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11 Apr

Sonic Who? Watch Peanut the Hedgehog Speeding onto APL!VE

Look out, Sonic! There’s a new guy on the scene and he’s aiming to dethrone you as the speediest, spikiest hedgehog of all time! Weighing in at a healthy 375 grams, 2-year old Peanut has his racing paws on and is allowing Animal Planet L!VE to follow his bold quest on Hedgehog Cam. a pint-sized athlete isn’t easy, but Peanut sure doesn’t let it show. By day, he’s like any other nocturnal creature. He spends his days sleeping and burrowing deep into his bed at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab. But once the sun goes down and the lights go off, Peanut is raring to go. His nightly regimen consists of runs on the wheel, bulking up on mealworms, keeping hydrated, and then showing off for the camera!


You can watch Peanut’s training sessions each night thanks to our partners at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab, an approved rescue with the Hedgehog Welfare Society. Tru Chance is dedicated to caring for all hedgehogs that come through their door, placing some in loving new homes, permanently housing those who are not able to be adopted due to medical or temperament issues, and teaching others how to responsibly care for these often misunderstood exotic animals.  They are currently the home to 14 hedgehogs including the dynamic and speedy Peanut!

Meet Peanut the Hedgehog after dark on APL!VE.>>


 Not quite dark yet?  Learn more about Hedgehogs by watching this clip from Pets 101:



26 Feb

Gator Boys: Paul Bit Over 30 Times, Says on Today Show

Paul and Jimmy visited Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on the Today Show this morning to introduce them to a couple of their scaly BFFs and give them some words of wisdom when it comes to facing gators in the wild ... in short? Paul suggests, "Just run."

Paul also confirmed that he's been bit over THIRTY times and has probably lost gallons of blood. *ick*

Watch the clip:

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Watch more Gator Boys videos and best moments from the show:



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26 Dec

Gators and Crocs Use Sticks To Attract Prey, Studies Show

Watch out for gators and crocs near sticks. (Photo Credit: Debbie Tubridy/TNWA Photography)

As we’ve learned from watching Gator Boys, alligators aren’t animals to mess around with. But while we may fear gators and crocodiles for their physicality, it’s their brains that we should be more afraid of.

Recent studies show both species are patient and quite cunning when looking for prey. It seems that both crocodiles and alligators balance sticks on their snouts near nesting colonies in an attempt to attract birds, according to a story from the Huffington Post and ScienceNOW.

The practice was first observed as an Indian zoo back in 2007. There, a behavioral ecologist named Vladimir Dinets saw crocs balancing sticks near a rookery where egrets look for sticks to build their nests. Once an egret would approach, the crocs would snap and lunge for the bird.

We’re sure Jimmy and Paul would agree that these animals are a lot smarter than we think. Visit the Gator Boys page for more gator goodness, including photos, video and more.

3 Sep

Alligator hunters break size record within an hour of one other

Mississippi is only days into its alligator hunting season and three records have already been broken, some within hours of each other.

Dustin Brockman and his friends with the 727-pound gator they caught Sept. 1. (Photo Credit: Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks)

 On Sept. 1, Beth Trammell and her team caught a gator that weighed 723.5 pounds, breaking the state’s previous record of 697.5 pounds, according to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. But that record would be short lived, after Dustin Brockman and his group caught a gator weighing 727 pounds an hour later. Trammell’s gator was the longer of the two at 13-feet, 5.5-inches, just missing the length record by a measly inch.

Beth Trammell and her team caught a gator that weighed 723.5 pounds, holding the size record for just one hour. (Photo Credit: Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks)


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18 Mar

Gator Boys Update: Paul is Okay After Gator Bite to the Head!



Many have been asking so we wanted to give the latest on Paul: HE IS OKAY!! We promise!

Here's an update directly from Paul:

"I've had five bites total and three of them were worse than this one. All five times the gator spit me out, so either I have a great relationship with the guy upstairs or I taste really bad. I'm fine ... as far as I know. My brain seems to be working as well as it did before!"

