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19 Feb

Boy And Dog Show Off Special Bond In Short Film

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.33.42 AM
Owen and Haatchi (Credit: "A Boy and His Dog," published to YouTube)

The bonds we share with our pets are unbreakable. For 8-year Owen and his Anatolian shepherd Haatchi, that bond was cemented the moment they met. Owen has Schwartz Jampel syndrome, a disease that causes his muscles to tense on a regular basis. Then there’s Haatchi, who lost a leg after being tied up to railway line and hit by a train. Both boy and dog faced difficulties opening up to others, until they found one another. Now it seems like nothing is impossible for either of them.

Owen, who avoided others due to his disability, can now venture out of the house with confidence, while Haatchi has found the best friend he's longed for all his life.

Their relationship is captured in a short film entitled “A Boy and His Dog,” made by a group of student filmmakers at the University of Hertfordshire.

Keep the tissues handy, because this one’s a tearjerker:

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