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27 May

Cute Kitten Finds Surrogate Family With Pit Bulls

This is Matilda, a foster kitten. Isn’t she a doll?

That face! (Photo courtesy of Lisa Morabito)

About a month ago, Matilda was a stray taken in by Lisa Revella Morabito, director of operations for BARCS, an animal shelter in Baltimore. As you can imagine, Matilda joined a menagerie of other animals at Lisa’s home, which included a couple of cats, some pit bulls and a French bulldog.

Despite the obvious differences when it comes to her age, size and species, Matilda quickly became friends with her new roommates. Daily cuddles were on the agenda with pit bulls like Spike, Betty White and Piglet, according to The Huffington Post. Matilda was so connected to the pit bulls that she even tried to nurse off of Spike, the only male dog in the household.

She sounds like a member of the pack to us!

Alas, Matilda’s time at Lisa’s came to an end when she was adopted into her forever home. We hope Matilda’s new family has some four-legged siblings for her to play with.

Matilda’s story is a beautiful reminder that animals can be friends, regardless of species. See for yourself and meet other sets of surprising animal friends, then fall in love with the sweet dogs from Pit Bulls and Parolees.

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