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10 Jul

Congrats to Japan's Shiba Inu, WORLD PUP Champion!

Dog lovers everywhere have spoken! Congratulations to the SHIBA INU, your WORLD PUP Champion! 


After a *ruff* few weeks of competition, the beloved Shiba Inu of Japan has prevailed as top dog in our first-ever WORLD PUP! The competition was tight from the start but the Shiba inu defeated Belgium's Brussels Griffon in Round 1. And moved on to eliminate the USA's Alaskan Malamute in Round 2. In Round 3, the brave little Shiba defeated Spain's Great Pyrenees. And, in the final championship match, the Shiba bested China's Shar-pei. Congratulations to our intrepid, brave, confident, little friend!

The celebration continues on Twitter!  Check out the photo gallery of our favorite supporters so far cheering on their championship title! Tweet at us with your photos (@AnimalPlanet) if you'd like to be included in our photo gallery.


Shiba Inus are wonderful dogs — and we all know the Internet LOVES them. BUT! Buuut, they are NOT for everyone — check out our Dog Breed Selector, do plenty of research and decide if they are right for you. Here's the Dogs 101 on the breed: 


Take it from a past Shiba mama, they are wonderful dogs but know what you're getting into. If you decide they are a good fit for your personality and lifestyle, here are a few reasons why you will LOVE them.  For the first few months after adopting a Shiba Inu puppy, expect a lot, A LOT of this:

And, this is pretty wonderful to wake up to:

For the record, *I* was scared of the car wash too throughout my childhood ... but LOOK at that little face:

And, Shiba Inus, like cats, do NOT like being bathed. They keep themselves very clean ... so if and when you do decide to give them a bath, it might go a little something like this: 


And, they don't have what you might imagine as your traditional bark - but, more of a shrill, squawky, squealing like what you hear in this clip. *adorable* Don't worry - they're not hurting her! That's just how Shibas sound when they're not so happy with you. ;)  But when they are, it might be a beautiful moment like this:




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