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10 Jun

Baby Farm Animals Earn Their Wheels at Australian Animal Rescue

We’ve all heard the phrase “if pigs could fly,” but what if pigs had wheels? Look no further as this question has been answered by the piglet, Leon Trotsky, a resident at Edgar’s Mission in Victoria, Australia. According to the Huffington Post, he was rescued by Edgar’s Mission after his mother fell on top of him and his siblings at a pig farm. While his siblings didn’t make it, Leon did, but with a crushed femur and severe ligament damage. Things seemed gloomy for the piglet, until the rescue fitted him with his own piggy wheelchair. This wheelchair allowed Leon to heal while also keeping him mobile and active.


The Hufington Post also reported that Leon isn’t the only baby farm animal Edgar’s Mission that has earned his wheels; there’s also Frostie the Snow Goat. Like Leon, Frostie came to the farm unable to use his back legs. However, instead of broken legs, Frostie has a condition called joint navel ill, an infection that affects baby calves and goats at birth. In Frostie’s case, the infection settled in his legs, causing them to swell so much that he couldn’t walk. So, Leon Trotsky was nice enough to lend his wheelchair to Frostie until the infection healed.



Edgar’s Mission has given this piglet and this kid a new chance at life, rescuing them from pig farms and unhealthy living conditions. This rescue is dedicated to rescuing farm animals, particularly those on factory farms, and giving them a new life on their 60 acre farm. Head over to Edgar's Mission's web site to read more about their rescue success stories.   

See how another animal (a cat) got a little extra help with a feline prosthetic:

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