Paul and Jimmy have rescued an estimated 500 alligators in the last ten years, and they have had approximately 60 stitches to prove it. THEY may be pros ... but seriously: DO NOT try this at home. ;)

Watch the biting moment below from the season finale!


Watch More Gator Boys Videos >>


Betty Chu is a Digital Media Executive Producer for She loves dogs so much it hurts. Follow her on Twitter @beddychew or Facebook for the cutest animal posts EVER.

10 Mar

Gator Boys SEASON FINALE: Will the Guys Return to Florida?!



A gator behind a houseboat is wreaking havoc for one lady and the Gator Boys are called to the rescue.

It gets stickier than expected when the boys have to try and fish their new friend out of a dark, murky pipe.


Deathgrip Premieres Tonight @ 9 p.m. e/p


Paul must also rush back to Florida to submit a bid so the Gator Boys can return to Everglades Holiday Park.  

And, when the boys go deep into the swamps to do a photo shoot with deadly alligators, things take a dangerous turn for the worse.

Watch More Gator Boys Video >>



Betty Chu is a Digital Media Executive Producer for She loves dogs so much it hurts. Follow her on Twitter @beddychew or Facebook for the cutest animal posts EVER.

16 Feb

Gator Boys: Mississippi vs. Florida Gators - Who's the Meanest?!


Gator-boys-gator-smackdownAfter Paul and Jimmy rescue a series of ferocious Mississippi alligators and introduce them into the wrestling pit, the new gators quickly establish dominance over the alligators Paul brought from Florida.

Curtis and Allan are proud to see how tough and mean their local gators are and insist that Mississippi alligators are a different species than Florida alligators. To end the bragging, Paul calls in a scientific expert to prove to his bosses that all alligators are the same.


Gator Smackdown Premieres Tomorrow @ 9 p.m. e/p

Meanwhile, Jimmy’s girlfriend, Sara, is left feeling frustrated because Jimmy's been focusing on everything except her.

 Watch More Gator Boys Video >>


13 Feb

Gator Boys Get Their Sexy Valentine's on with Their Scaly Girls



It's getting hot in here! Time for a little Valentine's lovin' and romance — break out the bubbly and strawberries and watch Paul + team wrestle a few lovely, scaly ladies.

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9 Feb

Gator Boys: Snakes and Snakes and DEADLY SNAKES! OH MY!


Gator-boys-scared-snakelessThe Gator Boys need help after being slammed with a series of huge nuisance gators. Paul and Jimmy call "Big" Mike Easter, who comes from Florida to help. Mike arrives along with a truckload of venomous snakes hoping to do a snake show. Unfortunately, Curtis, who owns the Gator Ranch, has a phobia of snakes and freaks out.

Scared Snakeless premieres Sunday @ 9 p.m. e/p.


While Paul removes a big gator from a pool, an enthusiastic young boy jumps in to help. Paul must act fast to avert disaster!  Meanwhile, Ashley recruits Scott to help her with a new marketing scheme — but, when Scott realizes she wants him to dress in an alligator costume, he becomes less than cooperative.

Watch Gator Boys Video >>


26 Jan

Gator Boys: Searching for the Legendary Gatorzilla


Gator-boys-gatorzillaThe Gator Boys set out to find Big Bull, a legendary alligator reported to be over 15 feet long. After searching the swamps and following many false leads, a frantic woman swears a giant gator is lurking on her property.

Paul and Jimmy think they may have finally found the mythical beast ... but quickly realize it's way too big for just the two of them!

Gatorzilla Premieres Tomorrow @ 9 p.m. e/p.

Back at the Gator Ranch, Chris challenges Paul to a target shooting competition that will determine who is mightier: Paul with a throwing knife, or Chris with a bullwhip.


Watch More Gator Boys Video >>

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