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27 May

Super Cool Bear, Just Hanging Out, Walking Around Like a Human (VIDEO)

Oh hi, bear. What's happenin'? Going for an afternoon stroll, you say? ...

Check out this too cool for you Asiatic black bear who struts his stuff on his two hind legs, like a human:  

Although this video may appear to be too cute, the bear's backstory isn't so adorable -- he was rescued from a bile farm where he was malnourished as a cub. Because he was so underfed, his upper body developed much smaller than your typical Asiatic black bear, allowing him to be able to support himself on his hind legs.  He learned to stand up on his hind legs at his rescue as a means of receiving food from visitors.

Photo: YouTube image

*HUGS* ... We heart you, Bear. <3


Learn more about bears in our video archives: 

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13 May

Firefighter's Helmet Camera Captures Amazing Dog Rescue (VIDEO)

A helmet camera captured the perils firefighters face on a daily basis - and also captured the rescue of a dog suffering from complications from smoke and heat, according to AOL.

St. Tammany Fire District No. 3 shared the video from last Wednesday's blaze in Lacombe, Louisiana. Apparently, the dog was rescued, given oxygen, then taken to an emergency vet, but it's condition is not currently known.

Watch this video of another amazing dog rescue by a firefighter:

8 May

Watch: Time Lapse of Rescue Dog from Puppy to Adult (VIDEO)

When filmmaker Dave Meinert rescued a sick, four-week-old Great Dane puppy, he did so because he wanted to be sure someone was looking out for her. The puppy, named Pegasus, was the result on an irresponsible backyard breeder. Other puppies in Pegasus's litter had either passed away or were deformed, and Pegasus herself suffered from a pigment deficiency that can lead to deafness and blindness, Fast Company Create reported.

Meinart wanted to document his work with Pegasus - so he set up a camera in front of the treadmill he used to help her exercise. And from there he captured an adorable collection of her growth and of their warm relationship.

As Meinert states in the video, the months he's had with Pegasus have been great, but because of her illness, he isn't sure how long he has with her. We think that Pegasus is one lucky pup to have someone looking out for her and ensuring that however long her life might be, it's one filled with love.

Learn more about Great Danes:

1 May

Farm Animals Rescued After California Freeway Crash

Los Angeles firefighters were on the scene after a tractor-trailer carrying farm animals crashed on the westbound 210 freeway in the northern area of the San Fernando Valley on Wednesday, 89.33 KPCC reports.

NBC 4 reports that the driver suffered non-life threatening injuries and was being treated at a local hospital. The trailer contained two pregnant cows, sheep and a dog. Sadly, one of the cows suffered a broken leg and had to be euthanized. The cause of the crash is unknown at this time.

For more on the story, check out NBC4.

Watch this incredible video of a cow giving birth:

30 Apr

Villagers in India Come to Elephant Calf's Rescue After it Falls Down Abandoned Well (VIDEO)

After discovering that a baby elephant had fallen into an abandoned well while traveling with its herd, Villagers in southern India worked together to rescue the animal - something we can all celebrate because we could all use something a little heartwarming this Thursday.

The two-year-old calf, who was traveling in Kuttampuzha Forest Range in Kerala according to The Independent, fell into the hole and its cries alerted villagers to its troubles. The poor little guy was confused and was seen going under water, trying to dig its way out.

Forestry officials were called and they brought in an excavator to dig a pathway for it, then helped pull it out. The calf then ran into the forest, were we hope it found its herd.

While Yao Ming worked with African elephants and not Asian ones, we still find acts like this encouraging. Watch Yao Ming interacting with an orphaned African elephant calf in the video below:

9 Apr

Stray Dogs Attend a Stray Care-Giver's Funeral Unannounced

After dedicating years of her life to taking care of strays, dogs and cats alike, 71-year-old Margarita Suárez, received an unexpected honor at her funeral.

Even though she was transported 830 miles from her home town, strays in Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico, gathered to express their condolences. 

The workers at the funeral home hadn't seen anything like this before. 

Her daughter Patricia Urrutia said her "mom has always been good with all animals and people... Always fed the dogs on her block and the 20 stray cats that lived there." She even carried around bags of food for the strays she met. 

Maybe the food and love she gave to the strays around her home was the talk of the stray community all over Mexico? Who knows! Canine friends just wanted to come to pay respects and mourn the loss of this generous woman. 

