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7 Oct

Bird is Very Excited to be Proud Owner of a Paper Towel

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Little Bird, a 2-year-old caique, knows that it's the little things in life that matter most ... that's probably why he's so freakin' excited to have a paper towel to play with.

Just look at him hopping with joy! 

He loves his paper towel so much that he even rolls around on it. Wheee! 

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7 Oct

Chris Pratt's Son Gives Best Possible Name to Baby Penguin

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from

When the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle asked Jack, the son of celebrity couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, to name their newest penguin, they probably didn't expect him to pick such a perfectly imaginative and inspirational name.

In a video posted on Friday, the young family sat together to announce young Jack's decision: "Eeeeaagglleee The Penguiiiiinn"

That's right. The land of the free and the home of the brave now has a baby penguin named Eagle. As the youngster's mother explained, Eagle was chosen for a very sweet reason, too.

Faris and Pratt both grew up in Washington state, where the bald eagle population has multiplied over recent decades.

The zoo better watch out. With a name like Eagle, that penguin might just start questioning his own limitations.

With enough ambition, Eagle the penguin may be flying over the walls that hold him captive. It's happened before.

Enjoy more penguins below!

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

6 Oct

Fearless Man Rushes Into Oncoming Traffic to Grab Stranded Animal

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(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

A couple was driving down a busy highway when they saw a tiny figure lying on the road lift up his little head.

Cars, trucks and RVs were whizzing past and the situation didn't look good, according to Minnesota wildlife rehabilitation center Wildwoods. But that didn't stop this concerned man, named Derek.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" Derek shouted, as he pulled the car over and looked for a break in the speeding traffic.

Darting between vehicles, Derek rushed to recover the figure, a tiny pileated woodpecker who seemed frozen with fear. Derek and Kristen, who had been riding with Derek, brought the bird to a local bird observatory who referred them to Wildwoods. Upon arrival, the new patient seemed miraculously unbroken but exhausted from his highway scare.


"[S]he had no obvious fractures and could move both wings and both legs," Wildwoods wrote on Facebook. "However, she was very lethargic. We gave her fluids and pain meds/anti-inflammatories and put her in a quiet place to rest."

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5 Oct

Bouncy Emu Plays Fetch Just Like a Puppy

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Move over dogs — this adorable emu proves that giant birds can also be man's best friend.

Mimi the emu loves playing fetch with her family just like a puppy! As soon as her little human throws the ball, she goes racing off after it.


She doesn't exactly have the fetching part down though — as soon as she gets to the ball, she just sort of dances around it. But tell us this isn't the most adorable happy dance you've ever seen!


At least she keeps her family smiling. Watch the whole video below:

This emu may have fetch down pat (sort of), but this dog on the other hand isn't really sure how it works!

30 Sep

Smart Bird Brings His Hurt Friend to the Man He Knows Will Help

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Some people think of pigeons as a nuisance, but this sweet video reminds us just how intelligent they are.

Redditor Rydogger shared the video with an explanation, saying that his grandfather used to go down to the pier near his home to feed the pigeons, but "for some reason, the city did not like it. They said they were going to gas the birds and kill them. So my grandfather, being the kind person he is, decided to feed them on the roof of his house."


Now every day at around 3:30 p.m., the birds all begin to line up along the roof — getting ready for their friend to feed them.

But Rydogger's grandfather doesn't just feed the birds, he knows them all individually and helps them out when they get hurt.

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29 Sep

Little Boys Catches Bird Only to Have His Siblings Release it

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Most kids enjoy animals, but some take loving them a little more seriously than others. A little boy was filmed talking about how he finally succeeded in catching a bird ... while his two younger siblings debated on how to set the bird free.

The boy was clearly very proud that he had trapped the bird under a bucket, but his younger siblings weren't so sure. His little sister and brother examined the bucket in the background, skeptical about the whole thing.

At one point his little sister said, "How do we get it out?"

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26 Sep

Rare Bird Looks Downright Stunning in His First-Ever Photos

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

It's taken decades of searching, but scientists have finally done it — they've captured the very first photos of one of the most elusive and mysterious birds on the planet.

And boy, was it worth the wait.

All that was known about these elusive birds, native to the forests of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, came from just three female specimens collected half-a-century prior. Male moustached kingfishers, meanwhile, had never once beenobserved by scientists before — but that all changed last week. Now we know just how stunning they really are.

The vibrant-hued bird, of course, was released back into the thick veil of the forest where he belongs, leaving us with these fantastic images for posterity. 

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18 Sep

Australia's Surfing Swans


Even the birds in Australia love to hit the waves and go surfing!

These four Australian black swans seem to be enjoying the surf just as much as the people. This large waterfowl species is found in shallow waters throughout much of southern Australia and Tasmania. The lakes, wetlands and lagoons it typically lives in don't have waves, but these birds also frequent coastal areas, purportedly to feed--but this video shows the REAL reason they head to the ocean.

Surf's up, mate!

Photo by Kesara Rathnayake via Flickr Creative Commons.

 Protect Wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation.

10 Sep

Dog Kindly Lets Bird Pluck Some Fur For Her Nest

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Ahh, interspecies cooperation ... is there anything better? This dog is perfectly happy to share some of her fur with the very tiny, very bold little bird who comes to pluck it.

"Oh you need this for your house? By all means, help yourself ... " 

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4 Sep

Tap-Dancing Parrot is a Better Dancer Than You'll Ever Be

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Personally, I am a horrible dancer, so it wouldn't take much to be better than me. Still, I would think I could at least hold my own against a bird ... but definitely not this guy.

This little parrot may look unassuming, but he has a secret special skill: tap-dancing.

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