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18 Dec

Lil BUB, Amy Sedaris, Andrew W.K. & More Cute Friends to Debut on Animal Planet

 Lil BUB's Coming to Animal Planet This February!

Tune in for an all-new show, LIL BUB’S SPECIAL SPECIAL
premiering Saturday, Feb. 8, from 9-9:30 PM E/P.


Lil BUB’s owner, Mike, is heading out on the town for the night, but Lil BUB has plans to watch Andrew W.K.’s new clip show at a slumber party with her wild assortment of friends. And, as the saying goes, when Lil BUB’s dude is away, the cat will play! So, Mike enlists a special ‘bubbysitter,’ Amy Sedaris, to look after the party and make sure things don’t get too catty. Amy is the cat’s meow when it comes to bubbysitting, playing charades with the gang and ordering a pizza with outlandish toppings that is sure to please all. But, no matter how cool of a cat Amy is, she can’t stop Lil BUB and her friends from partaking in prank phone calls, pillow fights and other hijinks. And, to top the night off, Lil BUB unveils a ‘purrfect’ surprise – her special brand of space magic that leaves everyone open jawed with tongues out!  


While you wait, get your Lil BUB fix by visiting Animalist to watch Lil BUB's Big SHOW >> It's OBSCENELY cute stuff, like BUB getting a BUBATH —


Premieres Saturday, Feb. 8, from 9-9:30 PM E/P.




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