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9 Oct

Baby Hippo Tries Really Hard to Play With Crocodile

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

This is a baby hippo names George — and instead of being scared of the crocodiles who live near him on the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe, he wants to play with them.

"HEY. Whatcha doing?"

"George was most definitely playing," explains Karen Paolillo of the Turgwe Hippo Trust, who captured the footage. "He does that often with crocs it is a game just like a puppy or a kitten."

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10 Aug

Woman Attacked by Alligator, Loses Arm

A 37-year-old woman was attacked by an alligator while swimming in the Wekiva River in Orlando, Fla. on Saturday afternoon. According to NBC News, she was swimming in a secluded area when the alligator grabbed her by the arm and dragged her under the water. She was saved by kayakers who hit the alligator on the head until it let her go. 

The woman has reportedly lost her right arm just below the elbow. She didn't suffer any other injuries. This is the second alligator attack in Florida in two weeks.

Watch more gator videos here, with a playlist of some of the best moments from 'Gator Boys.'

Make sure to tune in to Gator Night on Monday, August 17 at 7/6c!

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30 Jul

Gator Laughs At Humans' Puny Efforts To Contain Him

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(Guest post by Ameena Schelling from

This alligator isn't daunted by 3-foot fences.

YouTuber Duce Brickenson worked for a tour company in the Everglades when he took this video, which was posted in 2013. Part of his job was to remove any alligators from the parking lot, so they wouldn't get injured by cars or visitors.

"The tourists that come here are pretty stupid, and are usually the instigators of alligator bites," he wrote in the video description.

In the video, he spots a medium-sized alligator roaming around the parking lot and ushers it over to a fence. Crouching down by the hissing reptile (Note: Don't get this close to an alligator unless you know what you're doing), he encourages it to hop over.

Sure enough, the ungainly gator pulls himself upright and latches onto the fence, quickly scampering up to the top. He unceremoniously plops down on the other side, rights himself and quickly hurries off home.

YouTube/Duce Brickenson

The video is impressive, both for the alligator's skill and because scientists are still learning about them and their climbing abilities; just last year a paper documented their ability to climb trees.

"Gators are truly amazing creatures, and you'll never know all their secrets unless you actually spend time in the everglades; and observe them up close like I did," Duce Brickenson wrote. "It's amazing to think that some scientists don't even know that alligators can do this."

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28 Jul

Cat Takes on Alligator in Heart-Pounding Video

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(Guest post By Caitlin Jill Anders from

Cats don't like to take a lot of crap. If you ask them, they're the ones who rule the household, the backyard, the world, etc. Even something super scary and imposing — like say, an alligator — might not phase a cat. Cats are pretty badass.

In fact, we have have found the most badass cat of all in an incredible 2014 video. This guy wanders next to a swampy area where a whole bunch of alligators are just hanging out, and instead of keeping a safe distance ... he walks right up to one of the toothy animals.

People watching and filming immediately start freaking out, yelling things like, "Get the cat away," and "Oh no, the kitty!" Cat was not phased though. After all, everyone doubted Hercules at first, too. 

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24 Jul

3-Foot-Long Crocodile Strolls Down New York City Street

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(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

They say that if you can make it in New York City you can make it anywhere.

And one sassy, scaled river animal wants in on the Manhattan rat race. "So this alligator was crossing 9th Ave in, really," The NYPD's 34th Precinct tweeted about the alligator, who simply wanted to be a part of it.

"I think that might be a crocodile," an astute tweeter pointed out.

And the NYPD replied in with characteristically dry, Big Apple wit: "Oh, ok. Then it makes much more sense that he'd be on 9th. That's more of a crocodile hangout than an alligator spot...thx."

The ambitious reptile was taken to New York's Animal Care Centers, where he awaits a replacement back into the wild with a good wildlife rehabilitator, to help him give up city dreams and stay in the environment where he belongs.

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9 Jul

Texas Man Illegally Kills Nuisance Alligator, Will Not be Fined

12 News

A Texas alligator involved in a fatal attack was shot and killed Monday, and game wardens have decided not to charge the man who admitted to the killing, according to KTRK ABC 13 and KBMT 12 News.

The 400-pound alligator is suspected in the death of 28-year-old Tommie Woodward, who, despite verbal and written warnings, jumped into a bayou where the animal had been spotted numerous times. Though Woodward's death was ruled a drowning, some of his body parts were found inside the alligator, according to CNN.