"They stayed with my mother all day, and then at night they all stayed- but In the morning all the dogs vanished but one, but one hour before we brought my mom to be cremated the dogs came back and grouped around as if to say goodbye," Urrutia told ABC News. "I swear by God that it was beautiful, marvelous."

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9 Apr

Baby Elephant and Mother Reunited After Years Apart (VIDEO)

It took more than 60 miles and several days, but a baby elephant and her mother are finally reunited after four years apart.

Me-Bai was only 3-years-old when she was sold into the tourism industry to give people rides, according to After years of working, Me-Bai was retired due to stress, giving Elephant Nature Park workers and volunteers the opportunity to reunite the elephant with her mother, Mae Yui.

What happened next was an epic 4-day, 62-mile journey thru Thailand.

Even after years apart, mother and daughter picked up right where they left off. Get your tissues ready and watch their emotional reunion:

To learn more about Elephant Nature Park, visit their website. You can also learn more about elephant rescues and watch clips from Saving Africa’s Giants with Yao Ming.

2 Apr

African Elephants Could Go Extinct Within Our Lifetime, As Soon As 2020

Photo: Thinkstock

At the Africa Elephant Summit in Botswana, delegates from about 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as China, gathered together to talk about the future of the African Elephant species. 

“This species could be extinct in our lifetime, within one or two decades, if the current trend continues... In five years we may have lost the opportunity to save this magnificent and iconic animal,” Dune Ives, senior researcher at philanthropic organization, Vulcan, said. 

China is accused of fueling the ivory trade, which is driving the extinction. China places high value on ivory, with figurines, given as traditional gifts, and ivory chopsticks, hair ornaments, and jewelry also as highly prized luxuries. 

"China regards ivory as a cultural heritage; they are not going to ban it," said Grace Gabriel of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

At the summit, a Chinese delegate "complained that the country was being unfairly targeted and should be considered an ally in fight to save the elephant. The delegate said China funds anti-poaching efforts in Africa and is strengthening legislation," AFP and The Guardian reported.

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2 Apr

April is National Dog Fighting Awareness Month

Photo: iStock

Well, dog-gone! Who knew? Organized dog fights still take place in many parts of the country, even though it's a felony offense across all 50 states.

So, the ASPCA is asking animal advocates to #GetTough on this cruel and barbaric practice by speaking out and creating a social movement by using its hashtag and spreading the word throughout the month of April, and especially on National Dog Fighting Awareness Day (NDFAD) on Wednesday, April 8. 

"In recent decades, fights have become informal street corner and playground activities. Many people who participate in these fights lack even a semblance of respect for the animals, often starving and beating them to encourage aggressive behavior," the ASPCA said. 

It's crazy to think that even the dog owners involved come from every community and all backgrounds, with audiences including lawyers, judges and teachers and other upstanding community leaders.

The main reason people participate is because of the financial benefits, sometimes bringing home sums of $20,000 to $30,000 from dog fights. Using breeds like the Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, Tosa Inu, Presa Canario and the American Pit Bull Terrier, to carry out the brutal blood sport. 

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26 Mar

'Road to Puppy Bowl' Scores Double with Events in Atlanta and Miami This Weekend


Earlier this month, Animal Planet kicked off its second annual Road to the Puppy Bowl tour with three successful stops in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, and Austin, TX. Continuing with the ongoing mission to promote animal adoption and responsible pet ownership, Animal Planet and several animal rescue organizations have teamed up to host a series of all-star adoption events and help families find their very own MVP (Most Valuable Pet) in cities throughout the United States.

This Saturday, Road to Puppy Bowl will head to the southeast for two simultaneous events in Atlanta and Miami. One event will be hosted in Florida at the Miami-Dade County Animal Services from 10AM to 4PM EST. The second will take place from 11AM to 4PM at the Atlanta Humane Society in Georgia. Join us in either location for an exciting day filled with giveaways, photo ops, and overly adorable animals. We'll post our favorite fan snapshots from the day at, and you can share your own using #R2PB on Instagram.

As an added bonus, any individuals or families wishing to adopt a pet during these events will be able to do so free of charge. That's right! Animal Planet will cover 100 percent of the adoption fees, making it that much easier for you to take your new furry friend off to their fur-ever home!

Get more details and sign up for Road to Puppy Bowl: Atlanta and Miami now!

Can't make it? Stay tuned as we announce more Road to Puppy Bowl dates. There may be an event coming soon to a city near you. 

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