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27 Aug

Hideously Cute Baby Bat Munches on Mealworms

Some animals are just so ugly that they are cute.

Here's a video of a tiny bat named Frank being raised by wildlife rehabilitators in Australia, happily munching on mealworms.



The good folks at Wildlife Rockhampton had this to say about the little guy on their Facebook page:

"Adorable little Frank is a white-striped free-tailed bat. Amazingly enough, he was dropped by a crow right beside one of our very own carers as they made their way to work one morning last week. As a micro bat, his body length is only about 6cm, and his diet consists entirely of insects. In this video he's thoroughly enjoying a mealworm Many people don't know how important micro bats are to our environment - here in Australia they help keep the mosquitoes and insect population to a minimum, allowing us to better enjoy our outdoor lifestyle. Thanks Frank for your hard work! We'll get you back to the wild as soon as possible." 

How cute is little Frank?!

White Striped Free Tailed Bat

26 Aug

Umbrella Cockatoo Makes it Rain Dog Treats

Bj048 We can't help but laugh and cheer Spike the umbrella cockatoo on as he sends Milkbone treat after Milkbone treat down to his great dane friends.

Watch the video below:

Want to see even more cockatoos? Check out this one that can really shake a tail feather!

12 Aug

Bronx Zoo Puppy Bowl XI Sweepstakes!

This summer Animal Planet is partnering with the Bronx Zoo! Families are encouraged to visit the Optimum & Animal Planet Too Cute! Craft Zone at the Bronx Zoo now through Labor Day. Children can enjoy custom Too Cute! themed craft activities and express their creativity and love for animals and the environment through making their own artwork.


Visitors can also enter the Bronx Zoo Puppy Bowl XI Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for 4 to the taping of Puppy Bowl XI in New York City! The grand prize winner will also receive a one year Bronx Zoo Premium Membership along with a Bronx Zoo and Animal Planet Gift Pack. So what have you got to lose? Visit the Bronx Zoo and enter to win today!

Want a preview of what it might be like to be behind the scenes at the infamous Puppy Bowl? Check out the video below:

February seems too far away? Wishing you had Puppy Bowl pictures, videos and more to look at until then? Just follow the Puppy Bowl on Tumblr! It's your daily dose of cuteness.

7 Aug

The Internet Cat Video Festival Is Every Cat Lovers's Dream!

You read that right, there is an Internet Cat Video Festival! On Thursday, August 14, at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, to be precise! It's every cat lover's dream as attendees sit together and enjoy 75 minutes of the best cat videos the Internet has to offer. Oh, and did I mention there may be some surprise kitty celeb guests in attendance?

This year, one lucky kitty will receive the Golden Kitty, or the Viewer's Choice Award. Check out all of the finalists here, but here's a little taste of what's to come:

Can't make it to Minneapolis? Never fear, Animal Planet has you covered! We will be covering the entire event, from the pre-event activities to the actual show, via live stream. Starting at 7 pm EST on August 14, you can experience every purr-fect moment from the comfort of your own couch!

Don't want to wait until then? Well, we have highlights and clips from the previous festivals waiting for you! You can also get updates about the festival on Twitter!

Get excited, just like Ohagi here:











Don't forget to check out some of the fan photos from the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival!


Oh, and the kitty cuteness doesn't end at the festival! Too Cute! Pint Sized airs two days later on Saturday, August 16 at 8/7c!

6 Aug

Meet Rollie: The World's Cutest Armadillo

Rollie is a southern three-banded armadillo who truly lives up to his name. An intern at the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park, in Green Bay, WI, was able to capture this playful little guy in action, and he has taken the internet by storm! Rollie has gained the attention of over 1.5 million internet viewers since May.


Here at Animal Planet, we were particularly impressed by Rollie's ability to sneak up on his little pink friend and follow through with a tackle all the way into a well tucked roll. And just when the little bear thinks he has escaped, Rollie is back for another full fledged charge...or is it just a huge hug? Either way, it's adorable.

Three-banded armadillos typically eat larvae, ants, and termites in the dry season, and when the rain has made them more available, they like to feast on plants and fruits. Rollie is particularly a big fan of meal worms.

The NEW Zoo and Adventure Park pointed out that Rollie's species is considered a new threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which means that they are likely to become endangered, especially if efforts are not made to protect them.

