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15 Aug

Treehouse Masters: Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line!


This week's season finale of Treehouse Masters is one you can't afford to miss. Pete Nelson will be building a very special treehouse for Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line, and his beautiful wife, Brittney Cole.

Kelley and his wife already have a beautiful home built into the mountainside right outside of Nashville, but when they decided they wanted to do a little addition, they called up Pete and the crew. The treehouse masters constructed them a modern two-story structure that features a recording living room, master suite, and recording studio. Possibly best of all, the new treehouse connects to thier home by breezeway, which was no easy feat.


Brian and Brittney react to the unveiling of their new treehouse.

Will the couple love thier new addition? Be sure to tune Friday at 10 PM E/P to see if Pete and the rest of the crew is successful in building Brian and his wife the perfect space they are looking for!

You can also check out some exclusive pictures from the filming here!

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