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22 May

Photographer Makes Amusing Supermodels Out of Backyard Squirrels

Sure, they can be a nuisance sometimes (especially when they get into your garage and chew through your heavy-duty buckets of bird seed), but squirrels can also be fun to watch. 

It's especially interesting to witness a squirrel exploring its environment, and photographer Max Ellis has captured those moments creatively and brilliantly in his photos. Says Max, "The squirrels in these images live in the big trees behind my garden. They come every day to see whats new and investigate it." He uses props, food and occasionally fishing line to create his squirrel scenarios, and the squirrels do the rest.

Genius. Enjoy, follow @junkyardmax on Instagram, and see more at


Credit: Max Ellis/@junkyardmax 

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21 May

Burned in House Fire, Cat Recovers at Clinic and Offers Snuggles to Other Animal Patients

Darla and Russell would like everyone to know that they're going to be on the evening news! Special thanks to ABC11...

Posted by Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Now it's time for a cute break.

We want to introduce you to a cat named Russell. Russell has been living and recovering at North Carolina's Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care after he was burned in a house fire a year and a half ago, according to the Huffington Post. The fire destroyed his family's home and left him without the tips of his ears.

While Russell has been recovering, he's also been making friends with other animals at the clinic who are also recovering from various ailments. Most recently Russell has taken a shine to a fawn named Darla, who was discovered on someone's lawn after she most likely lost her own mother.

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14 May

British Cat Sets Guinness World Record for Loudest Purr

British cat Merlin just broke the Guinness World Record for having the loudest purr. According to BuzzFeed, this guy's purr reaches 70 decibels, perhaps the equivalent to having an AC unit or dishwasher running right in your face. For cat owners out there, you know how loud your cat's purr can be - can you even imagine having Merlin around? 

“Occasionally when he’s really loud I have to repeat myself," Merlin's owner, Tracy, said. When you’re watching films you have to turn the telly up or put him out of the room, if he’s eating he’ll purr loudly. I can hear him when I’m drying my hair."

 Merlin lives in Torquay, Devon (UK), is 13 years of age, and was adopted from an animal rescue centre in nearby Kingskerswell by his owner Tracy Westwood and her daughter Alice, according to the Guinness World Record website.

Meet the cat that last held the world record:

14 May

This Dog Will Make You Wanna Dance Too (VIDEO)

This West Highland Terrier named Boy couldn't help but rock out to a concert his owner happened to walk by. What's so cool about this video, however, is that Boy is 17-years-old and deaf, according to BuzzFeed.

Once Boy started feeling the rhythm of the music while on his walk, he just had to dance around. He even pulled his owner, Beril, closer to the stage and got her rocking along as well.

We love Boy and hope he continues to rock out!

Want more dancing dogs? Check out the video below!

12 May

German Shepherd Reunited With Humans After Three Years Apart (VIDEO)

It was the reunion three years in the making for one German shepherd and his girls.

Rico was separated from Andrea Arce and her daughters three years ago following a bad break up, according to Fox 5 San Diego. All seemed forgotten until, out of nowhere, she received a call from a shelter employee, telling her that her dog had been found 2,500 miles away in Virginia.

Rico, now 6 years old, was flown to San Diego, where he couldn’t contain his excitement upon seeing Andrea and her daughters for the first time in years. Get your tissues ready and watch:

Just let the tears out. There’s no shame.

11 May

Cat Bros Caught on Camera in Hot 'n Heavy Make-out Sesh (VIDEO)

Prepare to witness one of the most passionate make-out sessions ever — but try not to judge them for being brothers:

Seamus and Angus are two short-haired exotic Persian cats who clearly share a strong sibling bond — in addition to sharing ADORABLE DNA! 

Photo: YouTube video image

Want more Persian kitty cuteness? Meet America's Next Cat Star, Brimley! Watch the videos below to get his amazing adoption story:

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8 May

Watch: Time Lapse of Rescue Dog from Puppy to Adult (VIDEO)

When filmmaker Dave Meinert rescued a sick, four-week-old Great Dane puppy, he did so because he wanted to be sure someone was looking out for her. The puppy, named Pegasus, was the result on an irresponsible backyard breeder. Other puppies in Pegasus's litter had either passed away or were deformed, and Pegasus herself suffered from a pigment deficiency that can lead to deafness and blindness, Fast Company Create reported.

Meinart wanted to document his work with Pegasus - so he set up a camera in front of the treadmill he used to help her exercise. And from there he captured an adorable collection of her growth and of their warm relationship.

As Meinert states in the video, the months he's had with Pegasus have been great, but because of her illness, he isn't sure how long he has with her. We think that Pegasus is one lucky pup to have someone looking out for her and ensuring that however long her life might be, it's one filled with love.

Learn more about Great Danes:

8 May

Celebrating the Mother of all Mother's Days with Giraffe Birth LIVE's Katie & Kipenzi

Kids just grow up way too fast! One day a baby is small and wobbly, seeing the world for the first time with their adorable, wide infant eyes. One month later, that same little princess is 6-feet tall, weighs 205 pounds, and enjoys running in figure eights outside! Well, at least that's the case for the reticulated giraffe calf, born at the Dallas Zoo on Friday, April 10.


Dallas Zoo Giraffes Katie and Kipenzi
Photo Credit: Dallas Zoo

Millions watched Animal Planet's Giraffe Birth LIVE on television and online as 7-year old giraffe, Katie, delivered her healthy daughter, Kipenzi. Many fans continued to follow mom and baby for the next two weeks over the live stream, but what have Katie and Kipenzi been up to since leaving the spotlight on APL!VE?


On May 1, Kipenzi made her public debut in the Dallas Zoo's award-winning Giants of the Savanna exhibit. In a video shared by the Zoo, Kipenzi zooms around her new home, accompanied by Katie and her favorite adoptive uncle, Auggie.  Since then the precocious tot has gradually met other members of the herd including her ma's best gal pal, Jade. Ever curious, Kipenzi also started to expand her food palate. She recently tried out hay and will start to eat more grains soon. However, the calf still gets her main meals by nursing off of mom's rich and nutritious milk.

Mama Katie is also enjoying life away from the cameras' lenses. She keeps a very watchful and protective eye on her calf when they're outdoors, but she also makes frequent stops at the feeding platform to get yummy treats from zoo visitors.

This Sunday, both mom and baby have a lot to celebrate. It's Mother's Day for Katie and all the human and animal moms of the world. Plus, her calf will be exactly one month old! Celebrate this remarkable family and the baby giraffe's first milestones by reliving the birth of Kipenzi. Animal Planet will air the Giraffe Birth LIVE: Mother's Day Special on Sunday morning at 9/8c!

Tune in to Animal Planet on Sunday morning at 9/8c for the airing of the Giraffe Birth: Mother's Day Special! Then check out more highlights here.

7 May

Fearless Puppy Has Hiccups for First Time (VIDEO)

Sometimes, life as a puppy can be scary! But if you're born FEARLESS like this 8-year-old puppy named Buck, you BARK in the face of danger — like dangerous hiccups! Watch Buck get fierce towards this unknown, new threat:

Good boy, Buck!  You may not like them but we'll welcome adorable videos of you having hiccups any day! LOOK how cute you are:

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6 May

SO Not Cool to Prank Your Shiba ... Even If It IS Super Cute (VIDEO)

The internet's favorite dog was recently the victim of a MOST uncool prank. Watch as one precious Shiba inu is mercilessly fooled by his owner. It's so mean — but in the most ADORABLE way:

Come live with us, Shiba cutey! No tricks for you here! ALL treats! XO

Photo: YouTube video image


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