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3 Aug

Brave Little Jaguar Cub Immediately Regrets Leaping Into Pool

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

Black jaguars are known to be quite capable swimmers — but even they have to start somewhere.

Here's an adventurous cub named Cielo who seems to have somewhat overestimated her inborn aquatic abilities. While hanging out poolside with her caretakers from the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, Cielo summoned the blind confidence to take a big bold leap into the water — only to discover that staying afloat isn't as easy as it looks.

But hey, who hasn't been there?


Funny as it is, this sweet scene of Cielo's humbling swim lesson nearly never happened. Prior to being rescued by the foundation, she was destined for a life of exploitation:

The original people who 'cared' for her at birth planned to sell her to a pet shop owner whose mission was to drug her to take photos with the public for profit. We were so lucky to have intercepted her from a life (if one could call it that) in confinement. She was our first baby and the cornerstone of the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Cielo is a force of nature to be dealt with and she loves to exhibit her power, beauty, and grace whenever possible.

Thankfully, Cielo has since grown up to be as beautiful as an adult than she was cute as a cub.

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2 Aug

Kittenhood Accident Left Cat With Permanently Adorable Expression

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Just like humans, all animals have their own distinctive looks, and some are even more distinct-looking than others. When he was just a kitten, Ozzy the cat had an accident that left him cross-eyed. He fell off of a window sill, and while he luckily survived, his eyes were never the same. Despite it all, he really couldn't be more adorable.

Ozzy's eyes are permanently crossed, but it doesn't seem to have affected his sweet demeanor. And, as some have pointed out, Ozzy also bears a resemblance to Bagheera, the panther who gets hypnotized in "The Jungle Book."

Due to his accident, Ozzy has impaired eyesight and can essentially see only in tunnel vision. Still, the cat seems like a fairly happy guy, with a loving family who supports him despite his differences. 

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1 Aug

Discovery Proves Cats Have Been Devious for Thousands of Years

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

Some things never change — like the passing of the seasons, the rise and fall of the ocean tide, or the wayward wanderings of one particular kind of pet.

An archeologist from the Gloucester City Museum in the U.K. recently discovered indisputable proof that cats' typically devious, casually destructive attitude has been around for millennia. While sorting through artifacts from a 2,000-year-old Ancient Roman construction, the researcher happened upon a roof tile bearing the imprints of a naughty feline's feet.

Lise Noakes, a member of the city council, told the Gloucester News Centre that such a find is very rare: "What a fascinating discovery." 

The careless kitty who created these paw prints is believed to have done so around the year 100 A.D. by strolling over the soft tile as it lay drying in the sun — forever securing her place in history, and reaffirming that even a boring old roof tile can be made infinitely more interesting thanks to the presence of a cat.

Get more devious cat action below, courtesy of My Cat From Hell.

31 Jul

Too Cute: Two Goats Meet a Barn Cat

Meeting someone new can be exciting and scary, but baby goats Lady Bug and Princess Leia face the challenge head on! They can barely contain their excitement about meeting Moo the barn cat as they leap and bleat with joy. Moo, however, doesn't really seem to care either way, in true cat fashion. 

We could all use a little bit of that goat-y enthusiasm!

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31 Jul

This Cat Really, Really Doesn't Want to be at the Vet

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

We all get a little apprehensive going to the doctor sometimes ... and pets are no exception. This cat somehow ended up at the vet, and he's not exactly jazzed about it.

In fact, he's taken quite drastic measures to try and hide ...

Any cat who is climbing into a garbage can on his own free will DEFINITELY doesn't want to be wherever he is. Have no fear though, cat. You're not alone. There are many, many other cats who also got tricked into going to the vet and aren't too happy about it.

Like this guy, who figures "Out of sight, out of mind," right?


Check out a whole bunch of other pets, and some of our readers' pets, who also really, really don't want to be at the vet.

Do you have a scaredy-cat? Here are some tips on how to calm your kitty.

31 Jul

Cats Smooshing into Bowls

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(Guest post by Emily Watson from

Apparently cats do not have bones.