Kent Robnett admitted to the killing because he wanted to protect his family.

"I have a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old and a 14-year-old who swim out here," he told KTRK. "He was just too big."

Had charges been filed against him, he would have faced a $500 fine for the unlawful harvesting of the alligator.

Colonel Craig Hunter, Law Enforcement Director for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said in a statement, "In no way do we condone the killing of a nuisance alligator without proper authority. Either Texas game wardens or a licensed nuisance alligator hunter would have been more appropriate to handle the situation. Either way, because of its aggressive behavior, the alligator would have to be killed. If there is a positive that can come out of this case, it's an educational opportunity for us to reinforce to the public not to feed or disturb alligators and that there are proper procedures for handling nuisance alligators."

Watch this clip of the Maine Game Wardens stopping illegal hunting in North Woods Law:

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13 Mar

No Birdies, Just Alligators on This Florida Golf Course

Golfers at Florida's Myakka Pines Golf Club not only have to deal with the challenges of the 27-hole golf course, but also with alligators who tend to lounge on greens.

The club shared photos snapped by a member on their Facebook account last week and the photos have since gone viral, according to a story in The Guardian. Apparently, alligator sightings on the golf course are so common, the club has instituted a rule if a gator is spotted: don't go to the green, instead take two putts.

“It’s impossible to play 18 holes and not see at least one alligator,” Mickie Zada, Myakka's general manager, told The Guardian. “When you’re in Florida, you’re going to see alligators.”

The club, located in Englewood, Fla., is housed on open land near the Everglades, thus making it a great location for the gators to trek through on the way to swamps - or on the hunt for food, new territory or a mate now that winter is ending and the temperatures are warming up.

Check out how the Gator Boys handled a gator on another Florida golf course:

21 Feb

Who Knew? Crocodiles Like to Play - and Give Each Other Piggy Back Rides

Photo: Jeff Foott

Leisure and happiness? This is far from usual crocodile demeanor, isn't it? 

Contrary to popular belief, crocodilians are quite the playful bunch: crocodiles, alligators and caimans. The three species piggyback their mates frequently from place to place like the two above. 

According to an article in National Geographic, they also blow bubbles, play with flowers and snap up stream, which are only a few of the 15 playful behaviors zoologist Vladimir Dinet observed over his 3,000 plus hours of research. 

The zoologist is the forerunner on crocodilian play research, observing how crocodiles engage for enjoyment. Not that any other scientist hasn't ever noticed that crocodiles play, but Dinet is the first person to actually write about it. His published piece is titled, quite rightly, "Play Behavior in Crocodilians."

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30 Jul

Gator Boys: All New Season!

This Sunday, August 3rd, the wait is finally over! The Gator Boys are back for an all new season and it's all being kicked off with a special two part season premiere beginning at 8PM E/P! This season will be sure not to disappoint as the team continues their work to capture gators, move them to more suitable homes, and educate the public about these fascinating creatures.


Sunday's two-part premiere will also mark a Gator Boys first as the team travels to Mexico. Gator Boys leader, Paul Bedard has been asked to help an aquarium in Mazaltan start up thier own no-kill crocodile resuce and also to help with the hunt for  the legendary monster-croc, "El Diablo,"  which has terrorized the locals for quite some time now.

The adventure never stops for the Gator Boys, so be sure to tune in every Sunday at 8 PM E/P to find out what Paul, Jimmy, and the rest of the team are up to. Until then, take a look back and enjoy this compliation of some of the team's best catches!

23 Jul

Alligator Crashes Teens' Camping Trip

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.50.25 AM

S'mores, spooky stories and a campfire make up a typical, safe, night of camping.

For a group of teens in Texarkana, TX, things became truly spooky when a large guest decided to join the fun. The kids heard something perusing around their tent, but didn't know the size of the visitor until the next day.

The next morning, while swimming in a pond, they were chased out by an eight-foot-long, 300-pound alligator. A wildlife expert said the alligator could have seen the kids as prey, if the gator was indeed following them. 


This isn't the only time someone has been chased from a nice swim! Watch when Paul and Jimmy, from Gator Boys, had to rescue a gator from someone's pool. 

Make sure to tune in to an ALL NEW season of Gator Boys, August 3rd at 8/7c!

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