 To see a mother armadillo taking care of her newborn baby, watch the video below!


18 Jul

National Zoo Welcomes New Red Panda Cubs!


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo: Janice Sveda/Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. has welcomed four new litters of red panda cubs! However, you won't be able to see them just yet, as they are living at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, or SCBI, in Front Royal, Virginia. This is where the zoo does much of its research concerning animal reproduction. According to The Washington Post, four pairs of red pandas live there, all of which have had babies within the last year. That means 10 babies, more than the zoo has ever had in one year!

The little guy pictured above was born to Regan and Rocco. The cub is currently being hand-reared to increase its chance of survival, as Regan has been known to neglect cubs in the past. However, zookeepers are working hard to keep these cubs alive as well as care for the parents. In about 12 months, the cubs will be full grown and the size of a house cat!


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo: Janice Sveda/Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Out of these panda pairs, one of the fathers is Rusty, the infamous red panda who escaped the zoo and ran the streets of D.C. last summer! Hopefully his babies won't be as mischievous. 

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14 Jul

UK Wildlife Park Welcomes Baby Muskox!

On June 2, 2014, the Highland Wildlife Park in the Scotland was very excited to announce the arrival of a new baby muskox calf. The new calf is being closely monitored in hopes that he continues to grow and become stronger. The muskox is a native to the Artic and was hunted almost into extinction for its fur and meat. Thanks to conservation regulation, reintroductions and natural colonization, the species now has much higher populations.


Photo Credit: Jan Morse

The calf’s mother, Karin, was born in the Czech Republic in 2002.  The new calf’s birth is a major event because muskox are very difficult to breed due to their extremely high neonatal mortality rates.  The first muskox calf to survive until adulthood was born in the United Kingdom in 1992. 

The Highland Wildlife Park also faces challenges due to the aggressive nature of adults.  Last year, a muskox calf that was born at the park died from an injury caused by one of her parents when she was five months old.  The keepers are doing everything possible to ensure that this new calf does not suffer the same fate. 

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11 Jul

These Maine Coon Kittens Wish You a Happy Friday

Happy Friday, everybody! Only a few more hours stand between you and your weekend but those hours seem to drag. So, to make that time go by faster, here's a video of some Maine Coon kittens all moving their heads in unison:

Look at them go! You could watch for hours (but maybe you shouldn't).


Photo Credit: YouTube

For more adorable kittens, check out our Too Cute! Kittens playlist!

To learn more about Maine Coons, check out our Cat Breed Selector and check out the Cats 101 video about Maine Coons below:


10 Jul

Celebrities Love Their Pets, Too!

We are all ferociously dedicated to our pets and celebrities are no exception. Yes, they are busy with filming and concerts and promoting their newest endeavours, but they will always have time for their pets! Check out some of the stars and the newest additions to their families!

Pop Star Lady Gaga and her French Bulldog, Asia:

One thing is for sure: Lady Gaga is obsessed with the newest addition to the Little Monsters family. Her French Bulldog puppy, Asia, has dominated her Instagram and Facebook pages since she got her in late April. And why wouldn't she?? Just look at that face. 

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10 Jul

Congrats to Japan's Shiba Inu, WORLD PUP Champion!

Dog lovers everywhere have spoken! Congratulations to the SHIBA INU, your WORLD PUP Champion! 


After a *ruff* few weeks of competition, the beloved Shiba Inu of Japan has prevailed as top dog in our first-ever WORLD PUP! The competition was tight from the start but the Shiba inu defeated Belgium's Brussels Griffon in Round 1. And moved on to eliminate the USA's Alaskan Malamute in Round 2. In Round 3, the brave little Shiba defeated Spain's Great Pyrenees. And, in the final championship match, the Shiba bested China's Shar-pei. Congratulations to our intrepid, brave, confident, little friend!

The celebration continues on Twitter!  Check out the photo gallery of our favorite supporters so far cheering on their championship title! Tweet at us with your photos (@AnimalPlanet) if you'd like to be included in our photo gallery.


Shiba Inus are wonderful dogs — and we all know the Internet LOVES them. BUT! Buuut, they are NOT for everyone — check out our Dog Breed Selector, do plenty of research and decide if they are right for you. Here's the Dogs 101 on the breed: 


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