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19 Jun

Father & Son Reel in Giant, Record-Breaking White Sturgeon


When Ron Jarvis and his son Paul traveled from Atlanta, Ga., to British Columbia for a father-son fishing trip, little did they know they were about to make the record books.  On the first day of their three-day excursion along the Fraser River, the duo caught one of the largest white sturgeon ever reeled in.

While it may be common for people to hook one of these giant fish, winning what can be an hour-long battle to reel the monster in is where people often fall short.  Sturgeons are the largest freshwater fish that can be found in North America and are said to live for over 100 years and grow to be over 1,500 lbs. However, after over an hour of work, 19-year-old Paul Jarvis succeeded in reeling in the beast which was over 11 feet long, and approximately 882 lbs.

"I am a big guy and I could barely hold on to the rod let alone begin to reel the fish. Managing that fish became a true father and son challenge. As I battled the fish my dad handed me water to keep me hydrated and he even held on to my fighting belt and harness," said the university sophomore to CBC News.

This is the fourth giant sturgeon to be caught along the Fraser River in just the past two years. Marvin Rosenau, an instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s School of Environment, states that it is rare for this many record-worthy sized sturgeons to be caught in such a short period of time. The caught sturgeon was also found to have never been reeled in before, so a conservation tag was added to assist with population estimates. 

A big congratulations to Ron and Paul Jarvis on their catch!


To learn even more about the massive creatures that inhabit our waters, here is a special clip from River Monsters on how to catch an Arapaima:




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