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17 Mar

Family Rescues Magpie, Treated to a Forever Friend


A photo posted by Penguin Bloom (@penguinthemagpie) on Sep 12, 2014 at 5:47pm PDT

While most families might have a dog or cat for a pet, the Bloom family of Sydney, Australia, has a different sort of animal friend: a magpie.


A photo posted by Penguin Bloom (@penguinthemagpie) on Jan 16, 2015 at 2:23am PST

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17 Mar

Squirrel Takes Leap of Faith


Not every day do you see a flying squirrel. Not every day do you see a grey squirrel do a flying squirrel impression. It just goes to show, when you really want something, you get it. Take this squirrel for instance...

 Watch Animal Planet LIVE's Wild Birds Cam (where squirrels often make cameo appearances)!

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12 Mar

A Bird with a Mustache: The Inca Tern


Mustache bird

 I mustache you if you've ever seen a bird this regal? 

This is the Inca Tern, sporting a mix between Hulk Hogan's handlebar and Yosemite Sam's droopy 'stache, that grows out from the fleshy yellow gape at the corners of its beak.   

"The length of an Inca tern's moustache is a reliable signal of its body condition," reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Inca Tern can be found from Northern Peru to central Chile, part of the same habitat ruled by the ancient Inca Empire, which is how it acquired its name.

There are only 150,000 of these awesomely stached ladies and gents left, due to the rapid decrease of suitable nesting areas, declining fish stocks, human over-fishing and mercury pollution.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has listed them as "near threatened." 

And if you were wondering if both males and females had mustaches, the answer is yes.

Where's Ripley's Believe It or Not for these thousands of bearded ladies? 

The Inca Tern isn't the only animal with a mustache. Check out this cat's mustache!

3 Mar

Weasel Hitches Ride on the Back of a Woodpecker

You may have seen this amazing photo of a weasel on the back of a woodpecker making it rounds on the web.  Although this may seem like a scene out of adorable fairy tale fiction, the reality is, this weasel is apparently trying to KILL this woodpecker, according to multiple reports. Click through to the full ITV News report for the full report and more photos:


For more epic animal battles, check out our collection of incredible videos:

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20 Feb

The World's First Falcon Cataract Surgery

Photo: iStockphoto

Banner, a female lanner falcon, had been suffering from cataracts in both eyes for about two years, ending her dreams of ever being able to fly or hunt again. 

But in late September of 2014, Banner went into surgery for an hour, where the veterinary team at Caves Animal Hospital in Deering, N.H., removed her cataracts and put artificial lenses in her corneas, as reported by Discovery News

Canadian opthalmology equipment manufacturer I-Med donated the six millimeter wide lenses to the troubled falcon. 

After post-surgical eye drops, she can now fly, hunt and live! Let that Banner fly. 

Want to learn more about falcons? Read up on these fascinating birds!

9 Feb

'Imma Let You Finish' ... Right After This Owl Dance-Off (VIDEO)

If you missed the Grammys ... well, this minute and a half of groovin' owls may very well make up for it:

ADORABLE, right?

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5 Dec

Have You Ever Seen an Owl Swim?

This great horned owl was attacked by a pair of peregrine falcons. Though much larger than the falcons, the owl knew better than to fight back against the smaller birds, which kill other birds by dive-bombing into them at speeds of over 200 mph.

Instead, it plunged in to waters of Lake Michigan to escape. Owls and other large birds don't enter the water willingly, but their light bodies float and they can use their wings to do a breaststroke and swim, as this owl shows.

Fortunately for the owl, it survived the attack and flew away after it reached the shore.

Protect wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation. 

Photo by Chris via Flickr Creative Commons.


18 Nov

Baby Goose Jumps Off Cliff - Dramatic Video

Life is tough in the wild. Baby barnacle geese learn that the hard way when leaving the nest for the first time. Check out this dramatic video of what barnacle geese goslings are up against when it comes time to strike out into the great big world. Talk about extreme cliff diving!

Barnacle geese are birds of the north. Their spring breeding grounds are the rocky cliffs in Greenland, Norway and Russia. In winter they fly south to England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and the Netherlands. 

As a species their populations are doing well. 

12178665936_7a85924b8b_bBarnacle geese. Photo by Åsa Berndtsson via Flickr Creative Commons.

 Protect wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation. 



5 Nov

Wildlife Photographers of the Year Named: See the Photos

Duchess of Cambridge with overall winner Michael Nichols. © Trustees of NHM, London

Photographers from 96 countries contributed over 42,000 submissions for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition - and the winners have now been announced! The United States' Michael "Nick" Nichols won the overall award for his black and white photo of lions resting atTanzania's Serengeti National Park. Eight-year-old Carlos Perez Naval of Spain took home the Young Wildlife Photographer of the year award for his photo of a common yellow scorpion against the background of a shining sun.

Check out the other winners and finalists below!

Winner - Black and White / Overall Winner - Wildlife Photographer of the Year: "The last great picture" by Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols (USA) 
Winner - 10 Years and Under/Overall Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Stinger in the sun - Carlos Perez Naval (Spain)

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9 Oct

Animal Cruelty Now a "Crime Against Society," Will be Tracked by FBI


In a big win for animals and animal lovers everywhere, the FBI will now begin tracking animal cruelty cases via the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and reports from local agencies, according to

Formerly, animal cruelty cases were classified under "all other offense" and they were difficult to track because a variety of local law enforcement agencies, animal control officers and humane society agents enforced animal cruelty laws. Under the inclusion, animal cruelty will be an offense in a distinct category simlar to that of murder, assault and arson crimes.

Simply put, animal cruelty is now a "crime against society" and this new classification should motivate law enforcement agencies to pay greater attention to animal cruelty cases - particularly those within the four categories: simple/gross neglect, intentional abuse and torture, organized abuse and animal sexual abuse.

For more info on the update, check out

See Tia and crew rescue pit bulls from a fighting ring, featured on the latest episode of Pit Bulls & Parolees, every Saturday at 10PM E/P.

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