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1 May

HELP! #KillerLampreys! Calling All Lamprey Videos!

You may have heard about the killer flick coming very soon to a TV near you, Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys - only on Animal Planet!  So as you can imagine, we are all hard at work here at HQ, researching and hunting the web to bring you the latest and greatest in all things LAMPREY.

But, we need YOUR help. We're looking for the wildest, weirdest, lamprey videos out there so we're asking all of you to send us #KillerLampreys videos. How, you ask?  Send and/or share your video links by any of these means:

  • Click here to email us with your full name and a link to video of evidence.
  • Share the video evidence on Twitter using the hashtag,#KillerLampreys.
  • Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo with the hashtag #KillerLampreys in the video title.
  • Post your #KillerLampreys evidence in the Comments section below.

We'll be looking for the craziest clips to feature right here in our blog and share on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

So far, this one's in first place:

Excuse me, WHAT?  We're not entirely sure what's going on here but we've reached out to the YouTuber who uploaded this for the real story - STAY TUNED ...

Photo: YouTube image





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