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11 Apr

Sonic Who? Watch Peanut the Hedgehog Speeding onto APL!VE

Look out, Sonic! There’s a new guy on the scene and he’s aiming to dethrone you as the speediest, spikiest hedgehog of all time! Weighing in at a healthy 375 grams, 2-year old Peanut has his racing paws on and is allowing Animal Planet L!VE to follow his bold quest on Hedgehog Cam. a pint-sized athlete isn’t easy, but Peanut sure doesn’t let it show. By day, he’s like any other nocturnal creature. He spends his days sleeping and burrowing deep into his bed at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab. But once the sun goes down and the lights go off, Peanut is raring to go. His nightly regimen consists of runs on the wheel, bulking up on mealworms, keeping hydrated, and then showing off for the camera!


You can watch Peanut’s training sessions each night thanks to our partners at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab, an approved rescue with the Hedgehog Welfare Society. Tru Chance is dedicated to caring for all hedgehogs that come through their door, placing some in loving new homes, permanently housing those who are not able to be adopted due to medical or temperament issues, and teaching others how to responsibly care for these often misunderstood exotic animals.  They are currently the home to 14 hedgehogs including the dynamic and speedy Peanut!

Meet Peanut the Hedgehog after dark on APL!VE.>>


 Not quite dark yet?  Learn more about Hedgehogs by watching this clip from Pets 101:



5 Apr

Hop On Down the Bunny Trail to the Newest Live Cam

Are you searching for something to put a hop in your step and a smile on your face?  Look no further because Animal Planet L!VE just teamed up with the House Rabbit Society to give life to your newest obsession: Bunny Cam!

Credit: zzcapture/Veer

This spring APL!VE is absolutely bouncing with cuteness with the addition of Bunny Cam to our growing collection of adorable animal cams. Brighten your day by watching sweet bunnies munch, jump, and play around in their very own bunny castle.  With Easter just weeks away, this is a cam that you're going to want to share with friends and family.

It's also an excellent opportunity to get to know one of America’s most popular household pets. To help you understand exactly what welcoming a bunny into the family means, we're hosting weekly chats with our partners at the House Rabbit Society, an international non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits, finding them forever homes, and educating people on the responsibilities of rabbit ownership. Join us on Bunny Cam every Wednesday at 3PM ET for Bunny Chats!

Hippity-hop over to APL!VE where floppy ears and bushy tails await you!>>



Need more bunnies to fill your day?  Check out this playlist of the Hoppiest Bunny Videos!

27 Mar

BREAKING: Nation's Capital Welcomes 10 Dogs from Sochi

UPDATE, Friday, March 28: The dogs arrived at WARL's Northwest D.C. facilities and are comfortably settling in. Watch a video of their sweet welcome to their new home country. добро пожаловать — welcome to America, puppies! We love you!

UPDATE, March 27, 7:30 p.m. ET: 10 dogs rescued from Sochi arrived at WARL's facilities in Washington, D.C., thanks to support from U.S. Olympians. Watch the report from NBC Washington below.

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3 Mar

Stray Dog Goes From Doghouse To Clubhouse With The Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy gives Hank some love during spring training (Photo Credit: AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

As many baseball fans know, spring training is well underway and we’re less than a month away from the 2014 Major League Baseball season. And for the Milwaukee Brewers, there's no one more excited than Hank, the team’s new unofficial mascot.

It wasn’t an easy journey from the doghouse to the clubhouse for this pooch, as we learned from Deadspin and the Associated Press. Less than a few weeks ago, Hank was a stray wandering around the team’s spring training complex in Arizona when he was found by a group of Brewers employees. They took him to a vet for a check up, where they noticed some old wounds around his tail that were consistent with having been run over by a car.

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17 Dec

Clever Marketing to Encourage Pet Adoption

Photo from the Nebraska Humane Society.

We love what the Nebraska Humane Society is doing to encourage pet adoption. Using their Facebook page to spread the word, they've featured cats and dogs in the facility posing for cute photos and have attached witty text to share info about the available animals.

See an adorable adoption in this Pit Bulls & Parolees clip below:

The lap warmer example above is one of our favorites.


2 Dec

Happy National Mutt Day!

Mixed breeds give you a little bit of everything and are less prone to health problems that can bother pure breeds. (Photo Credit: Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock)

The holiday season is in full swing, and while most of us are thinking about Hanukkah or Christmas, today is one special holiday you may not be aware of—National Mutt Day.

We may think that pure breeds are the way to go, but mutts give you a little bit of everything. Not only that, mixed breeds tend to have fewer health issues that can occur in purebred dogs! That alone is worth celebrating!

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5 Nov

Arizona Family Rescues Pit Bull Left for Dead on Mountain Trail


Courtesy of the Arizona Humane Society.
Andi Davis was taking a routine hike near Phoenix, Ariz., when she spotted a 2-year-old pit bull at the top of a mountain, according to an article on the Huffington Post. Despite inititially having misgivings about the breed, Davis scooped up the dog and carried him back down the mountain, where her husband and daughter, Jessi, brought him to the Arizona Humane Society for treatment.


While there, it was discovered that the dog, now named Elijah, had been shot and was likely left for dead on the trail.

This story has a happy ending however. Davis's daughter, Jessi, felt a special connection with the dog and he's now become a member of their family.

For more on pit bulls, check out Pit Bulls & Parolees every Saturday night at 10PM E/P.

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22 Oct

Animal Planet's Second Annual Adopt-a-Palooza!


Credit: Beth Howell Caldwell

Here at Animal Planet, we love celebrating animals every day, but there's a special place in our hearts for dogs and cats who are rescued from shelters. As part of our ROAR (Reach Out, Act, Respond) campaign, which aims to inspire people like you to help make the world a better place for animals, Animal Planet, along with our host Downtown Silver Spring, teamed up with D.C.-local animal rescue organizations for an adoption event in downtown Silver Spring, Md., where Animal Planet is headquartered.

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22 Oct

Meet Pamela, The Newest Rescue at Villalobos

Over the course of Pit Bulls and Parolees, we’ve witnessed Tia Torres and her amazing team at Villalobos Rescue Center help and rehabilitate hundreds of dogs. We all have our favorite pit bulls from the show, but there’s something about this beautiful pit bull-border collie mix named Pamela that tugs our heartstrings. 

Pamela, after she was rescued. (Photo Credit: Villalobos Rescue Center Facebook page) 

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20 Sep

The Importance of Foster Homes: Sir Stuffington's Story

Earlier today we were introduced to a very brave kitten named Sir Stuffington. Our little friend has been through the unimaginable in his short little life and is currently recuperating in a foster home in Oregon.

Photo Credit: Multnomah County Animal Services

Sir Stuffington will be ready for adoption in a few months. On behalf of Animal Planet we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to foster mom Blazer Schaffer for caring for Sir Stuffington until he is at a healthy and adoptable weight. We'd also like to thank all of the pet foster moms and dads out there. You are all an essential part of ensuring that all animals find happy and healty forever homes. Check out Sir Stuffington's Facebook page to follow his progress. 


Click here to learn more about Sir Stuffington! 

Click here to learn more about unique pets! 


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