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21 May

24-Year-Old Poppy Crowned World's Oldest Living Cat #MEOW

A 24-year-old cat named Poppy hailing from Bournemouth, England, was crowned the world's oldest living cat, taking the Guinness World Record title.


Poppy lives with her hamster, rabbit and four cat siblings - along with two human parents and two human brothers.

She loves KFC chicken, fish and chips and kebabs. But she mostly eats her usual dry and canned kitty food, according to her owners.

Poppy takes the title after a cat named Pinky in Kansas passed away last year at age 23. The oldest cat ever recorded was a feline named Creme Puff, from Texas - she was born Aug. 3, 1967 and passed away on Aug. 6, 2005, at age 38.

She's lived through four U.S. presidents in office and may be blind and deaf now, but Poppy is still fiesty as ever and top cat of the household! Whatever you're doing, Poppy, keep it up! Cheers to 24 more years!

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