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15 Jan

Pit Bull Saves Owner From A Mugging

Champion Bartholomew Aloysius 3000, aka Champ (Photo Credit: KATV Little Rock)

It’s hard to admit that pit bulls don’t make the news often for good reasons. But when they do in this case, it’s important for us to share it.

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Meet Champion Bartholomew Aloysius 3000, or Champ for short. This 11-year-old pit bull is a hero after saving his owner Millie from a mugger. One day, Millie went out to the curb in front of her home to pick up trash when a man knocked her into the ground and demanded money. Millie screamed for Champ, who then jumped to her aid and barked at the assailant until he ran away. Champ then stayed next to his owner’s side until help arrived.

What makes this even more interesting is that Champ is by no means a guard dog. According to a story from KATV News in Little Rock, Arkansas, Millie and her neighbors describe Champ as “a gentle giant,” that has never shown aggression. Given that and Champ’s age, he seems like the last dog you’d expect to find in a situation like this.

It just goes to show what dogs are willing to do for their humans.

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