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15 Jul

Happy Shark Awareness Day!

Today is Shark Awareness Day! And with Shark Week swimming up quickly, what better way to celebrate everyone's favorite week a little early? Don't know how to celebrate? You could head over to our Shark Cam full of Blacktip sharks on APL!VE!


You could also read some of these fast shark facts that show just how cool sharks are and why they need to be protected!

  • There are over 400 species of shark around the world, ranging in size from mere inches to over 50 feet!
  • Out of those 400 species, only 20 species of shark are known to attack humans.
  • Sharks can smell one drop of blood in a million drops of water.
  • Sharks have lived in our oceans for over 400 million years.
  • A shark's liver is full of oil, which makes the shark buoyant and better able to keep its balance in the water.
  • You are more likely to be injured by a cat, a dog, your toilet, lightening, or a bucket than be injured by a shark.
  • Humans are sharks' #1 predator, followed by killer whales, crocodiles, and seals.

Other ways to help and learn about sharks:

Need more convincing? Watch this video to learn What's To Love about Great White Sharks!


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