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25 Nov

US Government Offers $1 Million Reward To Stop Wildlife Trafficking

A man inspects a stockpile of ivory tusks from an illegal ring. (Photo Credit: USFWS Mountain Prairie)

The US government is taking a stand against wildlife crime, offering $1 million for information leading to the downfall of a wildlife crime syndicate, according to reports.

The syndicate, called Xaysavang Network, is based in Laos and run by a Laotian businessman named Vixay Keosavang (who denies any involvement), according to The New York Times. Xaysavang Network operates out of China, Southeast Asia, South Africa and Mozambique and “facilitates the killing of endangered elephants, rhinos and other species for products such as ivory,” said US Secretary of State John Kerry, in a statement.

What does this $1 million bounty mean for wildlife trafficking? And can it turn the tide and influence others to take a stand? Let us know! In the meantime, check out footage from the battle waged in Battleground: Rhino Wars.

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