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25 Nov

Tiniest Donkey Races Circles Around His Patient Mom

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Ameena Schelling from

There are few things more effortlessly joyful than a happy baby animal. And this donkey puts all his fellow babies to shame.

A video shows a week-old miniature donkey testing out his little legs and running circles around his patient mom. Quite simply, it's the cutest, sweetest thing we may have ever seen.

And now let's go backwards!

The video's not much more than two minutes of a happy little donkey prancing, but it perfectly captures the joy of a new life. If you need a pick-me-up, you can watch the full clip below.

Ever considered adopting a donkey? Learn more about them here.

25 Nov

Family Discovers Shocking Guest in Their Home

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(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

All was normal at the Forest Department in Ferozabad, India until the phone rang on Tuesday.

On the line was a panicked voice saying they'd discovered something terrifying in a spare room of their home: A fully grown male leopard.


The Forest Department contacted Wildlife SOS and a rescue team hurried to the house.

"The room had been secured and the team got to work controlling the people that had gathered," Dr. Ilayaraja, senior veterinary officer, said in a press release.

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25 Nov

When Smelling Things Was the Wrong Choice

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(Guest post by April Son from

Worst. Decision. Ever. 

Sometimes the stink just comes out...

25 Nov

Pups Making Thanksgiving Dinner Stress Free and Easy

Thanksgiving dinner is never a walk in the park. There's a table to set and decorated, in-laws to chat up, and an entire feast to cook. Luckily, some have an extra hand--or paw-- to make the holiday preparation much easier.

The potatoes need to be boiled, but watching the pot is quite annoying when there's a football game on and there's pumpkin ales to be had. Steve the Goldendoodle is the perfect Thanksgiving assistant and will gladly keep an eye on the stove while you enjoy a few minutes away from your kitchen duties.

Mashing and mixing get tiring. You may be cramping up and need to give your joints a breather from the basting and stirring. When you've got a pooch like this, there's no need to fight through the pain. Tap out and hand the duties over to this guy. 

It's a holiday, so you know people will be snapping pics left and right. The last thing you want to get caught with is an undecorated, uncoordinated, uninspired table setting. When in need, call up Buddy the Beagle and watch him work Pinterest-worthy magic. Unfortunately, his services go at a high rate of seven treats per hour. According to his Instagram, you won't be disappointed.


A photo posted by peaches (@peatzpit) on Oct 29, 2015 at 6:14pm PDT

Too caught up in the mashed potatoes and stuffing to realize you've left drops of gravy all over the kitchen? No big deal when you've got a pup like Peaches. Messes be gone! 


A photo posted by Rocco and Gianni (@demandingduo) on Nov 23, 2015 at 6:28pm PST

Even if your pup can't hold a spoon or put together a beautiful table, they sure can spice up your Thanksgiving with some holiday spirit. Everyone loves a good festive hat, right?

Cats try to help in the kitchen, but it seems like they're in it for themselves this holiday season. 

25 Nov

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Pet

Karl Weatherly/Getty Images

It's time for Thanksgiving, which means family gatherings, football, and, most importantly, food. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, the list goes on! While you may be salivating just thinking about the pounds of food about to laden your table, your dog probably is, too! However, before trying to include your canine companion in your festivities, check out these safety tips to make sure you aren't accidentally feeding him or her something poisonous. 

  1. Don't give your dog any turkey or ham bones to chew on. They can easily splinter and choke or harm your dog's throat and intestines. Opt for a bone from the pet store and bring it out once everyone sits down to dinner! 
  2. Avoid giving you pets food items with high fat content, like gravy, as it can cause pancreatitis. Make sure not relatives are slipping the dog a scrap or two and keep an eye on the garbage can!
  3. While dogs act like they can eat anything, they should really stay away from foods like onion, garlic, raisins,and mushrooms. They could cause some major stomach issues for dogs and even death. Check out the full list of what foods to avoid here.
  4. Keep pets away from the dessert table. We all know chocolate is bad for dogs and so are certain ingredients that contain xylitol.

