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5 Dec

41 Pilot Whales Stranded Off Florida’s Gulf Coast

Stranded whales
More than 50 whales were stranded, 10 of which have died. (Screenshot take from video produced by NBC 6 News)

More than 40 pilot whales are stranded in a remote area of Florida’s Everglades National Park, according to news reports.

Out of the around 50 stranded whales, 10 have died. Six were found dead by early responders and four were euthanized as “a humane option,” according to NBC 6 in Florida.

Rescue teams have tried to direct the whales to deeper waters, but were unsuccessful. Given that pilot whales travel together in pods, it can be difficult to direct them all to the closest deep water, which is about 20 miles away. Adding to that stress are other obstacles, such as sandbars and sand flats.

Rescue efforts began Wednesday. But as of Thursday, officials don’t believe the remaining whales will survive. "We want to set the expectations low,” said NOAA scientist Blair Mase in a CNN article

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