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26 Jun

7 Videos to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and you know what that's HOT! What better way to cool off then to take a dip in the pool? Well that's just what these cats and dogs were thinking when they decided to play in the water. These seven videos are sure to cool you down with cuteness. 

1) Labs Learn to Swim

Labs are known for their swimming ability, but everyone starts off as an amateur. 


2) Bath Time Is Lots Of Fun

When you're just too dirty to jump in the pool.


3) Kitty Paddle

These kitty swimming lessons will surely help keep your cat's head out of the water and outshine any swimming dog.


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24 Jun

Amazonian Pacu Fish Caught in New Jersey Lake (VIDEO)

ABC US News | World News

If you're a fan of River Monsters, you probably already know that the pacu fish is native to the Amazon. But that doesn't explain how one made it into a man-made lake in New Jersey. 

According to ABC News, the pacu is found in many home aquariums. When the fish get too big for home tanks, owners often release them into lakes. However, officials warn against doing this since the fish won't likely survive in the colder temperature waters.

According to River Monsters lore, pacus, who are vegetarians and mostly eat fruit and nuts, have been known to go after certain body parts that may, ahem, closely resemble nuts. Learn more about this in the video below:

See photos of a red-bellied pacu, get more information on the pacu fish, and watch a video from River Monsters below:

18 Jun

Obi the Baby Pygmy Hippo Splashes into the Water and into Our Hearts

The Melbourne Zoo celebrated a milestone yesterday when their 3-week-old baby pygmy hippo, Obi, took a dip into deeper waters with his mom Petre.

According to the BBC, Obi has been gaining practice in a smaller pool to test out how he would deal with the water. According to the zoo, he's a natural swimmer and loves the water.

Pygmy hippos are endangered and Obi is the first of his species to be born at the Melbourne Zoo since 1981, according to The Guardian. When he's older, he will enter a breeding program in an attempt to increase the species number.

Watch another baby animal take its first swim!

17 Jun

17 Signs You Definitely Need a Dog

Contributed by DogVacay

Sidney Morgan 2

At DogVacay, we’re passionate about dogs and pet care, and we make it easy for pet owners to find awesome sitters. The idea: your pet can stay in a real home with a loving sitter while you’re away, whether you’re traveling or just out for the day!

To us, everyone should have a dog (or two or three). On the fence? If you relate to any of these 17 signs below, we see a pup in your future.

And guess what—we’ll be joining Animal Planet this June 27 in Chicago for Woofstock: The Road to Puppy Bowl! Join us to meet adorable adoptable pups from PAWS Chicago, and you just might go home with your furry best friend!

Jessica Trinh

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16 Jun

Who Hears Better: A Human or an Elephant?

Ever wonder how your hearing compares to animals? Wonder no more! Thanks to this nifty infographic from Independent Hearing Professionals, you can see how other animals hear and how it compares to the average human.

Animal hearing ranges infographic

Credit: Independent Hearing Professionals


30 Apr

$1.1 Billion Distributed to Preserve America's Wildlife and Natural Resources

Pigeon guillemot with a small fish in its beak. Cepphus columba. Farallon Islands, California. Photo: Jeff Foott

It was reported today by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that $1.1 billion in revenues generated through the hunting and angling industry will be distributed to state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies throughout the nation, the Orange County Breeze reports.

California and Nevada will be the main beneficiaries of the funds, with over $63 million going to both states.

“These funds are the cornerstone of state-based efforts that are critical to the preservation of America’s wildlife and natural resources,” Service Director Dan Ashe said in a Press Release. “But they are also the fuel for a massive financial engine that benefits outdoor recreationists, hunters, boaters and anglers, equipment manufacturers and retailers, and local and regional economies. Their value cannot be overstated in providing opportunities for the next generation of Americans to get outdoors, experience our wild places and learn the importance of conserving our natural heritage.”

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25 Mar

Punxsutawney Phil's March Mayhem Bracket Might be Better Than Yours


Photo: Allstate

Chances are, even if you aren't a huge college basketball fan, you still filled out a March Madness bracket. And chances are somewhere down the road one of your "for sure" picks was busted due to a Cinderella upset.

So, what if we told you that famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil might be better at picking who will make it to the "big dance" than you? Because when Phil filled out his Allstate March Mayhem Challenge bracket, he definitely went for the upsets and correctly picked UAB's win over Iowa State. He's also one of the few 7.7 percent predicting a West Virginia win over Kentucky. Will he be correct?

Photo: Allstate

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20 Mar

Baby Elephant Taking a Bath Can't Even...


We came across this video of a baby elephant having a blast during bath time at an elephant conservation village in Thailand. To truly understand how much fun this young elephant is having, let's walk you through the video.

  1. Baby elephant tests the water, with encouragement from mom.

  2. Time to dive in, head first!

  3. I've fallen and I can't get up!

  4. HALP.

  5. Gimme that hose.

  6. Bellyflop!

  7. This bathtub just became a toilet. Whoops, too much fun!

  8. Hey, who else wants a bath?


And if you need more adorable baby elephants, check this out!


19 Mar

Dig Deeper Into Ice Cold Gold With Interactive Episode Journals


Before you tune into Ice Cold Gold tonight at 10/9c, be sure to check out our new interactive episode journals, cataloging the journeys of Sixty Degrees Resources this season. 

Not only do these episode journals follow the journey, they also grant you access to exclusive new content. Ranging from time lapses capturing the serene beauty of Greenland, to videos capturing behind-the-scenes moments from the show. This exclusive content will feature items we couldn't show you on air.


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17 Mar

Family Rescues Magpie, Treated to a Forever Friend


A photo posted by Penguin Bloom (@penguinthemagpie) on Sep 12, 2014 at 5:47pm PDT

While most families might have a dog or cat for a pet, the Bloom family of Sydney, Australia, has a different sort of animal friend: a magpie.


A photo posted by Penguin Bloom (@penguinthemagpie) on Jan 16, 2015 at 2:23am PST

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