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1 Jul

Pets of Instagram: Meet Luhu, Quite Possibly the Saddest, Cutest Kitty Cat EVER

Meet Luhu, a pet to watch on Instagram. WHY, you ask? Well ... LOOK AT HIM:


#cat #cute #catofinstagram #ilovecat #mycat #mybaby #pet #angel #adorable #face #fat #funny #luhu 💕💕

A photo posted by Maggie Liu (@lanlan731) on Jun 29, 2015 at 8:01pm PDT

He's one of three tabbies living with owner Maggie Liu, in Beijing, China. And he is SO SAD. Sad to be in this costume, maybe?

Sad because his lips are chapped?

Or, maybe just feeling a little blue because he has food stuck in his teef?

Or, just sad ... just because?

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1 Jul

UPDATE: 'Kale Chips' the Beagle Is 20 Pounds Lighter, Healthier and Happier (VIDEO)

Remember our buddy, Kale Chips?  Rescued this past January, he was 85 pounds when he was brought to the shelter One Tail at a Time. That's about 60 pounds overweight by your average beagle body standards.


Photo: Courtesy of One Tail at a Time. Visit the One Tail at a Time Facebook page for more photos >>

But thanks to the One Tail at a Time staff, he's dropped 20 pounds with a healthier diet and lots of exercise. When the rescue first took him in, they were a little daunted by the challenge at hand -- but, Kale Chips is a fighter! He took to his new lifestyle habits happily and charged ahead with his new beginning.


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30 Jun

Python Dies After Eating Porcupine

One massive African rock python bit off more than it could chew after falling victim to its last meal.

A few days after being photographed in South Africa’s Lake Eland Game Reserve, the python turned up dead. It turns out the prey it devoured was a porcupine, with quills that were lodged inside the snake’s digestive track, according to the game reserve’s Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.55.47 AM

Not quite the impala calf or warthog the game reserve initially thought.

29 Jun

Bizarre Creature Has a Snake Head and Spider Tail (VIDEO)

What fresh horror is THIS?

A recently discovered species, the split-tailed horned viper, has the head of a venomous snake and a spider for a tail. No, it's not some experiment from The Island of Doctor Moreau or the latest cheesy CGI movie monster, it's an actual living creature with a truly stunning adaptation.

Watch this video to learn more about this wonderfully bizarre snake. 

No matter how terrifying this snake is on the surface level, you can't help by marvel at the power of evolution when you see it in action. It is perfectly adapted to survive in its desert environment and lure in its bird prey with its spider-decoy tail.

It's a reminder to us all that even animals that are scary looking or potentially dangerous to humans are still amazing and important and worth our protection. Few other groups of wildlife are more maligned--unnecessarily--than are snakes


Photo by Omid Mozaffari via Flickr Creative Commons.

 Protect Wildlife With the National Wildlife Federation.

25 Jun

Man Rides Moose, Could Face Canadian Animal Harassment Charges (VIDEO)

British Columbia conservation officials are searching for a man shown jumping on and riding a moose swimming next to his motorboat in a video posted to YouTube Saturday. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, there is law against the harassment of wildlife in Canada and the man dubbed as the "moose rider" could face charges.

"You can see that the moose is struggling with that fellow on her back. You can see the fright in her eyes," David Vince, a conservation officer with the B.C. Ministry of the Environment, told CBC News.

Officials believe that the video was taken last summer and was first posted to Facebook, but then taken down before it surfaced on YouTube.

According to Newsweek, two men in northwest Ontario were charged with animal harassment and fined $2,500 in 2013 after they circled their boat around a swimming moose, preventing it from reaching shore. They eventually jumped on its back.

Check out this daring moose rescue from North Woods Law:

25 Jun

Cats Face Off With Wild Predators (VIDEO)

"Though she be but little, she is fierce!"  

William Shakespeare penned those words in his play A Midsummer Night's Dream and they apply perfectly to the cat in the video below, who wasn't too happy with a black bear investigating the back door. The bear was in for a bit of a surprise.

