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23 Apr

Sloths Aren't Slow, They're Just Super CHILL (VIDEO)

Slow your roll and eaaaase into the week's end — WWSD? You know, "What Would Sloths Do?" Check out another super adorbs, super chill video from our friends at TheDodo and get your dose of slothful cuteness:

WHO wants a pet sloth now?! 


Wait. It gets even CUTER — watch baby sloths being, um, BABY SLOTHS, in our Too Cute! archive:



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20 Apr

Circus Performer Tumbles Her Way Into Dolphin’s Heart (VIDEO)

How much fun are dolphins? They amuse us with their array of tricks and leaps, but how often can we amuse them?

Years ago, circus performer Bonnie Anna, aka MissChief, made one dolphin’s day by tumbling to his amusement. What resulted was a video that went viral.

Look back at what made this moment so special:

Interested in learning more about dolphins? Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Dolphins for more!

10 Apr

Baby Elephants Being All Cute 'n Stuff with Their Trunks (VIDEO)

Our friends at The Dodo dug into our video archives JUST to bring you all the special cuteness we've kept tucked away for a rainy day! And, guess what? ... IT'S RAINING.

Watch precious bébé elephants being all cute 'n stuff:


Want more? Check out more baby elephant videos from our archives:

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6 Apr

This Cat Gets Its Teeth Brushed and Contemplates Life (VIDEO)

Have you ever gone a day without brushing your teeth and once you do, it's like the skies open up and you picture Neil Diamond and Seal taking form of mythical creatures singing a tooth-brushing duet, and everything is right again? 

Well, this cat. Having not had its teeth brushed, presumably, ever, experiences what brushing your teeth feels like. 

I present "The Toothbrush Revelation." 

Check out this cat with GOLD teeth!

2 Apr

London's Pignic: A Pop-Up Cafe Where You Can Dine with Teacup Pigs

Photo: Richard Austin/Rex Features via AP Images

Small pigs? Good food? Sweet venue? How did no one think of this before?

Because this will be anything but a boar.

The pop-up micro pig cafe is called "Pignic," organized by Yelp and teacup pig animal welfare and education groups PetPiggies and Farms Not Factories

For one weekend in May, Londoners and those dedicated enough to travel to The Proud Archivist cafe in London, can have a sit-down experience of eating with little piggies. 

And definitely stressing the "with," because bacon is obviously not on the menu.

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1 Apr

Tokyo's Pet Rental Service Lets You Pay to Play with Dogs

Photo: Avava/Veer

Dog Heart, the Japanese doggie daycare rental center, gives pet lovers the chance to "rent" pets. 

Full of beagles, toy poodles and one golden retriever (as of now), guests can come in and pay $8 to hang out with them. People can even take the pups for hour walks in the nearby Yoyogi Park starting at around $30, and going up from there for longer walks.

Since Tokyo is crowded and apartment space is limited, it can be hard for most Tokyoites to own pets. Owner Yukiko Tsuchiya, 50, says the Japanese capital needs her shop. 

"In the suburbs, it is easier to get in contact with dogs, but in Tokyo, there is a demand for a places like this... People bring their kids here, couples come for dates, men and women come on their own... and elderly people as well, because they feel too old to have a pet at home," Tsuchiya said.

Before renting dogs for walks you have to sign a waiver and then you're given appropriate supplies: water and poop bags. You can then begin the day with your new pup in Yoyogi Park! 

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30 Mar

Pit Bull Comforts Frightened Deer (VIDEO)

Anyone that sees pit bulls as menaces to society hasn’t met Gotti the Pit Bull.

Don’t let the name fool you—Gotti has a sweet side that came out when a deer became stuck in his family’s garden fence in Greenville, NY. According to the YouTube user that uploaded the video, Gotti stayed by the deer’s side, licking its face and comforting the frightened creature, until animal rescue officials arrived.

Watch and let your heart turn to mush:

See what sweet and loving dogs pit bulls really are and watch heartwarming moments from Pit Bulls and Parolees, only on

26 Mar

CUTE ALERT! Baby Leopard Sleepytime at Tampa Zoo (VIDEO)

Ready for some late afternoon, heart-melty awwws? Here you go:



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26 Mar

Get Your Morning Stretch On With Bikke The Chip! (VIDEO)

Rise and shine, everyone! It’s the morning in Japan, and Bikke the Chip is awake and ready to take on the day!

We can’t help but look at this sweet chipmunk and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe we should lay off the snooze button and stretch a little more. What do you guys think?

26 Mar

Ten Things You Need to Know About Quokkas

Photo: Thinkstock

We already know they are super cute, but here are 10 more things you need to know about quokkas.

1. When Dutchman, Willem de Vlamingh, visited the island near Australia they inhabit, he thought Quokkas were large rats, so he named their island, "Rattennest," which later became Rottnest.

2. Quokkas are 16-21 inches in length. 

3. These little guys eat at night, since they're nocturnal. They really like to eat swamp peppermint.

4. Quokkas kick back and chill around watering holes with up to 150 other Quokka buddies.

5. These marsupials don't chew their food. They swallow it immediately and later regurgitate the "cud" and chew that. 

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