dogs sometimes do?

Here's a glorious, 58-second clip of just that:

If after watching those sweet furry faces swiveling so adorably, you're curious just what that little head gesture is all about — you're not alone. Researchers have been pondering that very question, and while some very plausible theories have been posited, the truth of the matter is that no one is certain exactly why they do it.

But to be honest, "researching" the subject is so enjoyable, it might be best to never know for sure.

Learn more about huskies here!

11 Jul

Cute French Bulldog Framed for Crime by Bull Mastiff 'Friend' (VIDEO)

Where's your best friend when you need him? This cute little French bulldog learned the hard way that when there's trouble around, even our best of friends just might crack under pressure.

After getting, ahem, caught in some toilet paper, this cute little French bulldog isn't going to confess to her crime despite being caught red-handed. So, when her owner asks her friend, a Bull Mastiff, who got all the toilet paper out, the dog is quick to point out the true culprit. The nerve!

Check out this Bad Dog video of another toilet paper thief:

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10 Jul

Puppy Experiences Air Conditioning for First Time, is Literally Moved (VIDEO)

After watching this video of a puppy experiencing all the wonder and glorious-ness of air conditioning for the first time, we couldn't help but nod along in understanding of just how that little guy felt. Especially now that summer temperatures are climbing - there's nothing better than some nice, cool air blowing on your face. We get you, puppy dog. We get you.

Know who else might enjoy the awesome air conditioning? The stars of our Sun's Out, Tongues Out! video below.

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26 Jun

7 Videos to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and you know what that's HOT! What better way to cool off then to take a dip in the pool? Well that's just what these cats and dogs were thinking when they decided to play in the water. These seven videos are sure to cool you down with cuteness. 

1) Labs Learn to Swim

Labs are known for their swimming ability, but everyone starts off as an amateur. 


2) Bath Time Is Lots Of Fun

When you're just too dirty to jump in the pool.


3) Kitty Paddle

These kitty swimming lessons will surely help keep your cat's head out of the water and outshine any swimming dog.


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18 Jun

Obi the Baby Pygmy Hippo Splashes into the Water and into Our Hearts

The Melbourne Zoo celebrated a milestone yesterday when their 3-week-old baby pygmy hippo, Obi, took a dip into deeper waters with his mom Petre.

According to the BBC, Obi has been gaining practice in a smaller pool to test out how he would deal with the water. According to the zoo, he's a natural swimmer and loves the water.

Pygmy hippos are endangered and Obi is the first of his species to be born at the Melbourne Zoo since 1981, according to The Guardian. When he's older, he will enter a breeding program in an attempt to increase the species number.

Watch another baby animal take its first swim!

21 May

Burned in House Fire, Cat Recovers at Clinic and Offers Snuggles to Other Animal Patients

Darla and Russell would like everyone to know that they're going to be on the evening news! Special thanks to ABC11...

Posted by Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Now it's time for a cute break.

We want to introduce you to a cat named Russell. Russell has been living and recovering at North Carolina's Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care after he was burned in a house fire a year and a half ago, according to the Huffington Post. The fire destroyed his family's home and left him without the tips of his ears.

While Russell has been recovering, he's also been making friends with other animals at the clinic who are also recovering from various ailments. Most recently Russell has taken a shine to a fawn named Darla, who was discovered on someone's lawn after she most likely lost her own mother.

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14 May

This Dog Will Make You Wanna Dance Too (VIDEO)

This West Highland Terrier named Boy couldn't help but rock out to a concert his owner happened to walk by. What's so cool about this video, however, is that Boy is 17-years-old and deaf, according to BuzzFeed.

Once Boy started feeling the rhythm of the music while on his walk, he just had to dance around. He even pulled his owner, Beril, closer to the stage and got her rocking along as well.

We love Boy and hope he continues to rock out!

Want more dancing dogs? Check out the video below!







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