We know you want to include your pup in the festivities so check out our list of dog-safe holidays treats!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

24 Nov

Dog-Sized Rats Actually Exist

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

A photo showing quite an enormous rat has surfaced on the internet to flip everyone out.

An Irish website called Lovin Dublin posted the photo, which shows the arms of a man holding up a rat that looks about 3 feet long, and said that the rat was discovered in New York. The site attributed the photo simply to Facebook, but without a link (and a search to discover the origins of the photo proved to be unfruitful), and suggested the sight of the giant rat was the stuff of nightmares.

One tweeter replied to the photo with the question: "there's no way that's true, is it?"

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24 Nov

Magpie Laughs Like a Human Child and It's Terrifying

Black-billed magpies have quite a naughty reputation. They're known for being aggressive thieves and ruthless hunters in the wild, killing songbirds and munching on their eggs. Their devious actions are only highlighted by their harsh, raspy calls. Unfortunately for magpies of the world, their reputation isn't getting much help from the internet. 

A recently circulated video shows a magpie that possesses a horrifying talent: it can mimic a child's giggle perfectly. It is easily the most creepy bird vocalization ever recorded.

Source: Magpie bird laughs just like a child! by shura84 on Rumble

According to the video's description, this particular Magpie was rescued and raised by Rumble user "shura84". After spending some time being nursed back to health, he was released back outside. Surprisingly, he returns to his old home when called. Where exactly he learned this crazy cackle is still unknown. 

He's not the only talking Magpie on the internet, though. Give a listen to Pica, the chatty bird from Fancy's Family Farm in the UK!

Perfer birds with less aggressive calls and chips? Check out the birds on APL!Ve.

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

24 Nov

Rescued Wolf and Veteran Form Lifelong Bond

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Sometimes the best person to comfort us when we carry a lot of pain is someone else who has the same burden — for instance, a rescue animal. 

The Warriors and Wolves program was started at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in California based on that concept. Veterans dealing with the effects of war can come into the program and interact and help care for incredible animals who have also been through unimaginable tragedy.

"There's something about being around these animals that to even the most wounded veteran they feel different," Matthew Simmons, co-founder of the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, said in a video about the program.

There are 40 animals who live at the center, made up of wolves rescued from roadside attractions, breeders and other exploitative situations. Many of the wolves are "wolfdogs," a mix of a dog and a wolf, and are trying to figure out where they fit into the world — just like the veterans who come to them for solace.

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24 Nov

Where in the World is the Venezuelan Poodle Moth?

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

Every now and then a photo surfaces on the internet showing a creature that causes everyone to question the very essence of reality.

A photograph of the Venezuelan poodle moth has reemerged in the digital sphere recently, sparking puzzlement and wonder. It turns out that its first appearance in the human world was back in 2009.

Since then, photos of the real-life fairy have surfaced in fits and starts, and really caught on in 2012. "A Venezuelan poodle moth is mystifying researchers, baffling the internet, and confusing everyone at a first casual glance," one article astutely put it.

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24 Nov

Woman Finds Chicken Riding Around Her House on a Roomba

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

When it comes to keeping things neat and tidy, it's always nice to have a helping hen.

Catherine Bremner, a hobby farmer from Australia, was in the middle of doing some chores around the house last week when, much to her surprise, she discovered one of her family's four chickens had snuck inside to offer some assistance.

"I was in the laundry when I heard the robo vacuum going, which I thought was odd as I was home alone," Bremner told The Dodo. Naturally, she went to investigate — only to find a hen had triggered the device and was in the middle of riding it through the living room.

Fortunately, Bremner was able to maintain her composure long enough tocapture a video of the chicken's comical little joyride.

"I laughed and grabbed my phone to tape it as I've never seen it before and I was certain no one would believe me!" she said. "She happily cruised around my house for a round five minutes before she hopped off."

Check out another amazing chicken here!

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