You can read more about this feline-ursine encounter in Alaska on  

That wasn't so much the case in this second video though, where a cat faces off against a mountain lion in Boulder, Colorado . . . and doesn't seem particularly phased one way or another.

Oh, cats! 

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24 Jun

Snake Eats Egg Off Kitchen Counter (VIDEO)

Many snakes feed on bird eggs. The eastern rat snake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis) is one of them. Coming upon this snake species feeding on an egg isn't all that surprising. This is not, however, something you expect to see in your kitchen!

I have to give props to the couple in the video above, who walked into their kitchen to see just that. Many people would have freaked out and either fled their house in an irrational panic, or gotten out a shovel and bashed the snake, which is equally irrational.

Eastern rat snake by Andy Reago and Chrissy McClaren via Flickr Creative Commons.

Eastern rat snakes (formerly known as black rat snakes) are one of the most common species found across much of the eastern United States and as such, one of the most commonly encountered snakes.

They are also not only 100% harmless to people, they are hugely beneficial to us. That's because, as their name suggests, in addition to feeding on bird eggs, rat snakes feed on rodents. They are Mother Nature's way of making sure that populations of rodents such as mice, rats, squirrels and chipmunks, as well as rabbits, don't get out of control. And that's a good thing.

That said, while we're all about encouraging people to respect and enjoy wildlife, we don't want it in our house. On our kitchen counter. Eating eggs.

So here are some tips from the National Wildlife Federation on how to keep snakes from entering your home, and what you should do if they do.

23 Jun

Ever Wonder What Your Pets Do When You're Away? (VIDEO)

Anybody who's ever had a pet has always wondered what their pets do when their away. Some might think they just lay around all day, or stare outside the window and wait for their owner to return. But it will all be revealed to us in Universal Picture's animated movie, "The Secret Life of Pets." Check out the trailer below:


Brought to you by the same director from "Despicable Me," the movie centers around pets in a Manhattan apartment building, as they show the audience what it's like to be a pet at home alone. The main character, a dog named Max, has to get along with a new pet in the house, Duke, and team up when they find out that Snowball, a white bunny, has a plan to gather all the abandoned pets and take revenge on the happy pets and their owners.

Look out for the movie next summer. In the meantime, check out some of America's Cutest Pets!



22 Jun

Police Officers Come to Aid of Dog Locked in Hot Car (VIDEO)

The Roswell Police Department has an important message for pet owners: leave your animal locked in a hot car and you WILL suffer the consequences.

To prove their point, the department posted video they captured last week of a dog in distress to its Facebook page.

There is little that saddens us more than seeing a dog in distress. Today, officers were called out to a parking lot...

Posted by Roswell Police Department on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

While police officers assisted the dog and arrested its owner for animal cruelty, they discovered ANOTHER dog left inside a car in the same parking lot. That dog's owner was arrested as well.

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22 Jun

Mama Rabbit Takes on Snake

Never underestimate the power of maternal instinct. This dramatic video shows a black rat snake trying to make a meal out of a baby rabbit. The mother rabbit had other ideas.

Female rabbits give birth to their babies in a shallow depression in the vegetation, which they line with their own fur. They then leave them hidden there, only returning at dusk or dawn to nurse the tiny bunnies. This is a tactic to avoid revealing the presence of her helpless young to predators.

Rabbit vs. Snake
A mother rabbit defends her young against a snake.

Sometimes predators still find the babies. In this particular case, the snake's plans were dashed when mama rabbit discovered what was going on, and laid a major trouncing on the hungry reptile. Notice the fighting tactic of the rabbit. She grabbed the snake in her teeth and then kicked with her powerful back legs. Her back feet are equipped it needle sharp claws. 

It's important to remember that it's totally natural for snakes to feed on baby rabbits, and in fact when they do so they're fulfilling their important ecological role of keeping populations of rabbits under control. If you're a gardener, you know the havoc that a too many rabbits can wreak. So don't hate the snake and remember that it needs to eat too.

Help Protect Wildlife With the National Wildlife Federation. 

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