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27 Jul

Sassy Baby Owl Gets Questioned By Police

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(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

A baby owl will get out of the road when she's good and ready, police found recently.

Standing in the middle of a road last week in Boulder, Colorado, the baby owl stood her ground when a police deputy approached and asked about her activities. The painfully adorable interview was caught on camera.


"Hey. What's up?" the deputy asks, to which the juvenile owl replies, "Chirp ... click, click."


After determining the owl wasn't too shady, and seemed perfectly healthy, questioning ceased and the juvenile flew safely away.

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22 Jul

Brilliant Bird Decides Cat and Dog Deserve Some Treats

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(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

Totally sweet footage has resurfaced — and for good reason.

While the internet is full of clicky videos featuring animal friendships, it isn't every day you see a video like this one, first posted in 2014. This crow has decided to graciously offer treats to his friends, like any good host.

Probably more considerate than most humans, the thoughtful crow starts by putting a treat in his beak and approaching the cat.

And the cat obliges, delicately accepting the offer.

The dog at first stands just next to the pair sharing a special moment. But then he comes over and sits down beside the cat, politely waiting his turn.

The crow is far from rude. He quickly stands to attention and scurries over to the dog, who lies down to receive the treat, graciously accommodating the crow's shorter height. 

The motley crew of incredibly polite friends were caught on camera at theDerecho Animal A Ser (DAAS) animal rescue center in Argentina, which rescues all types of animals from neglect and abuse, including dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and cows. DAAS considers itself the "animal´s transit home," a spokesperson for the rescue told The Dodo.

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Imperdible !! Un pájaro alimentando un gato y un perro ??

Imperdible !! Un pájaro alimentando un gato y un perro ??COMPARTELO con tus amigos y familiares que disfrutan de los animales. D.A.A.S - Derecho Animal A Ser

Posted by D.A.A.S on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Check out Einstein the parrot, another intelligent bird, here!

21 Jul

Cockatoo Has Moves on and off the Soccer Field (VIDEO)

Not only can this sassy cockatoo score unlimited soccer goals, its also got the dance moves for a super sweet celebration dance.

Check out another cockatoo with some serious dance moves:

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20 Jul

Bird's Eye View of a Harpy Eagle Nest (VIDEO)


My buddy Aaron Pomerantz just shared this awesome wildlife video from his rainforest adventure in Peru. Aaron, otherwise known as the Next Gen Scientist, is a wildlife biologist and he and wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer captured what is pretty likely once-in-a-lifetime footage of a juvenile harpy eagle.

Harpy eagles are immense, predatory birds with massive talons. They live in canopies of tropical forests in Central and South America and prey on animals as large as monkeys and even sloths (especially the females, which, as is the case with many birds of prey, are larger than the males).

As with many other tropical forest species, the harpy eagle is declining due to habitat loss from deforestation and from trophy hunting, and is currently listed as a "near threatened" species.


Harpy chick 2

Given their dense forest habitat, their declining populations, and the fact that they inhabit the canopy, harpy eagle are not frequently seen. Finding a nest is even more rare, so the guys got really lucky in not only spotting the nest, but being able to film the chick and its parents doing their natural behavior.

You can follow Aaron on Twitter, Instagram or Flickr to get more of his amazing wildlife images. Here he is demonstrating a harpy eagle's-eye view of the forest canopy.


Protect Wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation.



19 Jul

Great Summertime Reads for Your Little Animal Lovers

We're in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year: summer! But keeping your young ones entertained while they're out of school can always be a challenge. We have some great book recommendations for younger readers who just so happen to love animals too. Check them out below!

1) The Baseball Player and the Walrus (Ben Loory)

Photo: Dial Books for Young Readers

On a more fantastical level, this book shows us how owning pets can be a big responsibility - whether they're exotic (like a walrus) or not. With sweet illustrations by Alex Latimer, the book details the relationship between a baseball player and his pet walrus and all he must go through to take care of his new pet. (Ages 5-8)

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17 Jul

Duck Greets His Best Buddy at the Bus

Some kids have pet dogs or cats that are their best buddies. Some kids are pals with ducks.

Meet Nibbles and his best friend Jonny, and have your heart melt. 


Adopt a Mallard Duck with the National Wildlife Federation.

Photo by C.P. Ewing via Flickr Creative Commons.



15 Jul

Sweet Pit Bull Loves to Let Baby Birds Climb All Over Her

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Jules the pit bull has a peculiar soft spot for baby birds ... and she absolutely loves it when they climb all over her. She even rushes ahead of her human to get to the coop so she can play with the baby chickens (and one baby turkey).

"Let me in!! I want to see the little fuzzies."


"Any new babies, she loves," her human explains in a video uploaded to YouTube last week. "We have a new baby turkey that was born about two or three days ago and she loves to watch him."

Jules happily lets the little hatchlings climb all over her back ... maybe their feet feel like a tiny massage?


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13 Jul

Man Offers Shirt Off His Back to Bring Tiny Bird Back to Life

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(Guest post by Ameena Schelling from

This tiny bird might just be the sweetest little rescue we've ever seen.

Ron Holan was driving through the mountains of Norway when he saw a little bird pass by his windshield. Assuming he had hit the bird, he continued driving. Nearly four miles later he stopped to take a picture of the scenery but when he returned to his car he heard something funny: a scratching sound coming from his roof.

Holan jumped out of the car and found something shocking: The tiny bird had become wedged between his roof and his cargo box. For the past several miles the poor bird had been trapped in the small gap, with the near-freezing wind rushing about him.

Holan quickly pulled him out, but the poor little guy was disoriented and chilled to the bone, his little feathers shaking. Fearing he was injured, Holan took him into his car to warm him up — leading to a magical little recovery.

First, he gently inched him out from under the cargo box.

YouTube/Ron Holan


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6 Jul

Fearless Firefighters Have the Softest Spot for Baby Ducks

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(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

When six tiny ducklings fell into a storm drain under a busy road in Slovakia, their mother panicked.














Thankfully, help was on the way in the form of tough guy firefighters with a soft spot for ducklings.

The duck mom and one luckier duckling still aboveground stood by and watched while firefighters practically dove beneath the traffic to try to bring the ducklings back to safety. 

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20 May

Beautiful Crane Fights Off Hungry Tigers (VIDEO)

When a crane was blown into a tiger enclosure by strong winds at a zoo in China, the crowds yelped in horror as they watched the battle that unfolded.

Photo: The Telegraph CCTV video image

The tigers immediately chased after the crane -- but the bird beauty impressively managed to fend off her attackers with a few graceful wing swoops and looking larger than life! The crowds of zoo visitors cheered and watched the drama at the Fuyang Wildlife Park in Zhejiang Province:

The crane was eventually rescued by zoo staff and removed from the tigers' territory.


It's MONSTER WEEK! Watch videos about a killer tiger on the loose in India from our program SERIAL KILLER TIGER AT LARGE:

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