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1 Jul

Pig the Unusual-Looking Pup is Anything but Ordinary

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and Pig the Akita mix definitely proves it. How is she unusual looking, you ask? Pig has Short Spine Syndrome which is exactly what it sounds like: she is missing several vertebrae, so her body is much shorter than it is supposed to be.

Photo courtesy of Alabama Media Group

Pig was born to a feral mother and was rescued along with the rest of her brothers and sisters in Jefferson, Georgia. Kim Dillenback, who didn’t originally rescue the litter, met Pig and fell in love with her right away, as Dillenback had previously fostered rescue dogs. However, no one thought Pig was going to make it because of her shape. In an interview with, Dillenback said, "We assumed that by now, she would be suffocating under her own organs, or something like that, because of her shape." Despite the odds, Dillenback took Pig in and now Pig is almost 8 months old and about 15 pounds.


And she is just like any other dog. She loves to play fetch, wrestle with her other dog friends, and even stand on two hind legs. Despite missing part of her spine and vertebrae being fused together, Pig has few health problems and is in no obvious pain. Dillenback does have to make sure she eats slowly to avoid choking. In Pig’s story on, Dillenback said, "She doesn't have the space in her to eat large meals without getting out of breath because her lungs are crowded."

Despite the odds, Pig is a happy, relatively healthy mutt who definitely turns heads in public. Learn more about Pig and her foundation to help foster dogs on her Facebook page.

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