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16 Apr

Will and Kate Meet Adorable German Shepherd Police Puppies

Mark Mitchell - Pool/Getty Images

When we're not watching videos of kittens and puppies (for work, of course), some of us have been following the royal visit to New Zealand. So, imagine our delight when our two favorite things - puppies and Duchess Catherine's perfect hair - joined up for a picture perfect photo opp today.

Kate and Prince William visited the Royal New Zealand Police College in Wellington, and had the chance to meet police puppies from the Dog Training Centre. The couple took part in a ceremony to remember the lives of New Zealand police officers killed on duty over the last 127 years. They then watched recruit training and a dog-handling demonstration. After that, they were introduced to some of the cutest future German shepherd police pups.

Learn more about this breed below!

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27 Mar

It Takes a Country: Nepal’s Year of Zero Poaching

Contributed By Shubash Lohani, Deputy Director, Eastern Himalayas Program, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

© Wim van Passel / WWF-Canon

Nepal recently celebrated a great achievement: 365 days of zero poaching. This means that there were zero killings of elephants, rhinos and tigers in the country. The New York Times even penned an op-ed about the feat.

Sadly, this is a rare achievement. Wildlife around the world is under threat due to demand for their parts for high-end luxury items, such as tiger-skin rugs, elephant ivory carvings and traditional medicine. This demand is emptying forests around the world that support both biodiversity and the livelihood of local communities.

Since 1970, Nepal has been considered a model for conservation when it brought rhinos and tigers back from the brink of extinction, when fewer than 100 of each of these animals remained in the country. By the beginning of this century, 612 rhinos and about 123 breeding tigers thrived in Nepal. However, the country has faced a grave poaching crisis in recent years. Between 2000 and 2005, at least 94 rhinos were killed in famed Chitwan National Park for example, resulting in a 31 percent decline in the park’s rhino population.

As the threat of poaching and illegal wildlife trade reemerged, Nepal took swift action in a major collaborative effort involving park authorities, army, police and local communities. This led to two years – 2011 and 2013 – of zero poaching.

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12 Mar

Animal Planet #MEOWS in Austin

By Matthew Windsor, Publicist for Animal Planet

Over the weekend, Animal Planet clawed it’s way to Austin, Texas and left a gigantic sized scratch mark on the SXSW scene with it’s participation in a "paw-some panel," Cat Cash: The Economy of Cats, and with a celebration of all things feline at the Cats Live Here party.

On Saturday, Grace Suriel, social media director of Animal Planet, appeared on the feline themed panel to discuss the network’s role in the global phenomenon that is internet cat videos. Grace mentioned Animal Planet’s dedication to cats on-air runs the gamut from shamelessly cute with the likes of TOO CUTE! KITTENS and LIL BUB’S SPECIAL SPECIAL, to ferociously frightening with MY CAT FROM HELL. In addition, she touted the success of APL L!VES’ Kitten Cam and the network’s role in changing the perception of cat ladies online. Gracel was joined by Scott Stulen, of the Cat Vid Fest, of which Animal Planet is the exclusive sponsor, Will Braden, creator of Henri Le Chat Noir, and Ben Lashes, manager of famous feline’s Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat, who made a surprise appearance at the panel and sent social media into a frenzy. The panel was also covered by The Guardian, and The Star Online.

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28 Oct

Sea Lion Stuns Unsuspecting Fisherman


We CANNOT stop laughing over this poor fisherman whose fish was stolen by a stealthy seal.

Yvan Mucharrz was posing with his catch along with Mike "The Griz" Ritz during filming of a fishing show in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Apparently this seal has been seen frequently around the docks and locals have named him Pancho.

Mucharrz was standing close to the end of the boat posing for photos, when out of nowhere the seal jumped up and snagged the catch by its tail. The rest is history.

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22 Oct

Penguin Receives First Ever MRI at U of M Veterinary Medical Center

Meet Fluffy. Fluffy is the first ever known penguin to receive an MRI.



