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25 Feb

Conservation of the World's Rarest Cat is Working: Population Doubled!


The Amur leopard is the world's rarest cat. In fact, there are only 65 to 69 of these guys on Earth. 

Unlike most big cats, these leopards don't live in Africa; they live in Russia, in the temperate, broadleaf and mixed forests of the far east: Russia's Land of the Leopard National Park. A handful are even in China.

That's definitely different than the Savannah. 

But what makes these cats so entirely interesting and diverse is that there are so little of them. As Discovery News reported, in 2007 there were only 30 Amur leopards! Can you say "endangered?" 

That's why the the World Wildlife Fund, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Amur Leopard Center and Leopard National Park are working so hard to protect the species. Scientists have set up cameras over the leopards' 900,000 acres, said the World Wildlife Fund, in order to watch growth and/or depletion. 

The main goal is to get these cats back in full swing: breeding and surviving. Russia is attempting to extend the leopard habitat into China with the Sino-Russian transboundary nature reserve, so the number of leopards in China will also have a safety net. 

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20 Feb

Ahoy Matey! A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Pirate-Themed Treehouse

Contributed by Tory Jones

Get an in-depth look at how the beautiful designs inside these treehouse masterpieces come together with Treehouse Masters' own Tory Jones. Find out more about the Sky High Pirate Hideaway inside this blog post!


Land Ahoy!

The gang returned to the Seattle area to create a pirate-worthy treasure tree house for clients Kelly and Stephanie Fahey.  They had purchased property in Edmonds, Wash., that they hoped to build their dream house on, but the first dream to check off the list was a tree house by Pete Nelson.

As Seattle locals they love the outdoors and spend much time outdoors with their kids hiking and exploring and had created a treasure map on the one first hike on the property and buried hidden treasure on the site where the tree house now stands.

The design called for the interior to be fort-like and slightly unfinished looking so the floors were heated from underneath and the insulation was placed on the outside under the wood sheathing, so we brought in Tracy Wade and her team to paint the plywood interior a silvery gray.  Tracy is a decorative painter and came up with the perfect formula.


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20 Feb

The World's First Falcon Cataract Surgery

Photo: iStockphoto

Banner, a female lanner falcon, had been suffering from cataracts in both eyes for about two years, ending her dreams of ever being able to fly or hunt again. 

But in late September of 2014, Banner went into surgery for an hour, where the veterinary team at Caves Animal Hospital in Deering, N.H., removed her cataracts and put artificial lenses in her corneas, as reported by Discovery News

Canadian opthalmology equipment manufacturer I-Med donated the six millimeter wide lenses to the troubled falcon. 

After post-surgical eye drops, she can now fly, hunt and live! Let that Banner fly. 

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19 Feb

Odd Couple of the Day: Goat and Dog


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.35.17 PM

BFFs: Goat and Dog

This video went viral on social media, showing a white German Shepherd looking over and cuddling with a family's newborn baby Pygmy goat, a breed of miniature domestic goat. According to her owner, she took care of the adorable goat as if it were one of her puppies! Look at that face!

Watch videos of 'Animals In Love' on!

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18 Feb

Watering Trough GoPro Shows How Different Zoo Animals Drink (VIDEO)

Giraffes, lions, oryx, lemurs, monkeys, tapirs, zebras and rhinoceroses, oh my! 

Zookeeper Elad Herskowitz placed a GoPro inside of the watering troughs of 8 different species at Safari Ramat Gan in Israel to solve the question: "how do animals drink?"

Watch the video above for the underwater view of those thirsty animals.

 And who knew zebras didn't use their tongues? It looks like their holding out a note in a love ballad. 


Want to see some cute Maine Coon kittens learning to drink from their mom's favorite watering hole? Check out the Too Cute video below!

18 Feb

Beagle Miss P Wins Westminster Best in Show

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Congrats to Miss P (registered as Tashtins Lookin For Trouble), who took home Westminster's top title, Best in Show.

The 4-year-old 15-inch beagle is the grand-niece of Uno, the first beagle to win the title in 2008, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"She never let me down. She didn't make any mistakes," her handler Will Alexander told the outlet.

Miss P is co-owned by Eddie Dziuk, who also co-owns Uno, and Lori Crandlemire and daughter Kaitlyn.

While there is no prize money for winning Westminster's top prize, winners earn prestige in dog show circles, plus potential for lucrative breeding rights. Miss P will also be quite busy today - appearing on morning talk shows, meeting with Donald Trump, a lunch date at Sardi's, and a small part in the Broadway musical Kinky Boots.

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13 Feb

Dogs Escapes From Home, Sneaks Into Hospital To Comfort Sick Owner

Talk about a determined dog...


"Sissy," a miniature schnauzer, escaped from her yard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and walked 20 blocks to the hospital where her owner was recovering from cancer surgery.

Security cameras caught the little loyal pooch walking with a purpose, through the motion-sensor doors in to hospital. It looked like Sissy sniffed out a trail to her owner, Nancy Franck.

"We looked up and there was this dog just that was just running across the lobby," Mercy Medical Center security officer Samantha Conrad told KCRG.

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13 Feb

Rabbit Delivers Beer In Little Cart, Makes Pet Owners Jealous (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.30.20 AM
“Wallace? Grab me a beer, please.” It’s all about being polite. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Wallace TheMadKing

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Or better yet, who says you can’t teach a rabbit?

Sure, you can teach your pet to roll over, shake, play dead… but Wallace the Rabbit can do something we all secretly wish our animals could do: he delivers his owner beer.

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11 Feb

Study Finds Cockroaches Have Distinct Personalities

Photo: iStockphoto

They may be unwanted pests in your home, but perhaps once you learn that cockroaches show signs of having distinct personalities, you'll think twice about pulling out that shoe.

Researchers at the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium set out to study the behavior of these creepy crawlers. They studied American cockroaches by placing radio tags on each one. They then placed the insects into an enclosed dark setting so that they could track their movements, according to an article in Mother Nature Network. After observing the cockroaches for a week, the scientists began to notice distinct personality types. In their research, they described the two groups as "bold or explorers" while the others were "shy or cautious."

Isaac Planas Sitjà, a researcher from the university, told Mother Nature network, "Shy individuals are those that spend more time sheltered and explore less the arena or the surroundings. Instead, bold individuals are those that spend most part of the time exploring the surroundings and spend less time sheltered."

What do these two personality types mean for the longevity of the seemingly indestructible cockroach? Bolder cockroaches are more likely to go out in search of food - a risk that makes them more susceptible to predators. The more cautious cockroaches are more likely to stay hidden, which if crumbs or other food sources are scarce, they may not flourish. However, having two distinct types will ensure that at least part of the population survives.

To learn more about the study, click on over here.

To watch a woman overcome her fear of cockroaches, watch the video below:

Can't get enough? Check out the cockroach live cam on APL!ve!

9 Feb

Tiger Woods May be Having a Bad Sports Day, but These Animals Sure Aren't

Our favorite Tiger for the last couple decades is losing his stripes.

Ouch. That was... close? 

Tiger Woods withdrew from his last match after 11 holes. A week before that, he shot an 82, which was his worst-ever professional round. 

But pig genius Nellie excels at all types of sports, golf included. In this video she dunks a basketball, bowls a strike and makes a hole-in-one with her snout. 

And if pig golf didn't having you in awe, then how about being in AWW? 

Animal Planet presents: Baby sloths doing gymnastics. 

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