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8 Jul

Too Cute Tuesday: Germany’s First Walrus Pup is Born


On June 15, an adorable, whiskered male walrus pup was born at Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo. But this isn’t an ordinary walrus pup.

Why? Because he is the first and only walrus to be born in Germany. The zoo’s website states that this group of walruses (the pup’s mother and enclosure mates) came to them about a year ago from the Moscow Zoo to fulfill the dream of Tierpark Hagenbeck to host the only walrus breeding group in Germany. And their dreams have come true! This little guy doesn’t have a name yet, but it will be decided by zoo visitors.


Walrus births are extremely rare in captivity, with only 11 recorded births in North America. Normally, only one pup is born after gestating for 15 months and they weigh between 99 to 165 pounds (yikes!). After birth, walrus mothers have been known to cradle their babies in their flippers, similar to how humans hold their babies. She will take care of her pup for up to two years. Eventually, this little guy will weigh up to 3,700 lbs!

Congratulations to the zoo staff at Hamburg's Hagenbeck Zoo!

Want to see even more adorable baby animals? Check out the video below, then head over to our Cute baby animals playlist for even more aww-dorable moments:

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