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25 Aug

Moray Eel Eats Lionfish

It's an eel-eat-fish world out there!  Check out this video below of a spotted moray eel attacking and eating a lionfish.  

Pay special attention to the eel's hunting technique. It bites the lionfish in the middle of its body and uses its double set of jaws to both hold and cut the lionfish in half. Then it pulls the lionfish through its coils and tears it in two. It's pretty amazing to watch!


Eel:1, Lionfish: 0!

Lionfish are no easy prey. They have venomous spines and most predators avoid them. Native to South Pacific and Indian Oceans, captive lionfish were introduced from aquariums into North American coastal waters along the eastern Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, where they have quickly become established and are considered a dangerous invasive exotic species.

Lionfish are an invasive exotic species in the Atlantic and Gulf. Photo by Tina Bao via Flicker Creative Commons.

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