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6 Jun

Bigfoot Hunters Find Footprints in Kentucky


Two men in Kentucky have found what appears to be some of the most promising evidence to date out of the Bluegrass state - an impressive collection of footprint casts. And this Sunday at 9 PM E/P, the Finding Bigfoot Team, Bobo, Cliff, Ranae, and Matt, are heading to Kentucky to investigate.

The area surrounding the Ohio River, where the two men base their investigation, proves to be a great location for sasquatch hunting. The thick woods and deep hollows allow Bigfoots to hide and remain unseen. Bigfoots are allegedly known to follow rivers, which provides the muddy soil that makes it easier to find footprints. Have these two men found the perfect Bigfoot environment?

The team is blown away by the casts -- even Ranae, who is usually a skeptic. Faked casts typically all look very similar, but the variety of prints collected in this area leads Matt to believe that these casts are solid evidence. Cliff also points out that one of the casts even has a visible dermatoglyph, or more simply, a primate fingerprint. 

Tune in Sunday at 9 PM E/P for the return of Finding Bigfoot as the team returns for another exciting trip to Kentucky, where they will also hear a Squatch tale from famous Kentucky native, Turtleman! Will this strong evidence finally lead the Finding Bigfoot team to the most elusive creature of all time? 

To find out what happens, tune in to this Sunday's season premiere at 9PM E/P!

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