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22 Feb

Chimpanzee Hugs Dr. Jane Goodall After Release Back to Forest

A chimpanzee named Wounda was found sick with disease, underweight, very weak and close to death. She was rescued by the teams at Jane Goodall Institute's Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center, home to about 160 chimpanzees, in the Republic of Congo.

Thanks to the expert care of the sanctuary staff, Wounda was given a second chance — and, headed down the road to recovery.

Dr. Jane Goodall joined the team to release Wounda to protected sanctuary lands on Tchindzoulou Island.

Watch this beautiful moment and share in Wounda's joy and gratitude. And, just try not to cry when she hugs the amazing Dr. Goodall:

You can learn more about the Jane Goodall Institute's rescue efforts and how you can help at Visit their website here >>


Update from the Jane Goodall Institute about the sanctuary grounds: Wounda was released on to one of three islands that JGI has built out as a more natural setting for the chimpanzees at the sanctuary. On the island, the chimpanzees have a lush forest to enjoy, as well as a safe place to sleep in a dormitory that JGI built; and, they have access to food and care from our sanctuary staff.  We have built out the first island and are now working to raise the funds for ongoing operations of the sanctuary and the build out of the other two islands. When they are finished, 120 of the 160 chimpanzees at the sanctuary will be able to live like Wounda on the new islands. Visit the Jane Goodall Institute's website to find out how you can help >>


Watch more videos with Dr. Goodall and her work with chimpanzees:



It's Dr. Goodall's birthday on April 3! Celebrate her amazing career and work — watch videos from our archives of Dr. Jane Goodall >>


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