When Fluffy arrived at University of Minnesota's Veterinary Medical Center he was having trouble balancing, standing and waddling. When veterinarians couldn't find the root cause they turned to a diagnostic first for penguins: An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan. As a result Fluffy was diagnosed with encephalitis, properly treated and four weeks later is nearly fully recovered.

Click here to read the full story from the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center

Can't get enough of penguins? Check out our LIVE Penguin Cam brought to you in partnership with the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.


20 Sep

The Importance of Foster Homes: Sir Stuffington's Story

Earlier today we were introduced to a very brave kitten named Sir Stuffington. Our little friend has been through the unimaginable in his short little life and is currently recuperating in a foster home in Oregon.

Photo Credit: Multnomah County Animal Services

Sir Stuffington will be ready for adoption in a few months. On behalf of Animal Planet we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to foster mom Blazer Schaffer for caring for Sir Stuffington until he is at a healthy and adoptable weight. We'd also like to thank all of the pet foster moms and dads out there. You are all an essential part of ensuring that all animals find happy and healty forever homes. Check out Sir Stuffington's Facebook page to follow his progress. 


Click here to learn more about Sir Stuffington! 

Click here to learn more about unique pets! 


13 Aug

[WATCH] Breaking Wild: Turtleman's Tribute to Breaking Bad

This past Sunday Walter White (the world's most infamous meth maestro) returned to television with the FINAL EPISODES of AMC's Breaking Bad. Earlier in the month a video which features Brian Cranston and his chilling rendition of the poem Ozymandius went viral garnering more than half a million total views. 

Upon seeing this spectacular work of art, the amazing and creative team at Sharp Entertainment sent over the gem you see below which features our good ol' buddy Neal reading from the epic Gilgamesh


Thank you Ernie & Neal for being a part of the ever expanding Animal Planet family. If there's one thing we've learned from watching Call of the Wildman it's to TREAD LIGHTLY...or you may step on a very unhappy critter! YIYIYIYIYI LIVE ACTION! 

Want More LIVE ACTION? Follow Ernie & Neal on Twitter and LIKE the Call of the Wildman page on Facebook!

5 Mar

Too Cute! Tuesday: The Many Animals of 'Too Cute'


We're gonna be real with you.

Waiting to hear what litters of baby animals will be featured on new seasons of Too Cute is kind of like the NFL draft around here. We love the puppies and kittens who are regulars on the show, but when we found out there would be hedgehogs this year, we lost our cool. We freaked out over the cuteness. So, really, it was just a regular Tuesday in the office.

But we thought we'd compile some of the cutest animals featured on Too Cute and share them with you here.

Did you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

1) HEDGEHOGS: Hedgehogs are basically the hit animal on the Internet right now. This clip of them going "tubing" is adorable.

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22 Feb

Our Favorite Animal Versions of the 'Harlem Shake'


It's the viral sensation that has taken the Internet by storm. And, no, we're not talking about cats (though they do rule the interwebs).

We're talking about the Harlem Shake!

For some reason, this song by Baauer has inspired pretty much everyone, everywhere to create their own take on the video, which features a lone dancer in an everyday situation who's then joined by a huge group of other people who are often dressed in costumes and dancing crazy.

Our Discovery coworkers and Science Channel buddies did their own versions, but here are some of our favorite animal versions of the meme.


1. Harlem Shake (Puppy Edition)

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11 Jan

Cat Ladies and Cat Daddies: Prepare Yourselves.



Tired of annoying your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, blog readers and Instagram buddies with all the photos you take of your cats? Fret no longer! There's a new social media site that exists solely for you to share your cat photos.

Consider this cat lady sold.

Catmoji, which looks a bit like Pinterest, allows you to share photos and videos of your precious cat with anyone willing to look - all without overtaking your other social media venues. You can also browse the photos according to your mood (hence the "emoji" part of the name). Right now items are searchable by "cute," "sad" and several other emotions. So, if you happen to be having a crappy day, hop over for some cat cuteness to cheer you up.

To learn more, check out the site and request your invite!

Check out these cute kittens below!

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