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30 May

CUTE ALERT! Panda Dogs Are All the Rage in China

If you're looking for your own cuddly panda, look no further - well, if you're anywhere near Chengdu city in China. 

A pet shop in southwestern China's Sichuan province has perfected grooming techniques of the Chow to transform them into miniature lookalikes of the nation's most beloved panda.


According to the pet shop owner, it takes about two hours for the grooming process and the results last for about 6 weeks, after which you can come back for touch-ups. And, they claim the procedure involves no chemicals nor cruelty toward the dogs.

The panda grooming has been so popular, the pet shop owner said he can't keep up with the demand. And, the process is now spreading all over the country. Check out the MailOnline story for more details >>

We want to hear from you! Would YOU ever groom your dog to look like a panda ... or any other animal?  Post your opinion in the Comments section below.


Learn more about the Panda - watch these adorable videos:




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