Check out more hilarious cats here!

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29 Jul

Fat Cat Pounds Makes Amazing Transformation

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Many times when we see pleasantly chubby cats and dogs we think, eh, no big deal. Some animals, however, just aren't meant to be that big.

A cat named Skinny was adopted by a member of the Dallas-based veterinary clinic, Heal Veterinary. Dr. Brittney Barton adopted Skinny in 2012 — when she first brought him home, he weighed a whopping 42 pounds.

640x364-6Facebook/I am Skinny the Cat

While that's definitely a LOT of weight for a cat, with a little love (and free reign of the veterinary clinic), Skinny was able to lose a little weight — about 21 pounds to be exact.

17698_963392447015979_3828233983823356556_nFacebook/I am Skinny the Cat

Indeed, Skinny's transformation is pretty amazing. The kitty is practically unrecognizable, and he could definitely win any "before and after contest" he fancies to enter.

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29 Jul

Grown Man Just Discovered His Inner Kitten

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from

Not many grown men play hide-and-go-seek, but when your best friend is a curious little kitten, the game is hard to resist.

Round 1: Man seeks kitten. Kitten does a pretty bad job hiding.

Round 2: Kitten seeks man. Kitten not expecting to find man so quickly. 

YouTube/Greg Tokarski


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29 Jul

This is Why Cecil the Lion's Death Matters

Photo: Bryan Orford/YouTube

A beloved and well-known lion who called protected land in Zimbabwe his home for 13 years, was killed earlier this month in actions that have now brought poaching charges against a hunting guide and land owner, The Washington Post reports. An American dentist, Walter Palmer, has released a statement saying he regrets having killed Cecil the lion during what he believed was a legal hunt, but it is yet to be determined whether charges will be filed against him as well, the BBC reports. Zimbabwe officials are looking for Palmer whose whereabouts are currently unknown, according to Slate.

"He was beautiful — one of the most beautiful animals you’d ever see,” Johnny Rodrigues of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force told The Washington Post in a phone interview. "… Nine times out of 10, doing the safari drive, you’d come across him walking with his family. He was one of the animals it was guaranteed you were going to see. Thousands have seen him. Instead of protecting it — a good marketing tool — they go ahead and kill it."

Cecil's death has reignited conversations about controversial big game hunting, particularly because Cecil was lured off protected land with bait, tracked for two days, killed once he was weakened from his wounds, beheaded and skinned. Officials were able to track Cecil's movements during his final days due in part to the GPS tracker he was wearing as part of an Oxford study to track the impact of hunting in the area surrounding Hwange National Park.

Visit to follow this developing story and to find out how you can take action against trophy hunting.

While Cecil's death has outraged many, including Jimmy Kimmel, who got choked up while talking about the lion on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, the greatest impact will likely be on the pride he's left behind. According to UPI, Cecil had a coalition pride with another male lion, Jericho. Between the two prides, there were six lionesses and about a dozen cubs. Without Cecil, Jericho will be weakened and potentially unable to protect the two prides from other male lions and their cubs.

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28 Jul

Man Films Himself Throwing Cat at Wall, Gets Arrested

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from

"I hate cats," reads the caption of a video showing a young cat being violently hurled at a wall, according to KWCH of Hutchinson, Kansas.

The video was sent out via social photo-sharing site, Snapchat, by the alleged abuser, a 28-year-old man from Wichita, Kansas, according to a Wichita Police Department (WPD) press conference held on Monday morning.

The short video reveals what must have been the most terrifying few seconds of this poor cat's young life. The video opens by showing the face of the distressed and helpless cat. The abuser seems to be holding the cat with one hand and filming with the other.

Then the cat is held out of frame as the abuser winds up in preparation to throw her, followed by a sudden thud. Immediately, we see the cat return to the video frame as she falls to the ground and scrambles away, meowing in what appears to be pain and torment.

Her hind legs appear to be functionless as she drags herself across the floor using only her front legs.

The video has since been removed from social media. 


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