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28 Mar

Don't Forget the Bags: DNA Links Owners to Un-Picked Up Poop

Boyan Dimitrov/Veer

Thought you could get away with leaving your dog’s poo on the sidewalk when going for your morning jog? Well think again.  

In the new age of technology, science has made it possible to use dog poop DNA samples to track down owners who don’t clean up after their canine friends. Yup, you read right. According to a Discovery News article, an organization called “Poo Prints” makes it possible to get DNA samples from dog poo to match to their owners. After finding out the DNA of the dog and who it belongs to, the owner can be fined hundreds of dollars for the leftover mess! In fact, many apartment complex owners require residential dog owners to get their dog's DNA samples stored in a lab specifically so they will have the ability to track dog poop to the owner if it is left in an unauthorized area.

So before you let your dog mark his territory, make sure you bring something to clean up, or you might just be paying for it.

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