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16 Jan

The Ferret and the Priest: Beaver Brothers to the Rescue!

The boys get a call from the principal of a local French school where the first grade class’ two favorite pet ferrets have gone missing. The only problem is Charlie is the only member of the trio that speaks French.

An All-New Episode of the BEAVER BROTHERS
Premieres Sunday, January 19, at 8 PM ET/PT


After an impromptu lesson in the language of love yields no results, the boys have no choice but to jump right in and find these furry mascots or face the fury of some adorable French kids.



The boys come through and save the day, but the victory is short lived when they get a call from Father Berry, who needs their services at the local parish. A porcupine has invaded the church’s kitchen and put the charity spaghetti dinner in jeopardy!  The boys are ready to jump into action, but not before going paying a visit to the confession booth. Mastering the art of multi-tasking, the boys are absolving sins and trapping a porcupine, all before dinner! 

Watch a sneak peek from the episode:



Don't miss the Beaver action! Tune in Sunday @ 8PM E/P and watch this quirky band of brothers doing what they do best.

Learn more about the Beaver Brothers and watch a highlight with the boys >>



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